Just For You

Just For You No shirt no shoes no problems Hemi Ranapia isn t looking for love Fun yes Love not so much But a summer fishing holiday to laid back Russell could turn out to be adventure than this good time boy

  • Title: Just For You
  • Author: RosalindJames
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • No shirt, no shoes, no problems Hemi Ranapia isn t looking for love Fun, yes Love, not so much But a summer fishing holiday to laid back Russell could turn out to be adventure than this good time boy ever bargained for.Reka Harata hasn t forgotten the disastrously hot rugby star she met a year ago, no matter how much she wishes she could Too bad Hemi keeps refusNo shirt, no shoes, no problems Hemi Ranapia isn t looking for love Fun, yes Love, not so much But a summer fishing holiday to laid back Russell could turn out to be adventure than this good time boy ever bargained for.Reka Harata hasn t forgotten the disastrously hot rugby star she met a year ago, no matter how much she wishes she could Too bad Hemi keeps refusing to be left in her past.Sometimes, especially in New Zealand s Maori Northland, it really does take a village And sometimes it just takes a little faithTE This 36,000 word 120 page novella begins about six years before the events of JUST THIS ONCE, and yes, it gets a little steamy at times, because Reka and Hemi are just that way It can be read as a stand alone book, even if this is your first escape to New Zealand.

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    1. 3.5-4 starsThis was a pretty good story. I've liked Hemi and Reka in the series and have been curious about their story. TBH, it wasn't what I was expecting but I still liked it.Reka is a teacher and Hemi is a professional Rugby player. They met a year before at a wedding and hit it off. They have a hot night but Hemi is too caught up in Rugby and the women and all that go with it and didn't call her. A year later they meet again and Hemi realizes he made a mistake and wants more with Rika. But [...]

    2. Welcome to New Zealand land of Kiwis and everything rugby! In Just For You, the prequel novella to the Escape to New Zealand series, author Rosalind James provides the reader with a wonderful tale of romance that starts the whole series with the story of Hemi Ranapia and Reka Harata.Just For You provides the reader with a romantic relationship and rugby theme set in New Zealand that continues in each book of the series, it is a happy feel good kind of romance story that simply makes you smile. [...]

    3. Wow. Five-plus stars. This is a lovely story in which so much of what I love about the “Escape to New Zealand” series is brilliantly pulled together.I first read the original, short version of this story that appeared in the Boxed Set “It's In His Kiss” and at that time, I felt satisfied with Hemi and Reka's story and thought, why add more? But now that Rosalind James has extended the story by another two-thirds, I' m delighted and grateful she did. This book has all the best of the othe [...]

    4. This rewritten novella is a must read for anyone who has been loving Rosalind James' Escape to New Zealand Rugby Series. It is Reka's and Hemi's not so cute meet. They are a beloved and well established couple when the main series begins six years after the events of this book with Just This OnceEven if you haven't read the Series, this novella stands on its own as a very good read but you will get much more pleasure from it if you read it after a few of the other books in the series. If you hav [...]

    5. I've loved everything I own that Ms James has written. This prequel to the Escape to New Zealand series is no exception. Her characters pull me in, and I learn so much about Maori culture and traditions. I get so invested on the storyline that I don't want to put the book down. I hope there are more novels in the workswhether about En Zed or the Kincaids or whatever Ms James has up her author sleeve. I'll be in line to buy and read whatever it is!

    6. Oh my goodness. I loved the expanded version of this novella. It was a true treat to see how Hemi and Reka came to be together. This is a fun read to be enjoyed by anyone just discovering the Escape series as well as anyone who has joined Ms James on her wonderful trips before. *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated in any way and not required to leave a positive review. The thoughts and opinions are my own.

    7. Hot story with likeable characters and an exotic setting. I really enjoyed it. What I didn't enjoy was the obviously caucasian woman on the cover. Reka is a Maori woman with dark brown skin and long, dark hair.

