We: The Ideal Customer Relationship

We The Ideal Customer Relationship In this fresh original book Steve Yastrow turns conventional sales and marketing on its head by showing what really motivates your customers A strong relationship with your business Both a manifesto

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  • Title: We: The Ideal Customer Relationship
  • Author: Steve Yastrow
  • ISBN: 9781590791219
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this fresh, original book, Steve Yastrow turns conventional sales and marketing on its head by showing what really motivates your customers A strong relationship with your business Both a manifesto and how to guide, We The Ideal Customer Relationship will change the way you interact with customersd change the way your customers think about you.

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    1. Yastrow is an excellent marketer. He provides plenty of dialogues throughout the book to encourage his principles of creating a customer relationship of We instead of Us & Them. He defines key points such as the difference between encounters vs transactions. Also in each detailed chapter he provides actions plans for each new technique to create to enhance each individual encounter. Ultimately it's a new perspective in marketing products and services by doing it through the eyes of the consu [...]

    2. This is a fresh account of the ways good buisness practices--such as ethical concerns in creating the best services and products for clients--result in *surprise* good business. Its an important counter-balance to the "bottom line" me-first thinking that seems to have pervaded business practices for the past few decades. And its a good read.

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