My Dog Doesn't Like Me

My Dog Doesn t Like Me My dog doesn t like me It s a fact When I got back from running away I explained this to my family Eric is very disappointed in the dog he got for his eighth birthday He thought the dog named Ugly b

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  • Title: My Dog Doesn't Like Me
  • Author: Elizabeth Fensham
  • ISBN: 9780702250170
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • My dog doesn t like me It s a fact When I got back from running away, I explained this to my family.Eric is very disappointed in the dog he got for his eighth birthday He thought the dog, named Ugly because he is just that , was going to be his best friend But Ugly doesn t even consider Eric his first or second best friend Ugly loves Eric s mum, grandad, dad, and hMy dog doesn t like me It s a fact When I got back from running away, I explained this to my family.Eric is very disappointed in the dog he got for his eighth birthday He thought the dog, named Ugly because he is just that , was going to be his best friend But Ugly doesn t even consider Eric his first or second best friend Ugly loves Eric s mum, grandad, dad, and his horrible sister Gretchen, even than him.Desperate to make Ugly love him the most, Eric puts some crazy plans into action to win over his pooch.Will Eric uncover the secret to Ugly s heart, or will he forever have to watch his dog dote on every other family member except him

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    1. Three and a half stars. I’ve actually had a re-think and changed my rating on this one. Eric’s dog doesn’t like him and in his view his family doesn’t appreciate him so Eric decides it run away. This is a cute story filled with some useful advice in dog training that manages to help children understand the responsibilities having a pet involves. Over all I thought it was a lot of fun and think that children would enjoy it. I loved the cute cover pic and it’s an easy read. The voice of [...]

    2. Eric has received pretty much the desire of his heart for his birthday. A dog. Named Ugly. Awesome. Or at least it should be.The problem is that Ugly adores Eccle's mum. What should have been the most wonderful birthday present - a puppy of his own - has turned out to be a mutt with attitude. Ugly is outright hostile towards him. Even his obnoxious, acid-tongued sister Gretchen rates higher in the dog's estimation and affection scale than Eccle does. His life is so miserable he decides to run aw [...]

    3. In My Dog doesn't like Me by Elizabeth Fensham we certainly get a good look at Eric's character with all its flaws (which he can't see). He can only see his dog, Ugly's flaws. It takes him a long time to work out why his dog has flaws. For the duration of this novel for younger readers I felt part of Eric's family, and I felt a sympathy for him too as I'd been in a similar situation, except I didn't have a grandfather like Eric's to spend time to help me with my dog and my dog died. This is a ho [...]

    4. Although I was expecting a little more from Fensham and this alluring title, I still enjoyed it immensely. Kids and pets and kids and pets behaving badly and having issues with each other can't help but make for compelling reading. As a dog-loving, animal crazy 9 year old, I probably would have rated this much higher. It is bristling with tongue in cheek humour and useful facts and suggestions about doggie care and doggie psychi. However as an adult reader (for whom it is not intended for of cou [...]

    5. Eric is packing. He is running away because nobody believes him. He told his family his own dog doesn’t like him, so he’s leaving. But time in the park alone, with strangers coming and going and dark falling, Eric decides to go home.After a ‘family chat’ and being sent to his room for being rude to his older sister, Eric decides to write down his ‘sad and angry’ story.Eric got a new dog (Ugly) for his 8th birthday and he can’t figure out why Ugly hangs out with and listens more to [...]

    6. Eric, the protagonist of this book, is really unhappy about the dog that he got for his eighths birthday. He has meant for the dog to love and obey him, but the dog, Ugly, doesn't even consider Eric as a friend. Ugly always runs after cats on walks, causing Eric's arm to be sore and painful for the leash. Ugly also eats and damages stuff. On top of that, Eric is always blamed for the mistakes that Ugly make. Eric is really fed up he even thought of running away. In the end, his granddad got a pr [...]

    7. We all get caught up in the drama of popularity and occasionally we miss that being liked is also about being available- likeable. This is a sweet little book about doing your bit and caring for others. Every pet owner and family member should read this book. Even if you love your dog/ family, you'll love them more once you've read it. Eric and his family are good relatable characters and Ugly is a charming dog. The language transition as Eric learns to care and appreciate Ugly is subtle and hea [...]

    8. Noah gave this 5 stars and I gave it 3, so it averages out at 4 stars. I thought this book got better as it went on. There is one scene on page 26 where the mother completely over reacts with her son and I really didn't think that the way it was written was appropriate for this book. Luckily, I had read about this scene before reading it to Noah, so I just left this bit out. It was really silly and spoilt an otherwise engaging and interesting story.

    9. Pretty cool. This book is kind of based on dogs (again!). I thought this book was quite comedy-like, but this book had some serious parts in the story. If you are fan of dogs(?) You might want to read this book or if you just want to read a short and easy fiction book, this is your book. But sadly, there is no pictures :(

    10. A really nice book that ticks lots of boxes for me. Central character is a nearly 9 year old boy, humorous animal story that teaches some gentle lessons about responsibility and problem solving. Highly recommended

    11. This book ticks a lot of boxes for me. The central character is a nearly 9 year old boy. It is a humorous animal story that teaches gentle lessons in responsibility and co-operation

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