You Had Me at Merlot: Part 2

You Had Me at Merlot Part The second part in this hilarious four part digital romantic comedy from the author of The Twelve Dates of Christmas winner of the Novelicious Debut of the Year award It took some convincing for Elle

  • Title: You Had Me at Merlot: Part 2
  • Author: Lisa Dickenson
  • ISBN: 9780751557435
  • Page: 452
  • Format: ebook
  • The second part in this hilarious four part digital romantic comedy, from the author of The Twelve Dates of Christmas winner of the Novelicious Debut of the Year award.It took some convincing for Elle to come away on this singles holiday and now her MD has turned up As the matchmaking activities begin, from blindfolded wine tasting to crushing grapes barefoot, Elle triThe second part in this hilarious four part digital romantic comedy, from the author of The Twelve Dates of Christmas winner of the Novelicious Debut of the Year award.It took some convincing for Elle to come away on this singles holiday and now her MD has turned up As the matchmaking activities begin, from blindfolded wine tasting to crushing grapes barefoot, Elle tries her best to enjoy herself but it s not easy with her boss around Nor is it that easy when she s being set up with every man on the holiday All in all, this isn t turning out to be the fun break Elle was hoping for Thank goodness for Jamie, the vineyard owners son he s exactly the kind of company Elle needs right now because he s not interested in finding a partner either So what if Jamie is delicious to look at and his dad thinks they re perfect for each other They re just friends Nothing And that s all there is to it .You Had Me at Merlot is the kind of love story that will have you crying with laughter one moment and nodding your head in agreement the next Full of sultry summer nights, hilarious moments and plenty of wine, it will warm even the most cynical of hearts and have you believing in the magic of romance and the power of a decent glass of Merlot.

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    1. I have all four parts of You Had Me At Merlot in book form to read for review. I decided that I would not read it all at once, just have small breaks in between like author Lisa Dickinson has intended it to read like. I am furious with myself for doing that now, as I seriously need to jump straight into part three. I hate cliff hangers I really do, I'm just not patient enough. aarrrggghh!I'm still giggling my way through this series though and I am loving the tension and build up to Elle and Jam [...]

    2. LovedYou Had Me At Merlot Part 2, just as much if not a little bit more than Part 1. We are really into knowing the main characters in this book and it's more about Elle (Bella) and Jamie, the son at the vineyard and singles resort than Elle & her friend Laurie. Laurie is the person out there looking for love & *happy ever after* but things are definitely getting chilli hot for Ellel will be revealed when you read Part 2.The majority of this book is set in Florence.I felt it, the sunshin [...]

    3. The books can be funny or funny. You Had Me at Merlot belongs to the highest category of funny, funny with a big F, tactful funny, hilariously funny, laughing out loud funny, making you cry with laughter funny. My kinda funny, absolutely.And Lisa herself is one of the funniest, warmest person EVER. I often cry with laughter reading her one - liners on Twitter, so just imagine what's she done to me writing a whole book. I was in stitches. Lisa has incredible way of creating FUN out of a very ordi [...]

    4. pagetostagereviews/201*** REVIEW OF ALL FOUR PARTS - NO SPOILERS *** Lisa Dickenson won the Novelicious Debut of the Year award for her first novel, The Twelve Dates of Christmas. While I haven't had a chance to read it yet (which will be rectified soon!), after reading the snort-out-loud funny You Had Me At Merlot I completely understand why her witty writing was favoured over many other fantastic debut novels.Elle is one of the few people in her social circle who is still single. She is totall [...]

    5. I’m finding it really hard to find the words to describe this book. Gorgeous, sparkly, smiley, sunshiney, winey, (I’m sure those last two are words and if they’re not they should be), funny, (I have to mention funny, because it is quite simply hilarious) heartwarming, wonderful and fun are a few great words to describe this book, but also addictive, unputdownable and amazeballs are some other accurate words.I have read quite a few intense books recently and it was wonderful to step into th [...]

    6. Having already been a HUGE fan of Lisa Dickenson and her fabulous writing, I was so excited for You Had Me At Merlot!Elle and Laurie are two friends who seem to be the only ones left – they’re both single, they’re both not getting married or having babies or anything else remotely couple-like. Elle is TOTALLY cool with this – she’s got her independent life, her job, and she’s completely happy without walking down the aisle any time soon. But Laurie wants love and she wants it now. So [...]

