The Alpha and the Omega: An absurd philosophical tale about God, the end of the world, and what's on the other planets

The Alpha and the Omega An absurd philosophical tale about God the end of the world and what s on the other planets Monday March begins like any other day for Zack a devout atheist with a profitable appointment as an equity fund manager at a top Wall Street firm He squeezes into the last seat on the subw

  • Title: The Alpha and the Omega: An absurd philosophical tale about God, the end of the world, and what's on the other planets
  • Author: H.M. Charley Ada
  • ISBN: 9781496033079
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • Monday, March 28, 2016 begins like any other day for Zack, a devout atheist with a profitable appointment as an equity fund manager at a top Wall Street firm He squeezes into the last seat on the subway car and does not say anything to the man sitting next to him selfishly hogging all the space He grabs a coffee at his favorite newsstand and heads to his office And lateMonday, March 28, 2016 begins like any other day for Zack, a devout atheist with a profitable appointment as an equity fund manager at a top Wall Street firm He squeezes into the last seat on the subway car and does not say anything to the man sitting next to him selfishly hogging all the space He grabs a coffee at his favorite newsstand and heads to his office And later, his eyes wander to the photo of his dead parents on the corner of his desk However, a few minutes after the closing bell, a most unusual thing happens The true and living God of Heaven and Earth walks into Zack s office and declares that he is real, that he is ending the world and turning Earth into the new Heaven, and that Zack may stay, despite his atheism, because he was a good person Once Zack gets his bearings in the stunning dreamscape that is God s new kingdom on Earth, God introduces him to Lilly, a headstrong former lawyer for the poor who also once worshipped at the church of the faithless Together, they explore paradise s many wonders large and small, such as telepathy, the cloud cities, and never needing to use a bathroom In this, they find a measure of happiness However, not everything is as it seems, as it may turn out that God has a reason for not revealing what he keeps on the other planets and there just might be than one deity in the universe The Alpha and the Omega is a satiric, post apocalyptic love story It s an absurdist philosophical novel It s a sci fi action, Hollywood blockbuster waiting to be made And it will answer all of your deepest questions about the meaning of life and will reveal all of the universe s wildest, most incredible secrets I promise WARNING THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS PROFANITY POLITICAL OPINION LONG, PHILOSOPHICAL ISH DIALOGUE AND OTHER OFFENSIVE MATERIAL NOT SUITABLE FOR MOST READERS ALL CHARACTERS AND EVENTS ARE PURELY FICTIONAL, AND ANY RESEMBLANCES TO YOUR GOD OR OTHER GODS YOU MAY BE FAMILIAR WITH ARE PURELY COINCIDENTAL ALSO, PRODUCT MAY NOT ACTUALLY REVEAL THE MEANING OF LIFE OR THE UNIVERSE S WILDEST, MOST INCREDIBLE SECRETS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS WILL VARY.

    One thought on “The Alpha and the Omega: An absurd philosophical tale about God, the end of the world, and what's on the other planets”

    1. "Nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, nothing is secret that will not become known."3.7 HEAVENLY STARS!I can't say I didn't enjoy this.I think this is an educational novel with a lot of humor.Actually I'm a great fan of novels with a hidden humor and I must say the author has a quite sense of it.The idea is quite unique.During the adventure the author brings in the surface a lot of issues and important points.Also for me the arrival of God on the Earth,showing himself in front of a [...]

    2. Alpha and Omega was a trip! I am not going to sit here and say I loved every part of this book but. I did, I totally loved every part. At the heart of this epic philosophical fantasy is a simple question;Happiness vs. KnowledgeIs it ever really possible to have both? So what would you do if Heaven came to Earth? If you were just enjoying a normal work day until some strange old man with a white beard and white robe comes traipsing into your place of business and going on about being God. What if [...]

    3. 3.5 Stars (When, oh when, will we be allowed to include half starts in our ratings? )I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Our main character, Zack, a Wall Street guy, has God appear in front of him one day announcing that he is bringing heaven to earth and that Zack has earned a place there in spite of his atheism, because he was a good person. Once there, God pairs him with Lilly, a feisty public defender who questions everything, even God and heaven.What follow [...]

