La gita a Tindari

La gita a Tindari Sta invecchiando il commissario Montalbano No non questo l amarezza per un caso dai retroscena sconcertanti e orrendi il saluto del nuovo secolo a questo Maigret siculo pi colto pi teso e irregolar

  • Title: La gita a Tindari
  • Author: Andrea Camilleri
  • ISBN: 9788838915741
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sta invecchiando il commissario Montalbano No, non questo l amarezza per un caso dai retroscena sconcertanti e orrendi il saluto del nuovo secolo a questo Maigret siculo, pi colto, pi teso e irregolare Egli indaga tra l immaginaria Vig ta e Tindari, il promontorio a picco sul mare col piccolo, misterioso teatro greco e la spiaggia a forma di una mano con le diSta invecchiando il commissario Montalbano No, non questo l amarezza per un caso dai retroscena sconcertanti e orrendi il saluto del nuovo secolo a questo Maigret siculo, pi colto, pi teso e irregolare Egli indaga tra l immaginaria Vig ta e Tindari, il promontorio a picco sul mare col piccolo, misterioso teatro greco e la spiaggia a forma di una mano con le dita rosa Un triplice omicidio avvenuto un giovane dongiovanni che viveva al di sopra dei suoi mezzi apparenti, due anziani pensionati seppelliti in casa che improvvisamente decidono una gita a Tindari Li collega, sembra, solo un condominio Ma Montalbano ha una maledizione, sa leggere i segni che provengono dall antichissimo che vive nel modernissimo continente Sicilia lo aiutano un vecchio ulivo contorto, la sua squadra, la svedese Ingrid, un libro di Conrad, e un Innominato senza pentimento.

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    1. " Stânca plângerii. Nu, nu greșea s-o numească așa, pentru că acolo plânsese de-adevăratelea- un plâns eliberator- în ziua în care fusese anunțat că bătrânul său tată trăgea să moară. Și iată că acum se întorcea acolo, din cauza unui alt sfârșit anunțat-un sfârșit pentru care nu avea să verse lacrimi, însă care-i provoca o profundă durere. Da, un sfârșit, nu exagera cu nimic numindu-l așa."" Prin muruiala vâscoasă de pe pardoseală se întrezăreau brațul d [...]

    2. Rating: 4* of fiveThe Publisher Says: Following the long-running success he has enjoyed on bestseller lists in Europe, Inspector Salvo Montalbano is now winning over American readers and critics alike as “one of the most engaging protagonists in detective fiction” (USA Today). Now, in Excursion to Tindari, Andrea Camilleri’s savvy and darkly comic take on Sicilian life leads Montalbano into his most bone-chilling case yet.In two seemingly unrelated crimes, a young Don Juan is found murdere [...]

    3. “Excursion to Tindari” is the 5th book in the Inspector Montalbano series by Andrea Camilleri. And it’s every bit as good as the previous four books. It seems that most of the series books that I read have strong, likeable, morally-rewarding men as their main character. Montalbano is no exception to this rule. He may come across as gruff and brusque but this is a wall of deception. And behind this wall is a man who cuts corners and steps outside of the boundaries of the law only when matte [...]

    4. Excursion to Tindari is a puzzler that will intrigue both fans of Camilleri and mystery readers in general. A phone call lands Montalbano in the middle of the case of the dead man at Via Cavour 44. Just one bullet in the middle of the forehead killed young Emanuele 'Nenè' Sanfilippo, and since the captain of the Flying Squad and his second in command were laid up (one with dysentery after a visit to Beirut and the other in the hospital in New York after a mugging), Montalbano is told that the c [...]

    5. The fifth in the Montalbano series, and our hero has a missing elderly couple and a shooting murder to deal with. Clever and subtle as usual, Montalbano uses his tight team to good effect as he steps through a complex investigation. Gently comic in parts, the Montalbano books are really a good read

    6. Inspector Montalbano is one smart dude who can outwit the bad guys and manoeuvre his team to produce the required results. There is humour, the Mafia, engaging characters, and the Sicilian landscape and availability of fresh fish that makes me want to live in the place. I enjoyed this more than the others in this series.

