Duas Irmãs, Um Duque

Duas Irm s Um Duque Ele procura a noiva perfeita Ele um duque em busca da noiva perfeita Ela uma senhora mas est longe de ser perfeita Tarquin o poderoso duque de Sconce sabe perfeitamente que a decorosa e elegantement

  • Title: Duas Irmãs, Um Duque
  • Author: Eloisa James
  • ISBN: 9789897261404
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ele procura a noiva perfeita Ele um duque em busca da noiva perfeita.Ela uma senhora mas est longe de ser perfeita.Tarquin, o poderoso duque de Sconce, sabe perfeitamente que a decorosa e elegantemente esguia Georgiana Lytton dar uma duquesa adequada Ent o, porque n o consegue parar de pensar na sua irm g mea, a curvil nea, obstinada e nada convencional Olivia N Ele procura a noiva perfeita Ele um duque em busca da noiva perfeita.Ela uma senhora mas est longe de ser perfeita.Tarquin, o poderoso duque de Sconce, sabe perfeitamente que a decorosa e elegantemente esguia Georgiana Lytton dar uma duquesa adequada Ent o, porque n o consegue parar de pensar na sua irm g mea, a curvil nea, obstinada e nada convencional Olivia N o s Olivia est prometida em casamento a outro homem, como o flirt impr prio, embora inebriante, entre ambos torna a inadequa o dela ainda mais clara.Decidido a encontrar a noiva perfeita, ele afasta metodicamente Olivia dos seus pensamentos, permitindo que a l gica e o dever triunfem sobre a paix o At que, na sua hora mais sombria, Quin come a a questionar se se a perfei o tem alguma coisa a ver com amor.Para ganhar a m o de Olivia ele teria de desistir de todas as suas cren as e entregar o cora o, corpo e alma A menos que j seja demasiado tarde.A curvil nea e ousada Olivia e a esguia e discreta Georgiana s o g meas, criadas pelos pais para serem noivas de duques Tudo parece assegurado at que o futuro marido de Olivia, o tolo Rupert Blake, marqu s de Montsurrey, faz dezoito anos e declara que n o ir casar at ter alcan ado gl ria militar Enquanto ele parte para a guerra contra Napole o, Olivia vai com Georgiana conhecer Tarquin Brook Chatfield, o vi vo duque de Sconce e poss vel pretendente de Georgiana Mas Tarquin encanta se imediatamente com Olivia, que tem de decidir se ir ou n o arriscar desiludir Georgiana e Rupert retribuindo o afeto de Quin Uma vers o inteligente do cl ssico A Princesa e a Ervilha.

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    1. I ended up DNFing The Duke is Mine a quarter of the way through because of something I found disturbing in regards to how a character is portrayed and handled, including the insensitive comments and actions of the heroine toward this character. I’m actually shocked that Eloisa and Avon would allow this character and the way he’s treated as a form of comic relief. Because of this, The Duke is Mine is a big fail of a historical romance and one I wouldn’t recommend to any historical romance r [...]

    2. **note** a few other reviewers, who didn't read the book beyond a few first pages, suggest that EJ's MC treats a disabled character with a lack of respect. This is not how the novel shapes up. Actually, the MC is amazingly kind and respectful. I hope those of you contemplating reading this book don't give so much credence to those reviews that you end up missing out on an entirely lovely novel.***I loved every second of this book (except for, perhaps, the ending which was an episode of over-the- [...]

    3. *SPOILER* I criticized Eloisa James on Twitter for:- having her heroine constantly mock a mentally disabled man (her fiance, later, ex-fiance)- writing an almost-sex-scene between the heroine and the mentally disabled fiance that bordered on sexual abuse- having the heroine be a spoiled fucking brat- having her steal her sister's fiance- having a hero that's a jackass- having a hero that leads one woman on while trying to bang her sister- having a character refer to an erection as "go diddly did [...]

    4. 3,5 StarsThis was a an odd mix as far as fluffier Regency romances go, a blend of farce and some very touching moments, at times jarring, at times endearing, but that it ultimately quite worked as a whole for me. The writing smooth and full of wit and charm, and Ms. James surely had fun concocting extravagant names and peppering literary and pop-culture references throughout the story, besides the wink at a main fairy-tale theme, present in all the books in the series, which in this case was H.C [...]

    5. 4 'loved it though parts of it gutted me' stars!The Duke is Mine is the third in Eloisa James’ Fairy Tales series, re-tellings of the classic fairy tales we grew up with. I absolutely adore this series and am sorry I waited so long to read this “Princess and the Pea” installment.DescriptionHe is a duke in search of a perfect bride.She is a lady—but a long way from perfect.Tarquin, the powerful Duke of Sconce, knows perfectly well that the decorous and fashionably slender Georgiana Lytton [...]

