The Devil Lancer

The Devil Lancer Captain Elliott Parrish of Her Majesty s th Lancers cavalry division finds most details about his assignment in the Crimean peninsula insufferable Rampant cholera missing supplies and inept planni

  • Title: The Devil Lancer
  • Author: Astrid Amara
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 257
  • Format: ebook
  • Captain Elliott Parrish of Her Majesty s 17th Lancers cavalry division finds most details about his assignment in the Crimean peninsula insufferable Rampant cholera, missing supplies, and inept planning start the British war effort against the Russian Czar s expansion into Turkish territory on poor footing.What should have been a swift and decisive summer victory soon draCaptain Elliott Parrish of Her Majesty s 17th Lancers cavalry division finds most details about his assignment in the Crimean peninsula insufferable Rampant cholera, missing supplies, and inept planning start the British war effort against the Russian Czar s expansion into Turkish territory on poor footing.What should have been a swift and decisive summer victory soon drags into a harrowing winter campaign, and Elliott must rally disheartened men through sickness, battle, and starvation But when he is assigned the additional task of spying on a fellow officer, the inscrutable Cornet Ilyas Kovakin, he finds himself disconcerted and fascinated by both the work and the man.Rumors surround Ilyas Kovakin, the half Russian officer who reports to none in his division People say they ve seen snakes slithering into his tent at night, that he has another face visible only in certain light, and a penchant for violent acts carried out in darkness, alone But the truth that Elliot soon discovers is much dangerous then mere superstition.For Ilyas, his return to Crimea is colored with the horrors of his past.Once a mercenary, he has made a terrible mistake and inherited horrifying powers that he can barely control He feels his hold over his humanity slipping away daily, and fears that salvation may already lay beyond him when the cheerful Captain Parrish catches his attention Among men who hate him and superiors who covet his brutal power, Ilyas finds the young captain s charming company almost irresistible.But Ilyas knows that the closer he is drawn to Elliot the he will endanger them both.

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    1. God damn, that hit the spot. Excellent historical setting, really vivid and well realised and so compelling on the incredible stupidity with which the Crimean War was conducted. Terrific fantasy elements, really scary at points. A tender romance (weirdly enough, since one guy was possessed by a devil, but hey, it worked) with some very hot moments. That was basically *exactly* what I wanted to read right at this moment. And I read it. Win!The pacing could have been a tad tighter - it's a big boo [...]

    2. Magic and romance set amongst the carnage and boredom of the Crimean War.Fantastic sense of of place, which is both good and bad. Especially when the place is disease-ridden muddy fields that either swelter or are frozen. Daily life of a cavalry soldier is well documented here. Moderately pace. This is a war story with mystery and a romance in that order. A nice mix of superstition and religion woven into this Victorian period piece featuring Russian moles, lifelong soldiers and the futility of [...]

    3. The Devil Lancer is an interesting retelling of the Crimean war with a paranormal/fantasy twist. Some things worked for me, but others didn't. Overall, it was a good distraction from the present.The overall world building is excellent. The author really, REALLY did her research in terms of the setting and the events of the war. Unfortunately, my knowledge of this specific war and time period was pretty much non-existent and I ended up having to Google a LOT. To the point that it actually started [...]

    4. This book melds two of my favorite genres, a fascinating historical set in the mismanaged debacle that was the Crimean war, and a paranormal fantasy with some bite to it. The war dominates the landscape, and the day-to-day lives of the two main characters. Elliott is a Captain of the British Lancers, a good horseman, a good man, and a decent leader. Unfortunately he's under the command of the same oblivious, petty, wasteful and inept leadership as everyone else in that battle zone. It's impossib [...]

    5. I read this in one sitting and that's saying a lot because it's a long novel. This book is so rich in detail. Recent unsettling events in Ukraine made the Crimean setting even more fascinating and tragic. Captain Elliot Parrish of the 17th Lancers was just the sort of hero I love. An honourable, intelligent soldier, self-effacing and funny. His attraction to the enigmatic half-Russian junior officer, Ilyas was a satisfying slow burn with plenty of heat when it counted. I enjoyed the paranormal p [...]