    7. How great to take a trip to Sicily after so many years --- to smell the salt water, to peek into the fridge with Salvo Montalbano to see what Adelina left to eat, to hear that combative, rough Italian that friends and family speak to each other. And how nice to meet old characters like Fazio, Mimi' Augello, Catarella, and Ingrid and to hear Livia on the phone again. Excellent just for the interactions. The plot practically takes second place. Can't wait to make my own pappalozzo!I think the tran [...]

    8. Excursion to Tindari is the 5th installment of the Montalbano series. I love the work Andrea Camilleri creates. However this one left me desiring a little more, the plot was just OK for me; not bad, but not great either. In a nutshell an elderly couple disappear and within the same day or two, one of their neighbors is shot dead on his doorstep. Ingrid (woman from book 1 if memory serves)makes an appearance along with a doctor that is supposedly has big part in this situation. Of course, the maf [...]

    9. I read Andrea Camilleri’s Excursion to Tindari on my holiday this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I discovered that it was actually the fifth in the Inspector Montalbano series, but to be honest, although I intend to read the books in order from now on, I don’t think it made a whole lot of difference to either my understanding or appreciation. Whilst ostensibly part of a police procedural series, it boasts a richly comic cast of regular characters. The writing is very witty and manages to co [...]

    10. Колко много може да ви разкрие една стара сарацинска маслина, ще ви разкаже Салво Монталбано, покатерил се на клоните й да търси просветление относно връзката между едно убийство и едно изчезване.How much an old Saracen olive tree can reveal, you'll be told by Salvo Montalbano who is looking for the connection between a murder and a di [...]

    11. Prosegue la lettura dei romanzi Montalbano, in ordine cronologico. Dopo i primi 6, averne ancora 19 da leggere è proprio un pensiero felice.

    12. το αγαπημένο κλασικό στιλ αστυνομικού. Μου άρεσε κι ο Μονταλμπανο σαν ερευνητής θυμίζει λιγο Σσερλοκ στη λύση του μυστηρίου

    13. I always thought that people reading and starting to giggle was a little funny, and yet there I was on the train unable to contain myself. My favourite moments from this one include: Montalbano's lamentation over the socialists who sold out to become millionaires, his reaction to his friends betrayal, the food, the women, the moral struggles, life in Sicily. On to the next.

    14. Voto 4.5 stelleEbbene sì lo ammetto: sono in pieno crush letterario e mi sono follemente innamorata del commissario Montalbano. In questa indagine, la Mafia e la sua brutalità, le sue gerarchie interne e la spietatezza tangibile che non guarda in faccia a niente e nessuno, le collusioni (qui, non tanto con la politica, quanto con la Chiesa) dipingono ancora una volta un affresco poco edificante della Sicilia di Montalbano. Il Commissario è chiamato ad indagare sulla misteriosa scomparsa di un [...]

    15. I started reading this series a few years ago and then got away from them, but recently decided to seek them out again, continuing where I left off. This is the fifth book in the series featuring Inspector Salvo Montalbano out of Vigàta, Sicily. Montalbano struggles against corruption, government bureaucracy and the mafia. His team provides many interesting characters, as do the non-police members of his circle.In this mystery, a young man is discovered murdered at his front door. Shortly there [...]

    16. Fifth in the Italian police procedural series set in Sicily and featuring Salvo Montalbano, epitome of the grumpy inspector. But you gotta love the guy despite his less-than-sweet disposition. In this episode, Montalbano and crew are investigating two crimes—the disappearance of a reserved, quiet elderly couple, reported missing by their son, and the murder of a young twenty-something man with no visible means of support, yet who manages to live in relative style. Drug money? Or something else [...]

