Tamed Nailah Shalaby loves her interior design work almost as much as she loves her family What she hates is the way her brothers and her father can t seem to stay out of her business When her current perso

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  • Title: Tamed
  • Author: Rebekah Weatherspoon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 354
  • Format: ebook
  • Nailah Shalaby loves her interior design work almost as much as she loves her family What she hates is the way her brothers and her father can t seem to stay out of her business When her current personal trainer and casual sex buddy is exposed in a very public, very scandalous affair with a client who isn t Nailah Nailah agrees to switch trainers at her father s inNailah Shalaby loves her interior design work almost as much as she loves her family What she hates is the way her brothers and her father can t seem to stay out of her business When her current personal trainer and casual sex buddy is exposed in a very public, very scandalous affair with a client who isn t Nailah Nailah agrees to switch trainers at her father s insistence Too bad her father found her another fitness professional whose bright personality and rugged good looks make it impossible for Nailah to see him as anything other than her next conquest Armando Vasquez expects a little bit of drama when he agrees to take on the daughter of an acquaintance as a new client What he doesn t count on is Nailah Shalaby being such a complete ice princess Always the professional, Armando is determined to ignore Nailah s frosty demeanor while he gets her into the best shape of her life Their workouts are going as smoothly as planned until Nailah discovers Armando s sexually dominant side and insists he use his knowledge of all things B, D and SM to escort her through his world of kink They can hardly stand each other, but with every erotic encounter neither of them can deny that thin line between love and hate never felt so good.

    One thought on “Tamed”

    1. I am totally glomming this trilogy, having read the first one yesterday. I didn't love this with the same glee as the first book purely because it had more, oh, 'conventional' BDSM and that isn't my thing (contract negotiations and dungeons etc). Those who like that will love this, because it was all very well written sexytimes. What shone, for me, was the delightfully rude, arsey, snappy, ill mannered heroine who didn't get 'taught a lesson' or any such crap. She's just not very good at people, [...]

    2. Nailah and Armando weren't my favourite couple. I don't what it was, but something about them together didn't work for me. Overbearing families is a bit of a pet peeve of mine so that didn't help either. But issues aside, Weatherspoon has some of the coolest female characters ever. Nailah can be a bit of an ass, but she prefers to be that than to be someone that's trampled on.

    3. Review Originally Posted on Lacy Literacy:Tamed pulled through. Since seeing Armando in other installments of The Fit Trilogy, I have had a sneaking suspicion that his book would be my favorite. Thank god it was.Armando Vaszquez I love this guy. My love for characters who have gruff exteriors but are soft on the inside knows no bounds. I was so glad that he lived up to the expectations I had for him after reading Sated & Fit. Young, successful heroines in Romance make me happy, so Nailah Sha [...]

    4. Fun 3 solid starsThis was quite graphic. And gave a different light on the BDSM world. It actually educated me on several things. I liked the strong female MC and the male MC was strong and in touch with his feelings. It was a nice story. I just wanted it longer to really develop the characters more.

    5. First of all, this book is not bad or anything.I didn't have a problem with the characters, writing, story, nothing. This was my first, ahh, BDSM read (which before I've only read some light bondage and the like in smut), and it was INTENSE. A bit too much for me. So I had to put the majority of the story aside (although I did skim the ending to see how it would turn out, hehe. It was good!)I really liked the spunky heroine, Nailah, and her independence. Armando's casual, dominant confidence is [...]

    6. Thinly developed and sometimes clunky, but I loved the characters. I'm so into when a hero can describe the heroine to his friend like so:"e's kind of a dick and she cuts deep. Even when we're in a scene she talks so much shit.""And you love it.""Fuuuuck. I do. What is wrong with me?"I thought Weatherspoon did a good job of paring down the story to its essential scenes, but I would have loved to have read a longer version of this story, because Nailah's and Armando's emotional journeys often see [...]

    7. To be quite honest, this book was ok, but wasn't fantastic. It was difficult connecting to the characters, and the sex wasn't soulful. As a matter of fact, it came off as more mechanical and tutorial than connective. That doesn't mean that it wasn't freaky, but it just failed to seduce me as a reader and curiosity seeker.Giving this one: 2.75 stars.

