Tales of a Prison Bitch

Tales of a Prison Bitch Trey Grayson is young handsome and in trouble Newly incarcerated he doesn t know much about prison politics but quickly realizes if he s going to survive he ll have to submit Trey will need someon

  • Title: Tales of a Prison Bitch
  • Author: Ethan Stone
  • ISBN: 9781925180312
  • Page: 347
  • Format: ebook
  • Trey Grayson is young, handsome, and in trouble Newly incarcerated, he doesn t know much about prison politics but quickly realizes if he s going to survive, he ll have to submit.Trey will need someone to be his protector to avoid being victimized In trade, he ll have to become a prison bitch and do things he s never done before Samuel Booker is willing to do the job, aTrey Grayson is young, handsome, and in trouble Newly incarcerated, he doesn t know much about prison politics but quickly realizes if he s going to survive, he ll have to submit.Trey will need someone to be his protector to avoid being victimized In trade, he ll have to become a prison bitch and do things he s never done before Samuel Booker is willing to do the job, and Trey agrees to pay the price To Trey s surprise, he doesn t hate the relationship and actually develops genuine feelings for Booker Too bad it s totally one sided.Now Trey not only has to protect his body, he ll also have to protect his heart.Tales of a Prison Bitch is an erotic romance with rough sex between hard edged men and contains descriptions of violence and non consensual sex.Second Edition This version has considerable revisions.

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    1. I’d hoped for something along the lines of National Geographic Channel’s ‘America’s Hardest Prisons’: Where a fucked up, testosterone oozing, scarred and tattooed lifer ends up in a bunk with a fresh from High School kid who got caught smoking pot and will now have to drop the soap and join a gang in order to survive, because that’s how those insanely dysfunctional US prisons roll But instead I ended up in your typical Dutch prison in which prisoners wear Adidas hoodies, pay each oth [...]

    2. I didn't even read the fucking blurb. The title is the finest thing I've read today. The finest.*fingers crossed* Please let someone get turned out.My birthday month is looking fucking awesome.

    3. Young and attractive Thomas Grayson gets sent to prison and must find a protector. This is his story. For some reason prison sex is of undeniable interest, sort of on the same level as our "need" to look when we pass car crashes. This book caters to that visceral interest in a workmanlike and competent way but fails to rise much above that level. There were the customary shower rapes, the requisite anal and oral sex scenes, the disinterested guards, a bit of s/m and even a bit of affection but t [...]

    4. 3.5 star review by The Blogger Girls.So, yeah, I’ll admit, I grabbed this one after one glace at the title figuring the blurb was pretty much self-explanatory. I was hoping for some down and dirty, gritty prison sex turns love story, or not, and this one sounded like it fit the bill.It was a fast read, though probably almost too fast. I understood Thomas’ desire to find protection pretty quickly, but was a little surprised at how easily he took to it. Not to mention how easy it was for the a [...]

    5. 3.5*Through the whole story I had to turn a blind eye on some things because they were just so unf****believable and would have ruined my mood. Nonetheless I enjoyed this quick read. I got a good impression about life behind bars, what Grayson had to do to survive. The language is rash, there is violence, abuse and rape involved-so if that is something that bothers you this story is not for you. But if you like to read about variations of sexual encounters, the harshness of prison life with a fe [...]

    6. 3.5 Stars rounded up.Erotica - felching, rusty trombone, bukake includedhey, it is what it is, tales of a prison bitch.Totally NSFW pictorial review at ontopdownunderbookreviews/

    7. I have to admit that a lot of the edgier titles I have seen come from Wilde City Press. They also publish a number of male authors whom I absolutely adore. So when I saw 'Tales of a Prison Bitch' pop up, I figured I had to read it. Now, since I'm familiar with this author, I was 100 percent confident that it would be hot. I love being right.Thomas Grayson is twenty-two and has just started his five year sentence for practically killing the guy he found sleeping with his girlfriend. Now, Grayson [...]

    8. Do you read a story and think, if only the author would change this or that, it would be perfect? What if a story you already like is re-written?I first read the initial version of this story when I was on a binge read-a-thon on this author and practically read every short story and novella of his I could get. It was a story I enjoyed. I really liked Booker and Grayson but I thought it was a shame we didn't get more on-the-page time with the two of them.Fast forward to a few days ago when I read [...]

    9. If you’re looking for a quick PWP read that’s smoke’n hot, wait what am I saying of course you are or you wouldn’t clicked on the book. The title says it all Tales of a Prison Bitch is just that; one scene after the other on every page. Ethan Stone did not hold back; I think there was only a couple of kinks he didn’t put into this little novella.There isn’t a lot I can say about the actual story but there is a story and it ends with an HEA. There is even a “pay it forward” sorta [...]

    10. Pretty much PWP. A good enough prison read, with likable characters and hot sex. Very straightforward, surface stuff. Everything works out and ties up neatly, at every turn in a fantastical way. Even though I liked the characters and was happy that they fared well, the story didn't delve deep enough for me to have any real connection to them. The ending was nice, but how exactly did Booker find out where Grayson lived?

    11. I'm so glad I waited to read this! This version sounds like it's been heavily revised and definitely for the better. After Trey Grayson caught his boyfriend in bed with his boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, he makes a rash decision and attacks his boyfriend with a bat. After a plea deal, Trey begins his prison term with Hoosier as his roommate. Trey is very naive and doesn't realize that Hoosier is protecting him. Unfortunately, Hoosier is dying, so he decides to find a new protector for Trey. Hoosier [...]

    12. I confused this author, Ethan Stone, with another author by the same name of Ethan. I was expecting a somewhat serious (read: good) novella. This book was so not realistic of prison life whatsoever. This book would have you believe that all the guys do is have sex in jail. Aren't there any honest guards who will not put up with all this sex in jail?When I read erotica I want a tad bit of believability. If I'm a man and I've never had gay sex or even thought about another man like that, there's n [...]

    13. Reviewed by Brandilyn for Prism Book Alliance. I enjoy Ethan Stone's mysteries, but I am starting to enjoy his erotica offerings just a little bit more. That man can write some hot sex. I know I am the first to complain about too much and unnecessary sex in my romances, but when I am reading an erotica title, there is no such thing. By definition, erotica is not meant to have a plot, it is meant to be hot, sweaty, and arousing.

    14. No false advertising here! It's all in the title. Straight-up erotica, served on the nasty side behind bars. If anything, it seems a touch romanticized. Most of the characters are strangely likable for cons (or ex), and the ending is implausibly sweet. Still, I felt this lifted the story above what could easily have been a simple barrage of rough sex scenes, leaving a read that works as quick and dirty entertainment, as it's meant to be.

    15. Great erotic escapism. I loved the dynamic between Booker and Grayson and really wanted more of them together. In the end, I wasn't sure if Grayson was as in love with Booker as he claimed if he didn't even bother trying to look for him when he left prison.If you're looking for gay erotica, then this is the book for you.

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