The Geography of You and Me

The Geography of You and Me Lucy lives on the twenty fourth floor Owen lives in the basement It s fitting then that they meet in the middle stuck between two floors of a New York City apartment building on an elevator rendere

  • Title: The Geography of You and Me
  • Author: Jennifer E. Smith
  • ISBN: 9780316254762
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lucy lives on the twenty fourth floor Owen lives in the basement It s fitting, then, that they meet in the middle stuck between two floors of a New York City apartment building, on an elevator rendered useless by a citywide blackout After they re rescued, Lucy and Owen spend the night wandering the darkened streets and marveling at the rare appearance of stars aboveLucy lives on the twenty fourth floor Owen lives in the basement It s fitting, then, that they meet in the middle stuck between two floors of a New York City apartment building, on an elevator rendered useless by a citywide blackout After they re rescued, Lucy and Owen spend the night wandering the darkened streets and marveling at the rare appearance of stars above Manhattan But once the power is back, so is reality Lucy soon moves abroad with her parents, while Owen heads out west with his father.The brief time they spend together leaves a mark And as their lives take them to Edinburgh and to San Francisco, to Prague and to Portland, Lucy and Owen stay in touch through postcards, occasional e mails, and phone calls But can they despite the odds find a way to reunite Smartly observed and wonderfully romantic, Jennifer E Smith s new novel shows that the center of the world isn t necessarily a place Sometimes, it can be a person.

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    1. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/1 Star with a bonus ½ Star for a good cover/title.WARNING: I SPOIL THE CRAP OUT OF THIS BOOKLucy is super emo because her parents are never around and she’s friendless. (How do you avoid the oft present “we’re dealing with teenagers, where the hell are the parents” question? Well, this book just ships the parents off to Paris, leaving their 16 year old daughter at home in New York City all alone. Problem solved.) Owen is super emo since his mom r [...]

    2. Funny how the story started with a total black out from New York all the way to Canada when our own power went out too. It’s like fate or something and just like fate, some things/people are just meant to be together like the spoon and fork. There are certain instances when they have to part ways because soup only requires a spoon while pasta only needs a fork but that’s perfectly okay because deep down papa spoon and mama fork know they will be together eventually. This is usually the commo [...]

    3. "A blackout in New York City brings together two teenagers in Jennifer E. Smith's new romantic YA novel."Let me tell you one thing, in my opinion Jennifer E. Smith is one of the best YA authors ever (+1 for the fact that she is a nerdfighter). Her books are just awesomesauce and they may not float everyone's boat but hell to the YES they make me feel all fluffy inside so long story short: I CAN'T WAIT TO READ THIS BOOK!

    4. SPOILER FREE REVIEW: youtube/watch?v=-K6on3.75*This book was basically just what I needed: a mindless, cute, fun romance that was just really easy to read. I see my reading slump coming to an end very very soon.

    5. 3.5 starsSuper cute as expected. Jennifer E. Smith has given us another sigh-inducing, feel-good read that leaves you with a smile on your face. I adore these books of hers and each one is like a little escape into a fairy-tale kind of perfect romance story. While The Geography of You and Me may be my least favorite of hers, it's far from a disappointment!If you're a fan of this author you pretty much know what to expect when you get into one of her books. Her characters are likable, the romance [...]

    6. 2.5 STARSThe point wasn’t the distance. It was the homecoming.God, I just love that sentiment.And I truly felt that this had a lot of beautiful moments and heartfelt intentions that just got lost in that thick bog of mediocrity with a droning narrative, a climax-less plot, a pair of charmless protagonists and the non-existent chemistry between them. In yet another exercise in frustration, this wasn’t offensively bad, but the stilted potential just shoves the disappointment obnoxiously THERE. [...]

    7. Adorable and quite emotional!The Geography of You and Me is mostly descriptive - it shows snippets of moments suspended in time, it describes deep emotions, and still the author managed to 'show' not simply to 'tell' and I was soon very much in love with the beauty of this story.There was so much that I loved about it:- their first meeting, even the one in San Francisco, with the fiasco ending;- the insights into their lives, their personal struggles with family or friends;- the cards, so meanin [...]

    8. Goodness. With all the fluffiness and cuteness in the world.It all starts off with a sudden blackout in the cityHave you ever imagined a city with No electricity, No connections, and Only darknessA city only lit by the moon and starsThe story's realistic and relatable and the story itself is what makes the whole book seems so adorable.Crossed path of two young people. Blackout. Separation. Travels. Settlement. Meet up of two young people at last.Song:See you again"We've come a long way, from whe [...]

    9. 3.5/5. This book was exactly what I was expecting. It was a light quick read and it was cute. When I pick up these books I don't really expect them to be life-changing or that meaningful so I hardly ever give them 5 stars. I expect these books to just give me a little bit of enjoyment and I did enjoy this book. The characters were likeable and I liked the story. I felt the execution was okay. I think Jennifer E. Smith could have done a lot better. There was no insta-love which is always a good t [...]

    10. "His eyes caught hers through the darkness and the elevator felt suddenly smaller than it had been minutes ago."I am becoming increasingly frustrated with YA contemporaries of late. Ever since the success of Anna and the French Kiss, there have been an influx of the same cookie-cutter romance, with their own brand of a unique 'twist', but reads more like a sad imitation of Meg Cabot in her heyday. The Geography of You and Me falls into the same trap, except it cut more because I was expecting, w [...]

    11. Jennifer E. Smith represents the absolute best in YA writing, and readers will carry this poignant love story in their hearts far after the last sentence is read.

    12. (This review has been edited to include an addendum, which will hopefully illustrate what I mean by "bad writing").After reading & falling in love with Laura Kaye's Hearts in Darkness, I jumped at the chance to read another novel about two strangers who are trapped in an elevator in the middle of a citywide blackout. I was hoping that The Geography of You & Me would be a Young Adult (PG-13) version of Hearts in Darkness.Sadly, however, the only similarity between these two novels IS the [...]

