Dare to Be Scared: Thirteen Stories to Chill and Thrill

Dare to Be Scared Thirteen Stories to Chill and Thrill This illustrated collection by the author of Short and Shivery Thirty Chilling Tales includes ghost tales jump stories dark fantasy and science fiction all set in contemporary situations that will

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  • Title: Dare to Be Scared: Thirteen Stories to Chill and Thrill
  • Author: Robert D. San Souci David Ouimet
  • ISBN: 9780812626889
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This illustrated collection by the author of Short and Shivery Thirty Chilling Tales includes ghost tales, jump stories, dark fantasy, and science fiction, all set in contemporary situations that will seem hauntingly familiar to young readers Several of the stories draw on the rich heritage of legends, folklore, and cultural traditions as they extend into children s liThis illustrated collection by the author of Short and Shivery Thirty Chilling Tales includes ghost tales, jump stories, dark fantasy, and science fiction, all set in contemporary situations that will seem hauntingly familiar to young readers Several of the stories draw on the rich heritage of legends, folklore, and cultural traditions as they extend into children s lives today With suspense, action, and manageable scare level, these stories will be popular around the campfire and during summertime sleepovers.

    One thought on “Dare to Be Scared: Thirteen Stories to Chill and Thrill”

    1. Loooong before the days of Creepypasta, THIS was the REAL DEAL. Oh my gosh. My 8 or 9 year-old self was scared out of her wits when she first read Playland, Ants and Hungry Ghosts. Holy craaap. And who could possibly forget THE CALLER? I remember telling the story of THE CALLER to some of my friends at a sleepover. It scared most of them I think.Wow. For a kid's book, a few of these stories were pretty sick. I'd love to re-read some of them again.

    2. This book was good because it had alot of diffrent stories in it. Some of theess stories were scarey but I was suppose to be asleep when I read this. I haven't choosen the best story yet. I might have to read it again,but if you like scarey stories then read this at night. It sends shocks down your spine. And it gets you thinking of whats gonig to happen next. The only problem was that it makes you feel like it should stay on one story other than just skipping around.

    3. this book is about scary stories that you can possibly get scared of. There is one storie called the dream, an dits about a kid who fell asleep and woke up in his dream and is trying to find a way home. But he walks around down the street and sees sombody who he thinks will help him. But everyone has teeth that get longer and longer as the people pass by. then he finds the place where he is sleeping and he wakes himself up. he then goes outside for a breath of fresh air and then a guy walks up a [...]

    4. If your students like Alvin Schwartz's "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark" series, then they will like this book/series.The only story that I would be concerned about in this book is "The Halloween Spirit". In the story, a Keesha and her sister, onelle are out trick-or-treating. They decide to meet up with some of Keesha's friends in the park on Halloween. Keesha notices that her older friends have "beer, cigarettes, and stuff", but Keesha is too smart to mess with that stuff. The group make a p [...]

    5. As a librarian, I shared several of these stories with my 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. They were scared to death by the story "The Caller". This is not really frightening for any student over the age of, say11 or 12. They are creepy for younger ones, but probably won't give nightmares!

    6. Not bad but these are generic ghost stories that if you're a die-hard horror story fan you've likely heard in several other books before.

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    8. This Book Is About 13 scary stories just waiting to be read its based off of halloween. these kids who are going to certain places. there was a kid who's great grandmother's son's neck swelled up and he couldnt eat or drink anything without choking. A girl named Keesha whos sucked up on halloween while she takes her sister along and even though shes not allowed to go she goes anyways to the park with her friends and chants with them and the girl from new orleans and she gets sucked up on hallowe [...]

    9. This book to me is one of the best thriller books that I have ever read. Even though it consists of multiple stories. The best part about it is the fact that they never give you the ending. It always ends at the highest peak. Another thing about this book is that they always start out in reality then slowly come into a dream of fright. My favorite of them all is the one with the ufo. It is just so funny just imagining everyone freaking out. And in the middle of all of that is this little boyed.

    10. This book is about this boy named cory and his sister ann. Their in this house thats hunted by goast. When I first picked this book up I was scared myself. I read it when it was dark at home. I was shivering under my cover. Now let me tell what the book is about. It all started on a hot summer day. Everey one was haveing a good day out side. But at night ann's and cory's house. Its like a hunted house to them. Everey time they went to sleep they would hear somthing. Like oooo

    11. This book so far is about thirteen stories that are verey scary but I didn't read them all yet.My favorite story so far is the one when a boy went to the movies with his friends.But he didn't tell his mom what movie he was watching.Well he did,but he didn't tell her the right one.It was an ant movie but a violent one.He told her it was the disney movie called The Ant Bully.The movie that he went to watch with his friends was really to scary for him but he didn't know it yet.

    12. "Dare to Be Scared" was a great book and had very weird twists in the stories. The book had many different stories and ended the stories at the end of the chapters and would start a new story. I recommend this book to everyone that likes scary stories that have a weird twist to them. It would be a great book to read on the weekend or for class as a quiet read.

    13. The scare factor was very light because it's for a young audience, but I found the stories nicely creepy and refreshingly multicultural.In a way it was kind of a warning to modern, sophisticated kids. "You think you know everything, with your cell phones and computers, there might be stuff out there that you can't explain away. There might be consequences you can't cajole your way out of."

    14. This book was absolutely amazing and I loved how it gave me the chills. It was definitely worth reading and I plan on reading the rest of the series. I loved this book. Its scary with lots of action and suspense.

    15. All of the stories were very spooky, only a handful were truly terrifying, but still creepy enough to scare my little sister. My favorite story was Ants, that one gave me chills and, plus, I love Indie and kid/teen horror so I really like it. (I was a really slow reader in Fourth Grade)

    16. I really liked this book! Dare to be Scared: Thirteen stories to chill and thrill has you hooked on the first story, if you like books that are little bit scary.I recommend "The Caller" that was my favorite story in this book.

    17. I like to revisit one of my first loves, the young adult horror genre, from time to time. These stories were okay (the highlight was "The Halloween Spirit," which was really quite good), but kids can handle scarier stuff than this. Pick up an old Christopher Pike book, kids :)

    18. I didnt like this book it was boring its not even scary at all its dumb. I do not recommend this book to any one looking for something scary. There are different "scary" stories in this book. this is meant for littler kids not for teenagers or adults. If you want to find out more read the book.

    19. I thought this book was packed with tons of spooky short stories. Anyone who likes horror in any way, shape, or form would love this. Overall there wasn't a single flaw in these stories. They were all you would want in a book of short stories. I would definitely read this book.

    20. Right now it is really lame I dont get the ends of the stories, like do the people die or what?? As of right now I am just reading it to finsh it and get it over with.

    21. It was ok to begin with then it was giving me the creap of the scarey in it. I would give it two thumbs up.

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