Power Sienna Nealon seems like a woman beaten Imprisoned by her enemies facing the extinction of her entire race she is up against overwhelming odds But overwhelming odds have never stopped her before In

  • Title: Power
  • Author: Robert J. Crane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sienna Nealon seems like a woman beaten Imprisoned by her enemies, facing the extinction of her entire race, she is up against overwhelming odds But overwhelming odds have never stopped her before In the final volume of the epic Girl in the Box Series, Sienna Nealon must face her fears, face her foes, and then go up against the single most powerful man in the world SoSienna Nealon seems like a woman beaten Imprisoned by her enemies, facing the extinction of her entire race, she is up against overwhelming odds But overwhelming odds have never stopped her before In the final volume of the epic Girl in the Box Series, Sienna Nealon must face her fears, face her foes, and then go up against the single most powerful man in the world Sovereign in order to save her world from complete and total destruction.

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    1. It’s no secret that I am a massive fan of Robert J. Crane’s work. Plus, he’s a funny guy (have you seen the interview I did with him earlier this year) AND he interacts with the fans. Personally. All whilst keeping up a frankly manic release schedule.But all good things must come to an end. We’ve watched Sienna kick various meta ass, whilst also occasionally getting her ass handed right back to her on a plate. She has lost family, found family and then lost it again. She has voices in he [...]

    2. The "won't go on" is for the second series about Sienna that Crane is releasing in Nov 2014.This 10th episode was one long fight scene. Fight scenes that were boring to read. I was only interested in who survived the fights. And that last fight? Please. What a cop-out way to end it Back story on the Roman succubus (oh, sorry, incubus) was totally unnecessaryJanus gave us that back story in like one paragraph Thank God Sienna had stopped insulting people.All in all, the book reads like it was wri [...]

    3. Loved the ten books but am disappointed in the ending. This author is addicted to his character. Afterten books the author should of put the story to bed. It is very disappointing to read all ten then to discover that the character will continue for another series of books. Why not move on and write something else? For me it's discouraging and I will not continue on for another 15 books

    4. Great, just great!Q:There were others with them on the hill. Marius knew Diana, of course, who was wearing a white cloak to keep the hot midday sun off her skin. He knew Venus on sight as well, her skin covered but her comely face somewhat visible over the lacy shawl that was pulled up to cover her mouth. He had seen her a few times, and on every one of them had trouble remembering his own name while fighting an impossible battle to keep his eyes off of her. This time seemed easier, though her a [...]

    5. Two words Epic-ly boring. I kind of felt bad I read this whole series to read a book long fight scene. It should have been wrapped up 3 books ago. I really enjoy Sienna's snarky attitude but by the end I really felt like the author had reached the bottom of the barrel.

    6. I was a casual reader of this series until about book 5, after that I couldn't put it down and blew through the rest of the series in about a month. I thought the first 4 books had a lot of holes that weren't being answered and Robert Crane did deliver those answer in 6 through 10. As for this book, it was exciting, there were a lot of conflicts culminating in a final epic battle. I enjoyed the back story of Sovereign and the contrast on his control over his souls and how Sienna controls her sou [...]

    7. This series was a lot of fun. It is a mix of urban sci-fi and mystery. I really felt for the characters and obviously enjoyed the stories because I burned through all 10 books in a very short period of time. If you enjoy stories of underdogs rising up and discovering their power to fight for the greater good/meet their destiny, you will enjoy these books. They were original enough to keep me hooked.

    8. BrilliantSo pleased I've already bought the beginnings of girl out of the box, because the idea of waiting is unbearable. Sienna eventually learns the secrets that have been kept from her. Why Sovereign is after her, what he wants and most importantly her true powers. With gripping battles, tender moments, and heart stopping tragedy this book truly delivers

    9. This was a great series; a little different than the typical fantasy books. A little heavy with the fight scenes, but you could skim it easily enough to get the important outcome. Will definately be reading the Out of the Box series.

    10. Good bookBook is interesting rating ***** Suspense thriller imaginative, few interesting lines and arrests the attention of the reader over all good

    11. Good enoughThese books are something I very seldom read but these 10 books keep interested to the end you laugh you cry and then get mad try them I think you'll like them

    12. Good seriesExcellent series, I recommend any sci-fi lovers read all 10 books. I was unable to put them down except to sleep. Thank you Mr. Crane.

    13. OUTSTANDING ENDING!!! I was on the edge of my seat throughout this entire book! I can't wait to find out what happens next! Onto the next series! :)

    14. Amazing I love this series to much. I can never put the books down. Which is a bad thing as I have to be up for work in about 5 hours. :)

    15. Very goodWould recommend these books to anybody really didn't want them to end could not put them down at any time of day

    16. WowExcellent right from the start, twists and surprise along with tears and awe. Gimme the next one so I can get my teeth into it.

    17. First, I'm going to start by saying, I seriously loved this series. Cudos to Robert J Crane, for creating such amazing character(s) and an easy story to follow and get behind. Straight from the word go, I know that this was going to be a series I would get immersed into. From past experiences with other books, I know to at least go half way through before officially giving up if I'm not enjoying it. That was so not the case with this one. Almost immediately, I was sucked into Sienna's world and [...]