    17. ��Montalbano sono. Dovrei dire pronto, ma non lo dico. Sinceramente, non mi sento pronto��.All'altro capo ci fu un lungo silenzio. Poi arriv�� il suono del telefono abbassato.()Torn�� mestamente verso casa e gi�� da una decina di metri di distanza sent�� lo squillo del telefono. L'unica era accettare le cose come stavano. E, tanto per principiare, rispondere a quella chiamata.Era Fazio.��Levami una curiosit��. Sei stato tu a telefonarmi un quarto d'ora fa?��. [...]

    18. "Montalbano sono. Dovrei dire pronto, ma non lo dico. Sinceramente, non mi sento pronto"Camilleri non si smentisce: con una frase simile si resta piegati dalle risate per svariati minuti! XDLa gita a Tindari è, se possibile, ancora più bello dei precedenti: appassionante come pochi, con una trama importante ma sviluppata alla perfezione e con personaggi sempre ben caratterizzati, inseriti in uno spaccato di Sicilia poco conosciuta, che l'autore con le sue descrizioni riesce a farti amare. In p [...]

    19. Un traffico internazionale efferato si intreccia con l'uccisione di un giovane e disinvolto gigolò e la sparizione di due anziani. Tutto si svela così orribile da sembrare sovradimensionato ma, oltreché stiamo parlando di fiction, queste cose accadono e, se accadono, in qualche modo si devono concretizzare, e perché non così?Ci vuole il miglior Montalbano per risolvere il caso, quello che segue l'istinto degli uomini e la coscienza collettiva prima di tutto, anteponendola anche alla propria [...]

    20. Excursion to Tindari is OK for plot: a guy is shot in front of his apartment and an elderly couple disappears. Read this for the food, the humor, and for Salvo’s arguments with Livia. The phone conversations and confrontations between them are intense. I wouldn’t want to make Livia mad at me. You'll also meet the sexy Ingrid. You can feel the attraction between her and Salvo, but you know that she wouldn't respect him if he tried something. Food is their sublimation, I guess. The novel showc [...]

    21. A couple of old people of Vigata mysteriously disappears after making an excursion to the neighboring town, Tindari. In the same building where they lived elders, a man is murdered. Seemingly unrelated facts that end up in the commissioner Salvo Montalbano charge. Even going against the advice of his superiors, the detective following in their investigations without believing in coincidences. Search then, among the delights of the local cuisine and the finest Italian wines, a fact that can conne [...]

    22. Chi non ha mai letto un Montalbano o almeno visto un episodio della serie TV? Quasi inutile quindi lasciare un commento per questo librodue parole però le scrivo ugualmente. 😬Bellissimo! Bella la trama, non scontata, intrecciata come i "rami di un ulivo". Bella e simpatica la caricatura dei personaggi, sia quelli principali che quelli secondari (mentre leggevo mi sembrava di vedere Zingaretti, Bocci, Russo e compagni). Un giallo di facile lettura, nonostante ricco di termini dialettali.

    23. I wanted to like this more than I did. I have several friends who read and like this series. I know I was supposed to find him charming and quirky, and appreciate another detective at odds with his superiors. Unfortunately, it only worked a little bit for me. It wasn't a bad book, it just wasn't captivating enough to make me want to read more in the series.

    24. While I have a fondness for Donna Leon's Venetian detective Guido Brunetti, the cunnung, cussing Sicilian Salvo Montalbano is somehow more full-blooded and entertaining. Good mix of Sicilian characters, countryside and, naturalmente, cuisine, and of course also a lot of Mafia references - easier to stomach in literary form than in living color on The Sopranos

    25. Perhaps 3½ stars. I enjoyed this 5th book in the Inspector Montalbano series. In particular, I like seeing how he navigates between the local Mafioso and his incompetant & hostile boss.

    26. Couldn't stop reading it! There was mystery, fun, art and passion in this book. I love Montalbano stories, and Andrea Camilleri's writing!

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