    6. Incoherent story, unlikable characters, absurd and forced climax this is a stinker for sure.And the most egregious thing: (view spoiler)[The only innocent, endearing character that I gave a hoot about was killed off to make way for a tidier HEA for a selfish couple. Yuk. (hide spoiler)]Seriously disappointing and NOT recommended.

    7. A bit much. I loved loved loved When Beauty Tamed the Beast, but this was more along the lines of A Kiss at Midnight. The heroine was relentlessly snarky. You know this person in real life: she is super annoying, because she NEVER takes a break and ALWAYS has to be the center of attention. There was no real connection between the leads beyond lust. I follow Eloisa on social, so I was not surprised by her homage to Justin Bieber, but all the silly names and pop culture references were exhausting. [...]

    8. OK, again I'd like to reiterate that Ms. James does not, EVER, make light of her character with mental illness. In fact, by the end of the book, this character ends up being more of an actual "hero" than the other duke. Please don't stop reading only to post hateful comments that are ignorant of the actual book. Let me explain.Olivia is betrothed to one duke and secretly yearns for another who is supposed to be checking out her sister for a wife. Blah, blah, blahad the back.This book is actually [...]

    9. I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW I CANT EVEN FIND IT IN ME TO WRITE A PROPER REVIEW!! All my feels:This is probably the worst book I have ever read in my life. I had low expectations at the start since Eloisa James has always been a hit-or-miss for me BUT DAMN I NEVER EXPECTED IT TO BE THIS BAD. GOD I CANT BELIEVE THIS GOT PUBLISHED. Any sane person would be offended by the characters' (especially the heroine's) offensive remarks!So for all you sane persons out there: STEER CLEAR OF THIS BOOK. ASDGHJLFLDS

    10. I did not like this book, which is disappointing since I absolutely loved When Beauty Tamed the Beast. I think the issue was I did not like the heroine, Olivia, at all. She was too brash and loved to make fun of everyone, mostly to annoy her mother. I actually liked, and identified, more with her sister Georgiana. Which is not good when the hero is deciding between Olivia and Georgiana as his next wife (I kept thinking "Pick Georgie!"). Also, Olivia has been promised to Rupert, a mentally challe [...]

    11. Olivia Lytton has been betrothed since before she was born to the also yet unborn son of a duke, Rupert. Thanks to a promise made between her father and Ruperts father when they were friends in Eton, she has been 'duchified' since she was a child, along with her twin sister Georgiana. Olivia knows all the proper rules and etiquette but it is just not her personality. Olivia is bawdy, sarcastic, and far too witty to truly be contained in a perfect duchess box. But as she was born seven minutes ea [...]

    12. Dear Eloisa James,What the hell were you thinking? You start your story by having the "heroine" ruthlessly mock her fiancee who turns out to be mentally handicapped. You then proceed to place these individuals in a situation that boarders on sexual abuse, as the man in question is barely 18 and clearly has the mental capacity of a much younger person. It's clear that you see his lack of understanding of sex as funny and the scene as comedic, but it's sad and horrifically cruel on your part. The [...]

    13. After reading the stunning and hugely memorable When Beauty Tamed the Beast , I couldn't wait to read this book. I've always loved fairy tales, and Eloisa James's series that is loosely based on fairy tales has been incredibleup till this book.This Duke is Mine missed on many levels. It didn't sit right from the opening chapter, and it never really improved.Olivia Lytton was my problem. She is described as a plump, loud, and somewhat crass lady. Although I believe her character was meant to be w [...]

    14. I was so excited when the UPS guy dropped off my package of new release books. This is the first book I grabbed for. My excitement was short lived. What the hell happened here? Did Eloisa James really write this? Really? In the dedication section she writes of having to throw out 175 pages and having to "start over". I wonder where she started over because it can't be at the beginning of the book, which is a total cluster. I had hoped there might be some redemption as far as what I was reading. [...]

    15. I'll be honest that I couldn't get past a quarter of the way into this book before I had to put it down for good. The problem is that the "heroine" of this novel is just - to be blunt - a horrible person.The setup is simple enough. She's engaged to be married to a duke. Not only does she not love him, but she's not really "duchess material" - she's on the curvaceous side, has a bawdy sense of humor, tends to lean towards impropriety at timesl of that has potential to be quite a bit of fun and en [...]

    16. 4 stars.This started out so promising and was heavily laden with all the fabulous tongue-in-cheek humour that EJ does so well. It was a good read, great story, gorgeous H/h but it just didn't hit the spot completely for me.I can't describe exactly why it left me slightly bemused; perhaps because there seemed to be a lot of nonsensical goings on in the latter part of the book and it really wasn't needed.As per the blurb, Olivia Lytton has been betrothed to the son of a duke since before birth - n [...]