    4. I loved this tale about heaven, god, and the Garden of Eden. Can heaven really be created on Earth? What if your idea of heaven is someone else's hell? Or if a loved one's heaven does not have you in it? Can it really be heaven if you are concerned about people in hell? And if you're not concerned, do you really deserve to be in heaven?I love theology and fiction is sometimes the best vehicle to explore it. If you like issues about bliss, knowledge, and morality, this is definitely the book for [...]

    5. The Alpha and the Omega: An absurd philosophical tale about God, the end of the world, and what's on the other planets was a very refreshing read. I like philosophically based books and this one is quite unique. It has a specific style yet a smooth narrative. I enjoyed the entertaining view on the after life and the overall playful approach to faith and religion.The novel begins with the story of Zack and Lilly, two ordinary humans and atheists, who go about their lives calmly, before God enters [...]

    6. I had initially won this book quite some time ago. Its not that I didn't want to read it's just I didnt have time and I was in a reading slump. I wanted to be able to really give this book a chance so I held off on reading it. Until recently I realized this and like 3 other books on my book shelf have not been read yet. So I picked it up, I'm going to admit that in the beginning it was kinda of slow for me but then once it started picking up I was hooked and I absolutely loved it. Makes me wish [...]

    7. Happiness or Knowledge (Truth), what is the real thing? And what matter most? The Alpha and the Omega is a wonderful journey, a journey to find the answer, a solid one. It starts as it starts in everyday new york or some other metropolitan city with two not so but so normal characters, and things get changes in the middle, then its start of wonderful journey, journey to find the answer of our very existence. You learn everything get defined again, Happiness, Knowledge, Truth, JFK, Abortion, Our [...]

    8. I very much enjoyed this book and found that the author has a very creative mind and a great sense of humor. He brought up many controversial points throughout the story and addressed many issues that are difficult for us all to deal with in an intelligent manner. This is definitely one that promotes thinking about "what could happen". I highly recommend this book to all who enjoy reading a captivating book which causes continued thought after you've finished reading it.

    9. I really enjoyed this book. A light fun read that still has great depth to it. It asks a lot of serious questions and poses a lot of potential answers, but all of this is just a background to that great adventure that Zack and Lilly take. I would recommend this book to anyone, the content spans several genres and I think everyone will find something they like in this book.

    10. I won a copy of this book on First-Reads.This was an interesting journey! I liked it a lot, and also there were a lot of different topics which I absolutely agreed with. I've never read anything like this before though.

    11. May contain spoilers. Another normal day begins as Zack, a devout atheist, resumes his office life as a manager in wall street. As 4 o'clock approached it seemed like another routine would come to a conclusion, but in an unexpected turn of events, it just wasn't any day, it was in fact, the end of the world. No, there wasn't any catastrophic event. In an unusual afternoon, a man walks by his office and thenGod tells him that He is bringing heaven to earth. of course Zack is confused. He is an At [...]

    12. “The Alpha and the Omega is a satiric, post-apocalyptic love story. It’s an absurdist philosophical novel. It’s a sci-fi/action, Hollywood-blockbuster waiting to be made. And it will answer all of your deepest questions about the meaning of life and will reveal all of the universe’s wildest, most incredible secrets. I promise.”I’d take that particular “promise” with a grain of salt. What Mr. Ada should have promised (because he definitely delivered) was a thoroughly entertaining [...]

    13. Alpha and the Omega was a great read. It’s an educational and philosophical experience, as well as an enjoyable read. What I really appreciated about this book was that it helps you to see the other side’s viewpoints on a lot of big issues in the world. Most of us tend to get comfortable with our own worldviews, and we often surround ourselves with people who hold similar viewpoints. This book, however, doesn’t stick to shoving one agenda at you. Sure, it starts with a narrator who is athe [...]

    14. I thought the story was great, not to mention unique in design. You could argue the story is fantasy fiction, because I guess to some degree it is, but I'm not a huge fan of fantasy and this book didn't feel as much like fantasy as it did a commentary on humanity. The book deals with God's return to earth, but remains fiction because the author finds himself questioning the plans of God. You get this feeling that maybe, just maybe, God doesn't have the most well thought out plan, but this is wha [...]

    15. Despite the somewhat misleading cover, "the Alpha and the Omega" while possessing some whimsical humor, is not a children's book. It is an exciting adult fantasy of what could happen if "God" were to appear to an ordinary young man going about his ordinary business on an ordinary day. This "Everyman" theme raises important questions about modern society and our place in the universe. Filled with humorous observations, it becomes an adventurous trip through strange worlds where the"impossible" be [...]