    13. O livro podia ter sido muito mais, merecia ser muito mais.A história é do género young-adult e tem um início muito bom, fazendo-nos de caras ter empatia pelos personagens principais, gostamos tanto deles que queremos saber o que acontece depois da primeira noite.E depois começam as viagens, até aí tudo bem, mas começam a ser demasiadas viagens tornando-se um pouco cansativo a sua leitura, mas uma pessoa quer saber mais e aí depois chega o Fim, que para mim após uma jornada literária e [...]

    14. The Geography of You and Me was a cute contemporary read. Unfortunately I wasn't too invested in the characters and I've never been the biggest fan of instalove but I thoroughly enjoyed the vivid descriptions of each individual city and country this book travelled to. Having now read a few of Jennifer E. Smith's books, I'd say this was my least favourite when it came to the writing. For me, it didn't flow as smoothly and have the same fun, quick dialogue as the previous books I've read of hers. [...]

    15. Best part of the book? The title. And the geography of the thing -- the geography of them -- was completely and hopelessly wrong.Lucy is a sixteen year old girl whose parents jet off to London any time they feel like it, leaving her alone in New York City. This makes her a bit sad and a lot resentful. Owen is this guy who recently lost his mom and moved with his father to New York City against his wishes. This makes him just a lot resentful. (view spoiler)[They meet during a blackout in an eleva [...]

    16. 5 Words: Postcards, e-mail, family, moving, travelling.This was quite a sweet story, and I quite liked it.But it was quite Well. How many times have I just used that word?As lovely as this story was, I don't think it's something that's really gonna stick with me. Sure, it was sweet and enjoyable, but there was nothing truly stand-out about it, nothing that would compel me to read again.It was something nice to pass the time, but something that I've also quite forgotten by the time I started to w [...]

    17. Wat een ontzettend lief verhaal! Maar er waren toch een aantal dingen waar ik niet helemaal tevreden mee was. Zo was het verhaal naar mijn idee echt te voorspelbaar En dat vind ik ontzettend jammer. In eerste instantie heb ik dit boek 4 sterren gegeven, maar daarna ging langer nadenken over het verhaal. Daardoor heb ik mijn rating toch nog veranderd naar 3 sterren. Het verhaal was echt niet slecht hoor, maar dit is ook geen boek dat me nog weken bij zal blijven.Ik vond het begin echt heel erg le [...]

    18. I like contemporaries, I really do! But I like books that have a pointyou know, besides One True Love. Yes I'm the Grinch of Happily Ever After. But the only thing I really felt was accomplished in The Geography of You and Me was a love story. And travel. Lots of travel. I'm asking for a little bit more than that.The writing was good, but it did get fluffy at times. Lots of descriptionloooots of telling. They went here. They did this. They thought that.Yawn.What about the action? What about the [...]

    19. In the midst of problems: personally, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially, throughout the general pressure and stress of finding my way through those problems and moving on with life, I found The Geography of You and Me on NetGalley. I'd been interested in this book ever since I knew it would exist, going as far as it being my first ever Waiting on Wednesday post, and the moment I saw it, I knew I had to request it; it sounded and looked fantastic, so sitting and waiting, waiting a [...]

    20. Have you ever finished a book and felt as though not a lot happened during the story? Or have you ever finished a book and felt very underwhelmed by it? Well, that’s how I feel about The Geography of You and Me and, I’m starting to feel as though maybe I’m just not meant to enjoy any of Smith’s work. The premise of The Geography of You and Me is very cute. It’s about two teenagers – Lucy and Owen – who live in the same apartment complex but they don’t meet until they find themsel [...]

    21. Lucy and Owen live in the same apartment building in New York but had never actually met one another until one day they end up in the same elevator when the power goes out. Stuck together the two make conversation and find they like one another. After getting out of the elevator Lucy and Owen spend an amazing night together while waiting out the blackout. Unfortunately for this pair other circumstances end up splitting them apart as each of their families make plans to leave New York. Getting in [...]

    22. This book was such a fun and cute read, one that I just wanted to keep picking up to finish and see how it ended. Long distance would be so hard but it is possible. I loved how Lucy and Owen had little in jokes and I loved that on there first post card to each other they wrote the same thing. They accidentally met but they couldn't forget each other after it and loved all the little post cards. I wish we still wrote post cards

    23. Such a fun and cute contemporary! I loved the two main characters, as well as the duo POV's. The travel aspect was one of my favorite things about this book; I really enjoyed getting to read about London, Scotland, Paris, etc.I think that the story overall was well written and I'm looking forward to reading Jennifer's other novels. :)

    24. Zucht zucht zucht!!! Wanneer komt de film? Wat een prachtig boek is dit. Ik wil meer. 5+ * "Hij was als een van haar boeken: nog niet uitgelezen, omdat je dat op het juiste moment en op de juiste plaats moest doen om hem echt te begrijpen. Ze popelde om de rest te lezen."

    25. 2.5 StarsThink of a shiny, beautiful red balloon, inflated to capacity. All that promis!! And then, a slow leak. Ffffllllllluuubbbbppppp. That was the plot. Intriguing hook at the start, likable characters.but then it never really goes anywhere special. And everything falls flat. Oh well.

    26. “If you were to draw a map of the two of them, of where they started out and where they would both end up, the lines would be shooting away from each other like magnets spun around on their poles. And it occurred to Owen that there was something deeply flawed about this, that there should be circles or angels or turns, anything that might make it possible for the two lines to meet again. Instead, they were both headed in the exact opposite directions. The map was as good as a door swinging shu [...]

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