    18. They just KEEP getting better and better with 10 being the best so far!!I started reading the "in the box" series as they were being written. I'm a huge fan of Siena. Not only does she have this sharp witted, sarcastic personality that I totally relate to, is a strong role model for young girlsd old :), she's the kind of person I would love to be friends with. Her character is so filled out, her personality larger than life, her sense of humor so like my own that I feel like she is REAL, not jus [...]

    19. So I'm just going to start with thisI beta-read this and I wanted to scream from every Facebook post about the anticipation killing them that it was SO WORTH THE WAIT. I didn't, though, and now I get to scream it with OTHER people who have read it!!!Because I feel like Sterling Archer and co are the only ones who can party hard enough for this book's awesomeness. WARNING: Definite spoilers for 1-9. Hopefully nothing too spoiler-y for 10, except for the one huge thing that's under a spoiler cut a [...]

    20. Original Review at: readtomyhearts/20See, I have been reading novels by Crane for a few years now and I have come to understand a little bit about him now. First off, he is an amazing writer. But he is also one of those writers that loves to dispose of characters we can't help but fall in love with. Yeah, one of those guys. He takes away the characters that make us feel and connect to the story in a deeper way. And we curse him. But.Perhaps, that is what makes him an extraordinary storyteller. H [...]

    21. An epic series has come to an end. What a journey Robert J. Crane has taken us (the reader and Sienna) on. It is hard to believe that less than 2 years have passed since Sienna walked/ran out of her house for the first time, the transformation in the character is not complete, but at the end you can see that she truly believes that is no longer alone.This is the final battle and Sienna must come up with a plan to take down the rest of Century (about 70 Mega Meta's). With the help of some new cha [...]

    22. The first battle in this book was amazing!! I felt as if I was watching it happen in real time. I felt every kick, punchd all the other things that happened. Wow! Now that's how you fight!!! Got me real excited to see how the book/series comes to an end.Did not see that coming! More surprises! More info about the gods of old. Sienna has grown up. That's saying a lot for a nineteen year old metahuman forced to be leader against an army of goons trying to kill her against orders.The last few chapt [...]

    23. It has been a long tumultuous road, filled with death, torture, pain and hardship, and that was just the fun side of things. The girl we met in book 1 Alone has grown into a young woman. A leader of people, a killer of all that dares stand in her way, and above all she has finally caught the end of the tigers tail she has been chasing. An understanding of why, when, who and the what the hell for, and the knowledge to destroy the one person who created all the questions in the first place.After a [...]

    24. 1 star = I did not like it. 2 stars = It was OK. 3 stars = I liked it. 4 stars = I really liked it. 5 stars = I thought it was amazing.So I liked it, it was good to finally have a conclusion to this series, (if you can call it a conclusion when there is going to be another 15 or so book featuring Sienna Nealon in Out of the Box) Let it go Robert. This was the 10th and final book for The Girl in the Box series, They were Ok and pretty much a quick read for each book, I liked the premise of the st [...]

    25. I enjoyed this last part for sure, it did end nicely. Of course, it was full of plot twists here and there, some were easy to expect, other just surprising in a way but nice nevertheless. I feel like this is the most pointless "what you think" as if you're up to book 9 you won't be wondering if you want to finish the first series :D

    26. Thank you Mr. Robert Crane, for the following reasons:1. I enjoyed immensely reading this series.2. I don't usually twit any author about the books they've written but after I've read Family and Omega was yet to be release and I couldn't contain my excitement at that time so i twit and actually got a reply. That was the first and i was really happy.3. I remember I asked Mr. Crane after reading Broken, that if Sienna and Scott will be a couple. I was thrilled by how it turned out in Power.4. Abou [...]

    27. I have now read all 10 books in the series, and I can honestly say I liked all of it. Ok, maybe struggled a bit with Legacy (book 8), which was I don't even know how to put it, I just didn't get me addicted to it like the others. But I'm happy I got over that, as Destiny and Power were really worth it. Five stars because I liked how the story ended (even though I was starting to root a bit for Sovereign what was I thinking), for Sienna's evident development through the books, for the dense actio [...]

    28. That book was totally EPIC! Never imagined the finale would be so brilliant! Who can write a series of 10 books, with such short gaps between release, that are all so massively exciting? Robert J Crane! That's who.Sienna Nealon is a total badass and a great heroine. I also get the feeling that Mr Crane is quite the femininist ally. Don't know if he realises that or not but I totally felt his respect for women's body autonomy and right for equality, during Sienna's dialogue with Sovereign.Thank y [...]

    29. Ok I can't take any more every time you think you are getting to the end of this fantastic series the author goes and teases you by bringing out another book. Out of the box book 1 is not out till November 4th. OMG I really am so frustrated that I have to wait. But anyway back to Power as with the rest of the series it was well written well thought out and had me hooked again from page one and like the 9 previous books I had a couple of late late nights, because I just could not put it down unti [...]

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