Double Strike

Double Strike Bellissimo Resort and Casino Super Spy Davis Way knows three things Cooking isn t a prerequisite for a happy marriage don t trust men who look like David Hasselhoff and money doesn t grow on Christm

  • Title: Double Strike
  • Author: Gretchen Archer
  • ISBN: 9781940976334
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Bellissimo Resort and Casino Super Spy Davis Way knows three things Cooking isn t a prerequisite for a happy marriage, don t trust men who look like David Hasselhoff, and money doesn t grow on Christmas trees None of which help when a storm hits the Gulf a week before the most anticipated event in Bellissimo history the Strike It Rich Sweepstakes Securing the guests, sBellissimo Resort and Casino Super Spy Davis Way knows three things Cooking isn t a prerequisite for a happy marriage, don t trust men who look like David Hasselhoff, and money doesn t grow on Christmas trees None of which help when a storm hits the Gulf a week before the most anticipated event in Bellissimo history the Strike It Rich Sweepstakes Securing the guests, staff, and property might take a stray bullet Or two.Bellissimo Resort and Casino Super Spy Davis Way has three problems She s desperate to change her marital status, she has a new boss who speaks in hashtags, and Bianca Sanders has confiscated her clothes All of which bring on a headache hot enough to spark a fire Solving her problems means stealing a car From a dingbat lawyer.Bellissimo Resort and Casino Super Spy Davis Way has three goals Keep the Sanders family out of prison, regain her footing in her relationship, and find the genius who wrote the software for futureGaming One of which, the manhunt one, is iffy Because when Alabama hides someone, they hide them goodUBLE STRIKE A VIP invitation to an extraordinary high stakes gaming event, as thieves, feds, dance instructors, shady bankers, kidnappers, and gold waiters go all in Don tMissIt

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    1. I am such a fan of Gretchen Archer's Davis Way series. Madcap romps. Snappy dialogue. Serpentine mysteries. Smart sleuthing. Sweet romance. And honest-to-goodness Southern small town sense. Number three, Double Strike, delivers everything in full and more. I often found myself snorting, chuckling, then laughing out loud. Quoting dialogue to my husband. Thinking in terms of hashtags. I can't recommend it more.

    2. Yes, I’m going to repeat that, I #Couldn’tStopReading this novel, it was that good!I don’t participate in social media beyond long, chatty emails to friends and families so when I began to read this novel, which is centered on the social media blitz of a gambling casinos extravagant contest, I thought my goose was well and truly cooked. Turned out, not only did I learn a lot about social media, it completely reinforced my avowed decision to stay away from it. The book is wonderful. The mai [...]

    3. I was super excited to see this book on Netgalley. I recently read Double Whammy and Double Dip, books 1 & 2 in the Davis Way series and absolutely loved them. Davis Way is this unique character in a unique job. Because she works undercover security for the casino, she is constantly doing different jobs, donning disguises and getting into all kinds of strange predicaments.Double disasters strikes on the day before Davis and Bradley Cole are to be married. They have the families gathered, but [...]

    4. Another fun caperI am really enjoying this series. The characters are fun and entertaining. The story moved at a good pace. Davis Way is such a nut, but she keeps going with the flow and ends up getting her man.

    5. DOUBLE STRIKE — BY GRETCHEN ARCHER — A NEW DAVIS WAY CAPERIt took me almost a week to read Double Strike. I could easily have read it in one marathon night, but I was enjoying it so much, I intentionally slowed down to make it last longer. I didn’t want to eat it in one bite, as it were. I didn’t think it was possible, but Gretchen Archer and her cast of characters have gotten even better — and they were already wonderful. Ms. Archer’s writing is crisp, sure-footed, smart. You can cl [...]

    6. Davis Way’s wedding plans go up in flames. Actually, the penthouse of Richard and Bianca Sanders, owners of the Bellissimo Resort and Casino, is in flames. Davis Way is part of the elite security team at the Bellissimo Resort and Casino in Biloxi, MS. She has to go and help get the Sanders out of their safe room. Davis has half the code to the safe room keypad - oops – not anymore. After being released, Bianca Sanders relieves Davis of her entire wardrobe until she can get replacements for e [...]

    7. Henery Press has a reputation for putting out solid stories. This one is no exception. We pick up with Davis still working at the Casino. All your favorites are back - No Hair, Fantasy, Bianca, Mr. Sanders, even her ex-ex-husband Eddie. Some of those are not their real names but Davis' nicknames are used so frequently I've forgotten the real ones.The antics Davis gets into are over the top and just as hysterical as in the other books. There's an almost manic nature to them. The best way to descr [...]

    8. I finished my advanced copy of Double Strike by Gretchen Archer. How. Does. She. Do. It. Funniest and most touching book, so hilarious, and so suspenseful. Stories within stories, all wrapped up in a fun tidy bow. And what a setup for Book #4! Laughed, cried, laughed some more. One thing I really love in this third book of the series is how Davis has evolved to be part of a team both at her job and at home with Bradley. She's still her spunky, independent, accident-prone self but not quite so al [...]

    9. Double Strike is the third Davis Way adventure from author Gretchen Archer and publisher Henery Press. (#FavoritePublisher) I haven't had the pleasure of reading either of the first two books (#missingout!) and it only took one chapter of the third to make me realize that I've been missing out on something extraordinary. The short and sweet review is this: I love this book. I love the writing, I love the characters, and I especially love Davis Way.The action starts straightaway with a lightening [...]