    16. I received the book for free through First ReadsThis book! I was expecting to like it, just to like it, instead I ended up enjoying it very much. The characters are realistic, they feel like real people. I found in Lilly a new female heroin and the story went to the right places at the right times. The only thing that I think needs a little improvement is the dialog. Certain words sometimes made me realise that I was reading and to me off of the story for a second or two. Despite that the philo [...]

    17. I enjoyed reading it the second time as much as the first. It was different than what I had expected. The first time I read it. It is very well written and how Zack and Lilly got to know each other. The way in which they felt the world should be, and the fact that heaven for each person was just a little different. How Zack and Lilly want to help other people who were not quite ready for heaven and how there are different plants out there and the fact they want to know about all the different wo [...]

    18. 3.5 ⭐️An enjoyable read and quite interesting - it just lacked finesse really give it a better rating.I'm wondering would it have a sequel? Is that in the plans?

    19. I appreciated the honesty and the sense of humour. It reminded me that, just because it's impossible to find the answers, we shouldn't stop asking ourselves the questions.

    20. This is an unusual book.It is a book of ideas. The title is quite right to call it "an absurd philosophical tale", because what we get is a riot of philosophical musings, imagination, fantasy.It is like an explosion in an ideas factory - a gigantic BANG!!! followed by a hailstorm of thoughts and ideas showering around us. I get the strong sense that Charley has a lot to say and that sitting down to write it, all of these ideas have come tumbling out of his imagination. It's a released flood when [...]

    21. Heaven is often portrayed as a human goal, but that may be a little self absorbed Considering its holiness, maybe we'd only be a small feature in its story? Rather than being the end, Heaven is only the starting point for this novel, and the scope reaches out broadly from there to what larger adventures might be occurring than just on our little earth.The main adventure also contains another mini-story about a perspective on the attempt to bring others into your own religion. This is the first b [...]

    22. I want to mention that I won a copy of this book.I enjoyed reading this debut novel, and it was an absurd philosophical tale, the title doesn't lie. The initial premise is a little absurd and as you get into the book it just gets crazier and crazier until the final crazy twist at the end.I liked the progression of ideas in the book and I think that the author has an interesting take on the afterlife and religion in general. I like the way it makes you consider certain ideas about morality and vi [...]

    23. hmmm the book is a big mystery to be honest. I personally found a lot of hidden massages in it, starting from god appearance, heaven and many other things.I can go on and on about the book being able to amaze me and surprise me, but I'm leaving this to the reader.Really appreciate great writers like H.M Charley Ada, and hope to read some of his (will be hopefully released) books.(great writing skill this writer has).

    24. I won this book in a good reads giveaway and am glad I did.Quirky and original book. It's not often God wanders into your office on a workday, and if you are an atheist it would certainly shake up your day. Good bit of philosophy in this and will make you think. Quite amusing at times as well. Recommended.Solid 3 star.

    25. An astounding tale that ties in philosophy with adventure.Ada has managed to keep readers engaged with by building up a magnificent plot while hiding philosophical easter eggs in the characters' witty conversations. To say anything more would be spoiling the story, thus I shall stop my near incessant rant here!Hoping to see the second volume soon!

    26. Well it is a very well writed book, that has a very unique subject. It is funny and I very much recommend it. Personally I liked it even I do not approve everything that the writer says in his book. Thank you Giveaways for the oportunity of reading this book.

    27. Great book! It held my interest throughout! It really made me think about all the possibilities relating to God, religion, and our purpose on this earth. I can't wait to see where the author will take us in Book Two.

    28. It was a little hard to get into the book in the beginning, but once I got through one third of book, I couldn't put it down. It was refreshing and daring. It was a kind of book that made me think.

    29. I won a copy of this book as part of a GR First Reads giveaway. I am not really sure what I was expecting coming in but it wasn't this story. I am surprised that I read it as quickly as I did as the story never really clicked with me. The overall concept had some promise but the story just never drew me into being immersed. It only really got interesting when Kerberus appeared on Limbo.Once I got past the halfway mark I started thinking about the end game, I kept wondering how it would all wrap [...]

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