    17. The blurb and cover don't do this novel justice. Here's my rewrite:Olivia has been engaged since birth to Rupert, an affable dolt who will make a terrible husband — but who will also make her a duchess. Her twin sister, Georgiana, was made to suffer through childhood “duchification” lessons alongside Olivia, and she’s grown up to be perfect duchess material: thin, elegant, refined, and a dab hand at the harpsichord. Olivia, on the other hand, is fat, bawdy, and completely uninterested in [...]

    18. I had a few issues with EJ's writing at the first of the book. I mean some of the wording and writing style. Eventually though the story really took over and I couldn't put the book down. I didn't have issues of what Olivia said about Rupert. Not because of how he was, but because she was frustrated and there was no way out for her. She knew since she was 10 that she was going to have to marry a boy 5 years younger than she was and mentally impaired. So I think for her the familiarity bred conte [...]

    19. This book had some problematical elements and I can see why it's the ugly duckling in the series. Both the beginning and end work to undermine the main characters in some crucial ways that left me wondering what to think.First off, Rupert. This marred the beginning as it's hard to tell what you're supposed to think about both him and Olivia's attitude towards him. We start off with Olivia and Georgiana saying some unkind things about him, but only to one another. That's a bad first impression of [...]

    20. At times poignant, at times laugh-out-loud hilarious this is Eloisa James at her playful best. The voluptuous heroine, Olivia, with her penchant for limericks and bawdy jokes is the perfect foil for the serious-minded, yummy mathematician, Tarquin. I especially loved how Quin broke down Olivia's defenses about her body, helping her see how much he appreciated her curves. And how Olivia helped him come to terms with his past. Intertwined with the romance was a colorful cast of characters, includi [...]

    21. Olivia Lytton has been betrothed to Rupert, Duke of Canterwick, since she was five. For reasons known only to James, Olivia is introduced as a mocking, cruel woman who belittles a man she has known her whole life because he's disabled but don't worry: she only talks shit to her sister, so obviously she's GREAT. Meanwhile, Tarquin, Duke of Sconce, is in need of a wife so his mother invites proper ladies to his crib. This includes Olivia's more attractive sister, Georgiana. Obviously, Quin and Oli [...]

    22. I loved this book. It was entertaining, light, flirtatious and just fun. Twins Olivia & Georgiana Lytton was daughters raised and trained to be duchesses. Well, Georgiana took to her lessons, Olivia clearly had a rebellious streak that made her fight against all things proper.Georgiana ended up betrothed to the Duke of Canterwick, who went off to fighting in the war defending England. Now Olivia is trying to help her twin make a match with Tarquin, The Duke of Scones.The only problem is that [...]

    23. Siapa nyana menjadi pendamping si adik utk dijodohkan dgn seorang duke, malah berbalik keberuntungannya kpd dirinya? Inilah yg dialami Olivia saat mendampingi Georgiana utk bertemu dgn Tarquin aka Quin. Duke of Sconce, malah dirinya membuat kepincut si Duke yang rada-rada kaku ini.Sayangnya hampir nyaris 65% dari awal cerita saya merasa agak membosankan. Mungkin karena joke-joke dan permainan kata-katanya tidak kena (atau terjemahannya kurang kena?), saya malah merasa mati kutu dgn semua teori m [...]

    24. Oh the anguish, this story was depressing, degrading and not at all like her previous books. Olivia Lytton, is one of the most despicable heroines. She has been engaged since childhood to a Duke who has some mental issues.She can't stop herself from calling him names and laughing about him. She was everything I dislike in a person. She degrades her finance', betrays her sister, and lies to their faces. Despicable behavior for a romantic character. But she was not the only one.Enter Tarquin, Duke [...]

    25. To say that I am disappointed with this book would be putting it mildly. When to that one adds the fact that author Eloisa James is or better yet, used to be one of my favourite writers, let's just say that this was a bloody disaster!What happened with this story? o_OWhat happened to the author who used to know how to create interesting characters, and deliver the perfect witty remarks?Because I didn't find that person in this :/ Unfortunately for me, this book sounded like a stupid farce.(but w [...]

    26. I adore Mrs. James and most of her stories, and overall there was a lot I liked about this one. But, I have to admit that I was often bored with this book and skimmed a lot to get to the scenes where Olivia and Quin were actually together. So, I was very disappointed and annoyed when it took several chapters before we finally find them in a room together at all. But, I loved these two a whole lot! Both individually and as a couple they were adorable! So much so that it was what redeemed this boo [...]

    27. This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: December 27, 2011 (Available Now)Publisher: HarperCollinsImprint: AvonAuthor’s Website: eloisajames/My Source for This Book: Wal-MartPart of a Series: Yes, Book 3, Fairy TalesSeries Best Read In Order: Worked well as a standaloneSteam Level: SteamyCute and sweet and funny and exciting and sexy and occasionally heartbreaking, I loved Quin, and of course was all about Oliva, with her overweight f [...]

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