    8. EnjoyableEasy and enjoyable summer read, with charming characters. Felt author took too long to explain Hannah's complexities. Lucky for Hannah, that Drew was a very kind and compassionate chunky man.

    9. I LOVE these books! They're all good as a stand alone, and I've read them all out of order so far anyway. But, they're lovely & make me want to go to New Zealand even more than I already did

    10. Awesome book! Love the storylines between Reka and Hemi! Rosalind, you did it again! Now I want to re read "Just This Once" and plan to do this way all stories are in order with each book written.

    11. After ready the first three in the series I went back to the beginning. Glad that I did. Definitely worth it to hear Reka and Hemi's story. A real treasure.

    12. I have totally binge read a good proportion of Rosalind James' back catalogue over the New Year break after receiving a copy of one of her books (Take Me Back) from NetGalley and realising that I had only read a couple of her Escape to New Zealand series previously.As a result I am copying and pasting part of this review into the other books. The Escape to New Zealand series is a set of romances featuring players from New Zealand's All Blacks rugby team. All the books are full of En Zed (how the [...]

    13. Hemi and Reka's Love Tryst 2.75*****Hemi, an All Black rugby player, has finally recognized his soulmate in Reka, a heart broken, distrustful, yet strong, kindergarten teacher, at a wedding. One year later, he has to prove himself to her, before she commits her heart to him again. Reka in the end learns how to trust him by dispelling rumors, her former heart breaks and past experiences, so they both can move on as one.The main characters were well fleshed out as strong, sturdy, dependable people [...]

    14. Follow my blog for more reviews :) This book is a prequel novella to the Escape to New Zealand series and occurs before the series starts so it can be read as a standalone which I did and honestly, I enjoyed reading the book, it was cute but it's not something that I would personally read over and over again. It was really short, I read it in a day with a ton of pauses in between but everything felt rushed sometimes. I loved that I got to learn a ton of New Zealand slang words and culture. The a [...]

    15. Head down under and find that romance is romance no matter where you are! Just For You by Rosalind James is light and quick read that will make you want to feel the sand on your toes and hear the waves lapping on the shore.Hemi is a huge rugby star, Reka is a beautiful Maori woman, the night they met, romance was in the air, but neither of them expected for anything to come out of the heated passion they shared against a brick wall. For Reka, this meant more, she believed it could be the start o [...]

    16. ORIGINALLY POSTED ON DJ'S BOOK CORNERI've never read a book that took place in New Zealand, so this book was refreshing. I had some problems with all the Kiwi lingo, but otherwise it was an easy read. I read the entire book in one sitting and was satisfied when it was over.I loved the romance, the setting and the characters, even if the plot was lacking just a bit. The entire story was about Hemi getting back in good with Reka after thoroughly fucking it up a year before. And though sweet, it be [...]

    17. I really liked this novella! In fact, I was tired the next day because I stayed up to finish it. If you haven’t read any books by the author, you’re in for a treat. This is part of a series, but you can start with this one. As with the other books, the author provides you with a great storyline and terrific characters. You won’t be disappointed.The storyline was believable. All too often, romance novels are a bit unbelievable. Not this one. The plot and different scenes are down to earth a [...]

    18. This was a great read. There is no need to have read any of the other Escape to New Zealand books before reading this as it takes place before the events of any of the others (although you can read any of the books in the series as a stand alone book). It is a satisfying novella and a complete story. Sometimes the novellas I find on can seem either like advertising for a series or just seem a bit too quick of a telling. This was satisfying as a novella and the story felt fully developed.Having [...]

    19. This novella is a "prequel" to the "Escape to New Zealand" rugby romance series. It tells the story of Hemi Rapanai, a professional rugby player of Maori decent and Reka Harata, the Maori lass who captures his heart.They first meet at a wedding, a year after Hemi first went professional with the All Black NZ rugby team (a big deal!) Reka has just gotten off a bad relationship and hooks up with Hemi on the rebound. When he doesn't call her back after a scorching night of passion, she's even more [...]