    7. iheart-chicklitWahey! Who runs the fabulous romantic comedies in my heart? BEYONCE! Okay, it's Lisa Dickenson. This woman can come up with anything and whatever it is, I'll laugh till I cry and cackle. Yes, I cackle when it comes to Lisa Dickenson's books. I absolutely ADORED her debut novel, The Twelve Dates of Christmas and I was ever so excited to be asked to review her latest, You Had Me At Merlot. Who would turn down such an amazing offer?Elle doesn't believe in relationships, she doesn't n [...]

    8. Part 2 is where we meet Jamie! The owners son and the vineyard creator! We also are in for a surprise when we meet Elle's boss! This is not something you expect to happen to you on a singles holiday, oh and poor Elle, she has worked so hard with her image and reputation at work and now she feels she can't let her hair down as her boss, Donna will look down on herThere is so much we learn in part two and the pace of the book is excellent, we are introduced to the first 'getting to know one anothe [...]

    9. Today I am so grateful and happy to be part of this wonderful new book by Lisa Dickenson. Lisa's first book is The Twelve dates of Christmas which i haven't got round to reading just yetoops! You had me at Merlot is her second novel which is in 4 parts. I just love the covers for books so much, its so bright and cheerful, Definitely needs to be made paperback and will stand out lots!Elle and Laurie are both single, they're not having babies anytime soon and their weekends aren't filled with joyf [...]

    10. So first of all the award for the most colourful book cover or should I say covers definitely would be awarded to this series, are they not amazingly summery too!Now I knew when I started reading this that it would be good due to be several pages in and already dabbing my eyes from my laughter!Now if you are a regular to my blog you will know I hate spoilers and with this series I totally want to avoid this so I am going to go with what I know best, rambling about stuff!So YHMAM (too lazy to typ [...]

    11. Imagine your quite scary, boss turning up on either your singles holiday or your wine tour depending on which version of your holiday you're plumping for - a horrendous thought for most of us, reality for Elle! Add to that an unwelcome suitor and we're off.Blind folded wine tasting, grape crushing, secret notes and a trip to Florence are the back drops to our next full glass of merlot. Elle the one not looking for love seems to be the centre of attention, one particular gentleman going all out t [...]

    12. Originally posted on: lauraslittlebookblog.I have decided to review all the parts of You Had Me At Merlot as a whole to save giving too much away :)Having previously read Lisa's Twelve Dates of Christmas I was really looking forward to reading You Had Me at Merlot. It also has a fab title that just sticks in your mind. You Had Me At Merlot is light-hearted, happy read with some serious bits thrown in. Elle is an easily likeable character and she works in Marketing just like me. Elle works all th [...]

    13. Originally posted on: addictivechicklit*I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review*This is such a cute story, I adored it. Thank God I got sent the four parts because I devoured the whole book in a couple of days. Elle, our heroine, is such a cute girl, and so funny. She doesn't want love, she doesn't need a man in her life, when would she have time to perfect her dance routines if she had a boyfriend? But she is a great friend and agrees to go with Lauria to a sin [...]

    14. I was very excited to finally read this story, because I’ve heard so many great things about it and Lisa has become a great friend on Twitter. Also: The title is genius, don’t you think?Elle is accompanying her best friend Laurie to this singles holiday called You Had Me AT Merlot on Tuscany. As you can guess this meant a lot of single guys and girls, plus a vineyard with lots of vine ;). However, Elle wasn’t looking for love or a boyfriend…But of course she met some men: There was Georg [...]

    15. I was sent a copy of each part by the publisher and this is my honest review. My review is of story as a whole rather than each partFirst off I have to state that I think the title is genius. It boded well for the rest of the story. In the first part we see Elle being convinced to go on holiday with Laurie to Italy. Elle is happily single, having just perfected the single ladies dance she doesn't want to a boyfriend. She loves her job, working long hours in the vain hope that she'll be promoted. [...]

    16. First posted on Dreaming With Open EyesYou had me at Merlot: Part 2 begings where Part 1 left us. What would you think if you meet your boss on your single holiday? Elle had to face this terrific surprise when Donna appears on the screen. Let's see how much drama she will bring for us.We find out more about the single holiday and the activities itself. From blindfolded wine tasting to crushing grapes barefoot. This is where guests will be matched up and have a chance to get to know each other be [...]

    17. Really enjoyed this! Love the developing romance and thought the cliff hanger was laugh out loud funny! Will definitely be reading the next one!

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