Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire Romeo Marshall is over six feet of cool smooth hot southern seductiveness just like the music at his popular Raleigh club The Playground Jazz and Blues Bar With his beloved mother gone and no fath

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  • Title: Playing With Fire
  • Author: Deborah Fletcher Mello
  • ISBN: 9781617737763
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • Romeo Marshall is over six feet of cool, smooth, hot, southern seductiveness just like the music at his popular Raleigh club, The Playground Jazz and Blues Bar With his beloved mother gone and no father he s ever known, the business is Romeo s everything It s a place where anything can happen and the evening one gorgeous young woman and one intriguing old musician walkRomeo Marshall is over six feet of cool, smooth, hot, southern seductiveness just like the music at his popular Raleigh club, The Playground Jazz and Blues Bar With his beloved mother gone and no father he s ever known, the business is Romeo s everything It s a place where anything can happen and the evening one gorgeous young woman and one intriguing old musician walk into the bar and into Romeo s life it does There s something about high powered, down to the earth Taryn Williams that captures Romeo s attention like no other woman has Yet unanswered questions from his past seem to hold him back from real commitment For Romeo to move forward in love, he ll have to learn some devastating truths and James Piano Man Burdett is there to teach him And with Taryn s help, Romeo just may accept that like music, life sometimes needs to be improvised.

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    1. Full review: 3.5 stars by romanceandsmutPlaying With Fire is a strange sort of romance novel. I say that because it’s definitely a story that straddles a few genres. Since there is romance running through it’s entirety and since Deborah Fletcher Mello is an already recognized writer of romance books, this novel somehow was designated as a romance, though there is so much else that is interesting and enriching that is going on with this book.Ms. Mello begins Playing With Fire in the same vein [...]

    2. Title: Playing With FireAuthor: Deborah Fletcher MelloPublisher: DafinaReviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 5Review"Playing With Fire" by Deborah Fletcher MelloBook Description."Romeo Marshall is over six feet of cool, smooth, hot, southern seductiveness--just like the music at his popular Raleigh club, The Playground Jazz and Blues Bar. With his beloved mother gone and no father he's ever known, the business is Romeo's everything. It's a place where anything can happen--and the evening one gorgeous [...]

    3. First, I want to start off by saying that I love this cover. If I hadn't read from this author before, I would have automatically picked this book up, based on the cover alone. But I have read from this author, and I know I can always count on Deborah Fletcher Mello to provide readers will a great story, where her characters have heart and soul. I loved Romeo and Taryn together and just like any couple, these two went through some struggles. Everyone isn't perfect and some people have a battle w [...]

    4. copy courtesy of NetgalleyStand alone with HEAClean romanceI was on the fence about this book. There were things I really liked about it. I enjoyed the musical history and the characters like Piano Man and Odeta. The old guys in the bar(Jenkins and crew) were fun. some of the characters reminded me of some people I know. I didn't really connect with the romance between Romeo and Taryn. The story didn't really flow for me.There were a couple of things going on that made the romance secondary. It [...]

    5. Searching for answers to his pass Romeo never expected to meet someone like Taryn. Taryn is everything he has ever looked for. But is he worthy of her. This story is a sultry and complex read. It draws you in and keeps you intrigued. Received an ARC of Playing with Fire by Deborah Fletcher Mello for my honest viewpoint.

    6. "It's not easy. I live one day at a time. But love can be powerful motivator for change. I stopped drinking because not only do I love my wan and the future I know we can have together, but I also love myself as well."Full review to be posted during the week of release.

    7. I'd give it 3 and 1/2 stars if I could. The plot was interesting enough, but Mello seems to force "romance" into as many chapters as can unnaturally fit. It seems that there is nothing her characters experience that a good romp in the hay cannot cure. :-(The protagonist, Romeo Marshall, seems 2 dimensional and underdeveloped. There is so much more to his story that could have enhanced the book. However, he gets everything he ever wanted in the end - the girl, the son, the success. I felt the mos [...]

    8. Wow! Soul-stirring story! Love the heart and soul of this reminder of the devastating effects when a man forsakes his family for his dream/career. My heart broke for Romeo. Although he has a successful business and loving-supportive friends, he would have given anything to know and have his father in his life. Nevertheless, James Burdett didn't escape unscathed either. He paid a heavy price as well.

    9. Good bookA good read, cannot wait to start book 2 Nothing else to say about the book except thatI enjoyed it.

    10. Not a romance novel. This story was more Romeo and his father. Sad the way they finally met. A very good ending. Nonetheless, a very enjoyable read.

    11. February 22, 2015 By Deborah A. FortnerCONCEPTThe concept of this story was man finding out the truth about his past while trying to build a relationship with the woman who captures his heart. STORYRomeo Marshall is the owner of the Playground Jazz and Blues Bar. One night a stranger walks in and Romeo discovers the stranger is a musician and gives him a job playing the piano at the bar. Unbeknownst to Romeo, the musician is very familiar with Romeo and his past. Taryn Williams is the woman hold [...]

    12. Good readI like this book a lot, but not as much as I liked the second book in the series. I loved the relationship between Romeo and his girlfriend, Taryn. The book did an excellent job chronicling Romeo's struggles with not having a father in his life and his struggles with alcoholism. I also loved the subplot that featured Piano Man. The only reason I did not give the book 5 stars is that as much as I liked the way the book explored Romeo's struggles with dealing with his absent father, there [...]

    13. There was such promise in the premise of this story. Girl meets guy; they flip each other's well constructed worlds completely off balance, and a secret is revealed that can either tear them apart, or bring them closer together. Seems like good read, or at the very least, a nice distraction. But me this wasn't a "romance" or even a novel about a relationship. I think think that's why I walked away a bit dissapointed. It was a story about a son, his fractured relationship with his long lost fathe [...]

    14. That Romeo Marshall has a story to tell and demons to wrestle with. I love how this storyline eased the biological father of Romeo into the storyline and eased him in to admitting who he was on his terms. Watching Romeo deal with his demons takes a strong woman. Taryn is just the one not only to catch his eyes but win his heart. That Odetta from another storyline is a woman after my own heart. Aleta could be everyone's best friend. Malcom is the number one sponsor and best friend of the villiage [...]

    15. This was a great story that had me at go. Romeo and Taryn had a relationship that was filed with realistic ups and downs. I loved that one could relate to them. Also Romeo and Piano Man was touching and I cried when the truth was revealed. This is another great book by a great author.

    16. This book is more than a romance between Romeo Marshall and Taryn Williams. Most of the action takes place at The Playground Jazz & Blues Bar, owned by Romeo. It's about life choices and how they impact others lives.It csn drsg in some parts, but it's a good book.

    17. I love the fact that the strength of the love you have with your soulmate can help you deal with any obstacles thrown your way. It shows that forgiveness and second chances are also possible, you just have to be open to all the universe has in store for you and your life.

    18. Not badThis really was a good book once I got into it. I truly enjoyed Romeo and Taryn's story. It sad that Romeo's mom kept his father's love a secret for so long. But as always, love prevailed. Looking forward to the next book in this series.

    19. A Well written story with real characters who have to learn to forgive in order to move their lives to the next level. Romero Marshall was a man with child hood dreams because of his experience as a child. Enter Piano man into his life at the right time. Their struggles were real.

    20. A very good novel. Loved the secrets that were revealed. Glad Piano Man and Romeo connected and Romeo and Taryn found happiness.

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