    6. Loved it. The slowly built bleakness of war, interwoven with a paranormal aspect was nicely done. I was expecting to be completely depressed, and while it was sad and miserable in parts it was occasionally uplifting. I think this was down to Elliot. He was such a great character. Ilyas was magic too and appealed to my love of tall, dark and broody. There were definitely parts that were a bit hard to read, re war and battle. But it fit within the context of the story. I am a compete sap for an ep [...]

    7. Enjoyed this so much. Loved her writing as always, loved the amount of research that clearly went into this, loved the mix of historical fantasy, and most of all, loved Ilias and Elliot together. This would have been five stars but for the long sections about the ongoing war and battles-reading accounts of all the unending deaths, misery, and losses from such inept leadership was painful and frustrating to read. *Also, this book is on sale for only $1.99 for a limited time! It's a pretty lengthy [...]

    8. Review can be read at It's About The BookI’ve known for a few years Astrid Amara was writing a book about the Crimean War. My first thoughts upon hearing that were, “I’ll be skipping that one,” and, “But I want another Hanukkah book.” Yes, I’m a greedy reader. I only have the consolation I didn’t say those things out loud. As we got closer and closer to release of the book my interest increased. By the time I had it in my hot little hands I was really hoping no one else would wan [...]

    9. *4.25 stars*This was well-written, intense and vast in scope. I would classify it as a historical with an m/m romance (there was a depth to the historical aspects that isn't always found in a typical historical m/m romance) and there's also a paranormal thread running through this. The author's depiction of life for the British soldiers and officers in the Crimean war seemed very real: fighting under inept leadership in a harsh and unforgiving climate with poor supplies and pervasive sickness. [...]

    10. Sweet! This is now officially released on Blind Eye Books, , etc. Looking forward to reading this. (Just need to find the time to settle into a solid fantasy read)

    11. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.75 starsThe Devil Lancer was a wonderful novel. Or rather it was two wonderful novels. Let me explain. The author has done an excellent job of integrating the hellish nightmare of the Crimean War with an epic fantasy. However, there were times when I would have preferred the author pick one path or the other. The historical context is exceptionally rendered and the reader is quickly drawn into the brutal hell of a senseless war. Most people have heard about the Charge of [...]

    12. If there is one trend in genre I love it gained more steam lately it's this historical romance with paranormal elements mash up. :)Historical setting of The Devil Lancer is not very common to come across in fiction, especially of romantic kind. It covers the events of The Crimean War (October 1853 – February 1856), war Britain and allies fought against Russia. I had to mention setting first because the harsh soldier life left the biggest impression on me. There is actually very few large actio [...]

    13. This was clearly a meticulously researched piece of work, but it just didn't work for me. I love fantasy book with battle scenes, wars etc but here I was just bored. Maybe because there were so many failures on the British side? The pacing was so slooow. Things didn't really pick up for me until Chapter 17. The book just seemed overly long for no reason. Storylines would pick up with a bit of excitement and then veer off into something else. I did read to the end because I was interested to see [...]

    14. The Devil Lancer took me forever to finish, mostly because of two reasons. One is how painful it was to be a powerless witness to so much incompetence. British forces made many blunders that cost thousands of lives and, despite being a captain, our main character could do almost nothing to improve the situation. Many times I had to put the book away because it was just too frustrating.The second reason is that the other main character - the tall, dark, handsome and scary man with some supernatur [...]

    15. Rating: 5 stars out of 5For the full review, visit wp/p220KL-3mgFrom that review: "What an absolutely stunning story! Astrid Amara combines the heartbreak and history of the military campaign in the Crimea War with romance and magic to arrive at The Devil Lancer, a story so huge in scope and impact that it goes beyond genre into something that can't be restricted by categories or boxes. The story opens on May 1854 on board ships crossing the Bay of Biscay France. The voyage is harrowing, the men [...]