    8. 3.5. I dug it on the whole and laughed out loud quite a few times, though I just wanted more. I do find the range of diverse cultures and ways of life to be entirely refreshing, especially in how real and unforced it is. I especially liked Nailah's mother, such a wonderfully written minor character. I felt in the interest of keeping it short, their development as a couple suffered and I really wanted to have more of the two. I found her really interesting and he had such a kinky life that just w [...]

    9. 2.75I love a really well done BDSM romantic/erotic novel and find them to be few and far between in any genre. I'm sad to say that I didn't enjoy this one as much as the previous two I read, mostly because I felt like the author didn't know as much as she could about BDSM. This ended up making the book feel a bit disjointed for me, in that I kept expecting one thing, but being served something else. There were even some fade to black sex scenes that left me perplexed, because her other books had [...]

    10. I loved this second novella of the trilogy as much as, if not more than, the first one. Weatherspoon's writing style is one that I'm really, really liking and enjoying. I loved the main couple, especially Nailah. Weatherspoon writes awesome female characters (and male characters too, don't worry LOL) who don't take sh*t and Nailah leads the pack as of now. Armando is one hot mofo of a Dom but he completely won me over with his softer emotional side. Together they set the pages on fire. I'm very [...]

    11. This one didn't do so much for me. This author's strength is in her characters. She creates really good people, particularly POC - you could see them, hear them, you know these people. Her downfall though is timing , development, and plot. There was very little holding this together and no identifiable central conflict. Also, I know this is women's fantasy but fantasy works best when it's plausible. Armando's behaviour didn't seem believable, not as a grown man and especially not as a Dom. I don [...]

    12. Loving Rebekah Weatherspoon's writing! Loveable, realistic -modern- characters. Humor too. I didn't get the ending of this one. (view spoiler)[Are they not monogamous after all? (hide spoiler)] But still! It's nice to see BDSM that's so loving, LOL.

    13. Even though this book wasn't the best from her that I've read, I still love Rebekah Weatherspoon's writing and the importance that she gives to consent and communication in these relationships and how much diversity she includes that is not just there to fill this "diversity quota" but that is actually part of the character's personalities and way of moving in the world and making of their decisions. I also loved how in the BDSM aspects, it went a completely different way than it did in Fit. It [...]

    14. Rebekah Weatherspoon writes interesting MCs but I didn't connect with them as much. As a book Fit is stronger but I still have moved on to the 3rd novel ,as this is the one I was most interested in.

    15. Content warnings: BDSM in the form of flogging and spanking, sexSo on one hand, I really wish the author had continued writing about Grant and Violet's journey. On the other hand, I'm really glad the author didn't.And not only do we get one non white main character in this book, we get two! And a plethora of other non white characters for their families. Which was awesome.Her dad and brothers kind of piss me off in the whole "oh we found out x about this person in your life and we're going to th [...]

    16. meh. I think 3 stars is generous for this book. I read the other two in the trilogy first. I didn't love the first book. I liked the third. This one, though, is my least favorite. I just never connected with the main characters, or even with their "action", honestly. When the first major sex scene between the two main characters is described only as an enjoyable day after memory by the main character, it feels very passive. I noticed several scenes throughout the book that were written in such a [...]

    17. There are three books in this independently published author’s trilogy, and all of them present couples from different walks of life drawn together by fitness and interestingly enough, bondage, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism (BDSM). In these books the author presents couples from diverse backgrounds, fields of work, and cultures. The first book introduces the readers to a curvy Asian-American female and a stacked blond sun god who takes on the role of her personal trainer. Each st [...]

    18. Book #2 in the FIT trilogy has outspoken interior designer Nailah meeting new trainer Armando, then being both appalled and curious when her coworkers discover (through social media spying) that Armando is a big player in the local BDSM community. Armando's getting a bit bored by the scene ("He missed the days when he was green and learning. There was something to discover with every partner, but he missed the excitement of experiencing the scene for the first time. And it had been years since h [...]

    19. Okay, so, I picked up the whole trilogy for this book, and I'll probably be starting on Book 3 ASAP. But right now, let's talk about this book. Okay, so, our main character is Nailah and after her current personal trainer gets caught up in a scandal, her father finds someone else to train her and help her work out. And this time, he obviously wants it to remain fully and completely professionally. Umah, nope. There isn't that actually kicks off between them (other than the attraction naturally) [...]