    20. this is my first introduction to the Escape to New Zealand series and I really liked it! I think everyone should start off with this novella ('cause I'm on the first full novel, Just This Once, and finding it a wee bit difficult to get into that one)anyway, I wish I had read this before my NZ trip - now, I just want to go back there!I also wish this were a full novel instead of a novella, I could definitely have spent another hundred or so pages with Hemi & Reka!!Talk about a couple that (mo [...]

    21. I have read and enjoyed all of Rosalind James' books to the point that I freely and enthusiastically recommend them to all my (female) reader friends. "Just For You" offers the same qualities that I have loved in James' previous books, especially The Escape to New Zealand series. First, and most importantly, there is a warm flow to the book. From the first page the reader's interest in grabbed. Secondly, the characters have a realness to them; not just the primary couple but secondary characters [...]

    22. For fans of the Escape to New Zealand series readers are familiar with Hemi and Reka. Readers know them as long married couple with a couple of kids when you read book number one in the series, Just This Once.Rosalind James wrote a novella depicting how the two came to meet each other and eventually marry in this novella. The main reason why I gave this only four stars even though I loved the storyline was there was no real tension. We already know that Hemi and Reka are a couple so having there [...]

    23. I love New Zealand! Just reading about Pohutukawa trees lets my heart seize with itchy feet. The landscapes… the nature… the people… the culture!! Yes, I am in love with that country. Which makes it even harder to admit that JUST FOR YOU was the first book of Rosalind James’ Escape to New Zealand series I’ve read.Reka and Hemi were two characters it is easy to warm up to. Both of them are Maori. Hemi is a star rugby player and Reka was his one-night stand a year ago. Now meeting again, [...]

    24. If you’re a reader of Rosalind James’ Escape to New Zealand series, you’ve already met Hemi and Reka. A couple long before the series timeline began, they were a common and stable thread woven through the books. But beyond the references to their loving (and prolific) marriage, you never get a chance to really know them. It is almost easy to assume they’ve always had the relationship you see. The initial short story of “Just for You” meant to introduce them to the readers was entirel [...]

    25. *3.5 Stars*We "Escape to NZ" fans finally get Reka & Hemi's expanded story (a short-story version appeared in a romance anthology), and it's a good one. I love seeing Reka's strong nature and Hemi maturing into the man that we read about in the other books of the series.And there's the twist - I've come to expect a full story with well-developed characters, interesting secondary characters, three-act structure, and an intriguing sub-plot or back-story, and as a novella, I can't get all of th [...]

    26. I received this novella in exchange for an honest review.This was a lot of firsts for me. I have not read any of the other books in the series, so I was not previously acclimated to the couple. I also cannot recall reading any other books set in New Zealand, so some of the terminology was new to me. This took a little getting used to, but did not deter me from reading through. (Note: There is a glossary of terms at the end of the book. Thank you Rosalind!) Thirdly, this was the first book I had [...]

    27. Prequel to the Escape to New Zealand series. I've read all 6 of the books in the series. I'm so happy to read about Reka (h) and Hemi's (H) story-they are supporting characters in the other books. I had always thought that they had their act together-Hemi a leader on his regional rugby team & the national team, The All Blacks. In the prequel -of course- time-wise it takes place before the series. Both are very young. Reka is a "kindy" teacher and Hemi is just starting his rugby career. Hemi [...]

    28. This book tells the story of Hemi and Reka, two people that have been supporting characters in all the books of the Escape to New Zealand series. They are the couple with a great relationship and very happy marriage. Now we get to see how they got there. Hemi is a Rugby player and Reka is a "kindy" teacher when they meet. They are both Maori so the Maori culture plays a large part in the story as does rugby, but don't let that deter you. I know nothing about rugby and I loved this story! The rel [...]

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