    16. First off, WARNING FOR ANIMAL HARM. If you can't cope with animal harm, give this one a pass. It's not my particular issue, but even I got sniffly.That said, what a great book! Meticulously researched history, compelling supernatural aspects, and a simmering, deep romance. The realities of war and death are depicted so brutally that I was squirming in discomfort for a lot of the second half of the book. In romance, you're used to some form of comfort or oasis (a warm inn! a kind relative! a myst [...]

    17. The world building was really good. The battle scenes were intense. The love scenes were equally good. I really enjoyed the magical elements. They were over the top but somehow realistic. I found myself wanting to research the Crimean war, not because I doubted Ms. Amara's research but because she peaked my interest to learn about it. I suppose most readers will appreciate the epilogue but I wasn't crazy about it. Just a small, personal quibble in an otherwise highly enjoyable read.

    18. Crimean war with a dash of demonic possession and some fine queer lovin'. Had some problems with pacing, but it hit the spot anyway.“That twat was a lieutenant-colonel. You should address him in a manner behooving his rank. You wouldn’t want to be lashed for insubordination.”“Then it’s Lieutenant-Colonel Twat, sir?”“Much improved.”

    19. Oh wow. This story was epic! I loved it as much as I hated to read about the bleakness and futility and mismanagement of the Crimean War. I loved Elliot and Illyas, two very strong characters in an impossible situation. The magical parts were brilliantly integrated with the historical facts. Great book!

    20. I have no idea why this one didn't click with me. I read about 45 pages in and then put it aside for a month or three. Maybe I'll try it again some time in the future and give it another concerted go. By all rights, this should be my cuppa. Maybe it's the weather.

    21. Well researched, brilliant historical with a dash of supernatural. I couldn't put it down. Also the relationship between Elliott and Ilyas is absolutely satisfying and believable. Warmly recommended to people liking historicals, but not only to them

    22. 3,5 stars.It reminded me strongly of the series "Raised by Wolves" by W. A. Hoffman, but in comparison it did not do so well. And sure, comparing one book to a more elaborate series of four seems hardly fair, but I do it anyway. Where Ilya Kovakin (from The Devil Lancer, and sorry but I always read Dovahkiin instead) has a real devil, an ancient demon inside of him, Gaston, from Raised by Wolves, has only his past and personal demons to fight. Both Ellliot Parrish and Will try to do their best t [...]

    23. It was a good story set at at an interesting time in an interesting place. I really enjoyed the fantasy elements that were well thought out and not your run of the mill demons. Actually it was a nice way to make Greek mythology and christians demon mesh and create something new and interesting where either of them alone would have felt used to death. The characters were well fleshed out, even the secondary characters and that was great because I like my MCs to be properly anchored in the world b [...]

    24. All credit to the premise of this book (paranormal m/m during the Crimean War) and to the author's detailed knowledge of the Crimea and the circumstances of soldiers (and horses!) ensnared in it. However, the proportion of war narrative to either the possession story or the lovers' relationship was disorienting. I love to read history, but I'm always looking for a historical romance to balance the factual description of the age with the arc of the relationship. In the case of The Devil Lancer, f [...]

    25. It might be too much of a difficult read if you're not a history buff, which I'm not.However, the romance, the magic, and the character's personalities are all spot on and incredibly detailed.3.5, would be a 4 [if there was a better balance of war/history and paranormal romance.]

    26. I liked this book, and finished it in a little over a day. It was an interesting setting for a M/M novel, and the historical details were clearly well-researched.

    27. Captain Elliott Parrish of Her Majesty’s 17th Lancers cavalry division feels irresistibly attracted to mysterious Cornet Ilyas Kovakin, a man who most men fear and accuse of wizardly and devilish practises. Finding out as much as he can about Ilyas becomes Elliot’s hobby first, and then a duty as he is commanded to spy on the man. As the war rages and men die in the merciless Crimean winter, Elliot and Ilyas find a reprieve in each other arms. But Ilyas’ soul is endangered, and Elliot must [...]

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