I Will Surprise My Friend!

I Will Surprise My Friend Gerald is careful Piggie is not Piggie cannot help smiling Gerald can Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to Gerald and Piggie are best friends In I Will Surprise My Friend Gerald and Piggie

  • Title: I Will Surprise My Friend!
  • Author: Mo Willems
  • ISBN: 9781423109624
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gerald is careful Piggie is not.Piggie cannot help smiling Gerald can.Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to.Gerald and Piggie are best friends.In I Will Surprise My Friend , Gerald and Piggie want to play a game and surprise each other but the biggest surprise is the one they least expect.

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    1. Couldn't contain my pleasure at revisiting this great children's book series.Ritu, you read this first book of the series for us, and your recital was magical.You are goldmine for Audio book editions!I Will Surprise My Friend!has descriptive illustrations at each page showcasing the activities of the characters. Nice and easy 4 stars!

    2. Gerald and Piggie are my favorite team in children's books. Their love for each other, the care, their friendship and the smile they bring to me and my husband's countenance while reading them together is unforgettable and irreplaceable. In I will surprise my Friend, they come with their unique style of making us laugh and their friendship is so pure and true.I want my children to have friends like Gerald and Piggie are. They are just so good.

    3. Early readers can be such a pain. They have to be easy to read, so they include a lot of very short, repetitititive sentences. I bet you can quote Dick and Jane here: See Spot. See Spot run. Run, Spot, run! Run, run, run! Short, easy to read, lots of practice with those three words and boring as HECK. Who wants to read that more than once?Or they do the same thing, but with rhyming: See the cat. The cat is fat. The fat cat sat. Sat on the mat. The fat cat sat on the mat. See the rat!Ye gods. Now [...]

    4. So funny! Cute story about Piggy and Elephant trying to surprise each other. Neat twist near the end of the story. I laughed out loud. Highly recommended Gr. K-1.

    5. Pre-K- KindergartenWillems uses repetition on each page with the elephant and the pig doing different activities. The is a lot of negative space on each page and with the end pages there are squirrels in the front of the book and also the back of the book. There are very few words on each page as well as lots of repetition with the text. This book will capture the attention of many younger readers because they will feel successful when being able to read this book. The books seems long, but only [...]

    6. I LOVE MO WILLEMS!! I hope he keeps writing these things for a good long time. The only reason that this gets 4 1/2 stars rather than 5 from me is that it wasn't that funny at all when I read it to myself. When my younger son and I performed it dramatically, it became uproariously funny! My co-worker, Anina, and I did a dramatic reading of this at storytime. Adults and kids all laughed, but I think they also thought we were a little weird (which doesn't bother me at all, and didn't seem to bothe [...]

    7. Another wonderful Willems book that kept both my 5 yr old and twin 3 yr olds fascinated. Not enough words to be even a reading level 1 book, Willems still has a way about him to bring the reader into his wonderful world. These books are ones my whole family loves. And a fellow friend on GR recently told me that the pigeon was hidden in each book and we now love to look for him too! Fun for all and a great addition to any children's library!

    8. Man, we love Mo Willems. He can infuse so much emotion into such simple drawings - the facial expressions of Piggie & Gerald just kill me and the kids when we are reading these. There is so much humor even with minimal dialogue and drawings. It's awesome. Seriously, Mo Willems, who are you? Can we be best friends?

    9. This is the best Elephant and Piggie book, hands down. I also am realizing that I might secretly be the Elephant.

    10. The only thing you need to do right now is go and find this book. It is So GOOD that it will make you laugh on a really down day. It is fighting first place against other books in this series.

    11. Look at the creepy smiles. That should be enough of a warning you're in for a strange trip.Monster eating pig illustration alert. Thanks Mo, another "oh no, monsters are just imaginary" explanation to my 2 year old niece on that page. Oh well, back in the day there was tons of death in kids stories.Plot = an attempt at playing turns into a waiting game due to a lack of communication. Then it ends up fine. Eternal questions addressed = zeroCharacter gains for sitting through this = zeroAmount of [...]

    12. Hilariously fun! This series could not be more perfect for beginning readers. My kids are 5 & 7, both reading at a first grade level, and they LOVE this series. They are actually excited about reading! With the expressive illustrations and engaging dialogue, these books are teaching my little ones to read with better fluency and expressiveness. Even for parents, the stories are full of laugh-out-loud fun. I can't praise this series enough! Thank you Mo Willems for helping my kids to love rea [...]

    13. I so love the interplay of personalities with Gerald and Piggie. I'm a total Gerald and my daughter is much more like Piggie and I think that's part of the fun as we read these books and she learns to say all of Piggie's parts while I do Gerald. In this book in particular I love how Gerald panics and imagines all sorts of disasters when he can't see Piggie. I was even worried this would scare my daughter but she took it all in great humor seeing that Piggie was just fine. These are great rereads [...]

    14. After witnessing two squirrel friends surprise each other, Elephant and Piggie decide to surprise each other and hilarity ensues.I read this book 3 or 4 times (under threat of tears) to my best friend's 6 and 8 year olds and it went over very well. They each read it to me 3 or 4 times. Everyone in the car had to read it. It's very re-readable.What is interesting how it changes each time you read it. (Or is it the reader that changes?) (I don't change diapers - so I really don't know.)

    15. This is part of the book series about Gerald the elephant and Piggie the pig. In this book, Piggie and Gerald see some friends playing a game and it is hide and seek. Gerald and Piggie want to try and so they both decide to run and hide behind a rock. Both friends become confused about where the other is. The books share fun messages and show a friendship between two friends that is special.

    16. When we are expecting someone and they aren't showing up sometimes our imaginations start running wild. **Talking points - what is you usual imagination default when someone is late? What can you do when you are late so others don't worry?

    17. Piggie and Gerald wanted to surprise each other, but then they did not know where their frind was and they were waiting to be surprised. It did not happen to the end, but in the end they surprised each other.

    18. Yes! This is one of my favorites. This pair is hilarious. They are like two sides of the same coin - approaching the problem from completely different angles and yet landing in essentially the same place.

    19. My opinion is on I Will Surprise My Friend by Mo Willems. Its a great book and its really funny. One thing that I thought was funny is that one is frighten and one is not.I would recommend this to pre-k and 1st grade.Mo Willems should not stop making books.

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