    10. I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the third book in the Davis Way series. Davis works super secret undercover at the Bellissimo Resort and Casino. She is also used as a double for the owner's pretentious wife. The Bellissimo has a new casino manager who has been setting up a highly anticipated event, Strike It Rich Sweepstakes, via social media that will take place in the new casino in the casino. Davis is set to marry her lawyer love, Bradley C [...]

    11. A fast moving thriller with Davis Way still a undercover spy for Bellissimo Casino. She is a double for Bianca Saunders. There were plans for Davis that go astray when the Bellissimo penthouse burns the day of the wedding. When Bradley applies for the marriage license it is deny as Davis is still married to Eddie due a paperwork error. Davis must correct the error, double for Bianco, and find out was happening in the GAME STRIKE IT RICH! This is very funny book as Davis handles the problems. The [...]

    12. I absolutely love this series, Davis Way is just hilarious. I was crying with laughter by the second chapter of the book. Davis is one of my favorite characters ever, and she gets herself into more trouble with each book, the supporting characters are great too, especially "No Hair". If you are not reading this series, you are missing out! I am anxiously awaiting book four!

    13. I like series that continues and never gets old. If you do too, then you will love this series. This time around we find out Davis ex isn't so much an ex. A big event is getting ready to happen at the casino and nothing is going right.

    14. @DoubleStrike Serious gaming going down at the Bellissimo Resort and Casino! Super Spy Davis Way in a high stakes pursuit of a gamer geek, a cold-blooded killer, and a wedding ring! Don’t miss it! #Hilarious #CrazyCharacters #PowerPlot #MegaMystery

    15. Not very good.It was as if we were just writing words. Don't you get paid by the word. loved the first two but this one was just # everything.

    16. Also available on chicklitpadMY SYNOPSISDouble Strike (#3) takes reins from Double Dip (#2) to tell the story of Davis Way’s mysterious/romantic/hilarious/undercover life.If you were Davis Way, here are a few pointers to begin with your (very chaotic) life:1. You are on the security force of a casino, sort of a spy on the team.2. You are not easily ruffled by theft, murder, shooting because that’s what you headbutt on a daily basis.3. You are the splitting image of your boss’ wife (if you [...]

    17. The story starts with a bang in an explosive bangwhat else is there to say this is Davis Waye is hilarious and it only can go up from page oneright so the little Sanders is home from boarding schoold oh yes there is scandal following himBRADLEY and Davis are crazy as usual and their life just keeps spinning!!! As for the rating was lovely, well written and I would read it againd recommend it to any fan of Davis Way!!!

    18. I keep reading this series because it is funny. The problems that crop up while playing the owners wife are hilarious. They make me laugh out loud. In this book along with the casino problems Davis finds out she is still married to her ex ex husband so she has to postpone her wedding to Bradley. Well on to the next in the series.

    19. I absolutely love this series, and this third one may have been even better than the first two. It's on a par with Stephanie Plum, and that's high praise from me.

    20. Double StrikeA fun mystery that's very easy to read. It's #3 in the series and I'm going to right after this so I can get #4!

    21. Double Strike reviewDouble Strike is the outrageously funny third book in the Davis Way Crime Caper series written by author Gretchen Archer.

    22. Super sleuth, Davis Way is back and this time she’s in a lot of trouble! Gretchen Archer’s DOUBLE STRIKE is the third book in the Davis Way series and if you haven’t read the first two, it’s not necessary to do so in order to enjoy DOUBLE STRIKE. Although I do recommend reading them just so you’ll be familiar with key characters and Davis’ quirks.We have really good character development despite this being the third book in the series, Archer continues to provide character developmen [...]

    23. Have you ever sat in a public place reading a book and started to laugh out loud so heartily that people around you not only looked to see what was so funny but also smiled in appreciation that any book could produce such a reaction? Well, in places, this book produced that reaction. Davis Way is a young woman working security for a casino on Beach Road in Biloxi, Ms. She's engaged to a lawyer but her second divorce from her first husband, which she thought successful, apparently was not. She no [...]

    24. That has to be the longest synopsis in history. Wow. #LargeSynopsisROCKS!! You might notice my hashtag there. This book is full of them. One of the characters was like Daffy Duck, the Tasmanian Devil and Speedy Gonzales all rolled up into one and on a helium high She was constantly using hashtags not only in all her social media posts but in her real life convos as well. Who can think of so many hashtags that would apply so quickly. Not me, that's for sure. The hashtags were to announce this Ca [...]

    25. LAUGH OUT LOUD FUN!Gretchen Archer has found the winning combination with her Davis Way Crime Capers. Double Strike certainly grabs your attention from page one and keeps it until you read the very last word! I read this book this afternoon and I confess, I'm completely worn out after trying to keep up with Davis & her coworkers at the beautiful Bellissimo Resort and Casino as they work to solve someone trying to beat the system in yet another huge gambling event. Archer has brought back all [...]

    26. Gretchen Archer’s Davis Way series reminds me of the best books in the Stephanie Plum series. Her character, Davis Way, is funny, irreverent, and smart. She gets into trouble, but can always work her way out. Every chapter is filled with over-the-top situations brought on by the hilarious antics of her fellow Bellissimo Casino employees, or the ridiculous demands of Bianca Sanders, the self-important owner of the Casino. Davis Way was hired to impersonate her, whenever Bianca decides that she [...]

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