    20. I love this story of Armando and Nailah! like a heroine who is mouthy and sassy, even if she is submissive. I got a kick out of Nailah, and Armando loves it too, apparently. I have never read a story with Egyptian main characters and I must say this was a pleasant twist. Not only was the attraction between Nailah and Armando 'jump off of the page' hot, but I also got a glimpse into a family dynamic that is customary for a culture outside my own living with family, having your brothers and father [...]

    21. sometimes, I am Naillah. And that made me love this book, despite its less than explosive chemistry. Especially from Armando. Everything in this book happened so fast, which unnerved me. There isn't too much story, to be honest but on the other hand, the author kept the most important parts in a developing relationships in the narrative. I loved the fact that Naillah is Egyptian. Yay to more books with POC heroines/heroes!For me, this book wasn't all about the BDSM . It was about a focused, stra [...]

    22. 3.5!!! i would have given this a higher rating if it were just a bit longer. This is my first time reading about an Egyptian heroine who is actually the main protagonist of the story. And god I loved Nailah so much. She's such a badass and she's so successful and she doesn't take shit from anyone. If I can be like her when I'm 24 (which is in a year lol) i'd probably never ask for anything in life ever again.The bdsm was a bit more intense than the first book and i enjoyed it a lot more. Armando [...]

    23. Oh. My. God. I have been ruined forever Rebekah Weatherspoon. Forever. Armando and Nailah are a dream. I've loved and love a few select characters with every fiber of my dorky, story-loving self and these two, with special winks to Armando, have just bumped a couple of those off the top. I will compare every man I ever consider henceforth to your Armando. I ruined. Thank you. *sigh* Off to read it againd againd

    24. Middle Eastern heroine, Hispanic hero - yep, you can find couples like that in L.A. Nailah is no modest, meek flower, though she does have to contend with protective brothers and father. Armando, her trainer (and Dom) is sooooo hot, and the chemistry between them sizzles. Quick, fun, dirty little novella, with a few glimpses of the couple from the previous novella, FIT. Disclaimer: I personally know Rebekah, and am a big fan of her work.

    25. What happens when you've got two people who say they don't want a commitment and yet they're falling in love with each other? That's what you get with Tamed--spiced and sprinkled with a little kink. I'm not usually interested in BDSM stories, but this one kept me interested since Armando and Nailah were such interesting characters. I wanted to know what motivated them and the author delivered! :)A fun, sexy read! Highly recommended.

    26. I loved Nailah! I also liked that this book didn't end with the sort of omg perfect fairytale ending - the relationship is still new (just a few months in), and it wasn't rushed to ridiculous degrees of love and romance and marriage and things just for the sake of the ending. It had a sweet ending that worked for the characters, and was a sexy break from real life!

    27. I had a really hard time with Nailah to begin with and I think the book description is a bit misleading - this is less a haters to lovers type book since they don't really hate each other, but more feel ambivalent until Nailah discovers Armando's kinks. Definitely not as adorable as FIT, the first in the trilogy, but I grew to like Nailah, and who can resist a happy ever after?

    28. I'm a big fan of low-angst BDSm and anyone who can manage to write BDSM romance without the obnoxious "This is BDSM" speechifying is aces in my book. So, I really enjoyed it. I also loved that the heroine is cold and "a bit of a dick" and didn't need a personality transplant to get her happy ending. Heroes get to be that all the time, nice to see it in a heroine too.

    29. DNF @ 50% *sigh* This isn't a true trilogy. Each book features completely different characters. I thought this book would be a continuation of Grant and Violet. Not the case. With that being said, I couldn't get invested in these new characters nor did I like that they were immediately intimate with hardly any lead up time or anything. 2.5 disappointing stars

    30. This series keeps getting better and better. I enjoyed these books so much, I cannot help but want to read the next one asap. This is a series you binge and just be happy after it. So much diversity and great romance. Rebekah Weatherspoon knows how to write amazing romance + a good story. It's a short read so you read it so fast, but totally want moreReview soon.

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