Loon Summer

Loon Summer Painfully aware of her mother s absence the summer Rainie spends with her father is also spent watching a pair of loons on the lake As the summer progresses Rainie grows in her trust and understandi

  • Title: Loon Summer
  • Author: Barbara Santucci Andrea Shine
  • ISBN: 9780802851826
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Painfully aware of her mother s absence, the summer Rainie spends with her father is also spent watching a pair of loons on the lake As the summer progresses, Rainie grows in her trust and understanding of the unconditional love her separated parents have for her Full color illustrations.

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    1. The Bible doesn't encourage divorce, but it testifies to the painful reality of it. In our world today, divorce is a major problem. This problem painfully impacts children, and even Christian children. How are children to cope with the reality of a new divorce? While I would hope that divorce would be rare in conservative Christian circles, I know it isn't. I never really thought about what to do with and how to help children affected by the problems of their parents before. I've been blessed to [...]

    2. This was a surprisingly deep book. This story shows the many emotions a child can go throguh when their parents are divorcing. It also shows how parents can try to be positive and let their children know they are always there for them. Children are affected by more than we think, especially an issue as serious as divorce. This book presented this in an inspiring way.I believe this book could be used in 2nd-4th grade due to the emotional content and text. I do not know how it could be presented s [...]

    3. This book was written by my friend, Barbara Santucci. It has a positive message for children of divorced parents - not that there isn't heartache for the children but there can be a positive compromise to the situation.The illustrations are absolutely beautiful. Remind me of my home state of Minnesota.

    4. I grabbed this at the library thinking it looked like a nice book about summertime. It is actually a super sad story about a girl whose parents just got divorced. I think it deals with the topic well, but it's not necessary for my three-year-old to learn about yet.

    5. It's kind of a sad book, although it may help some, though I'm not sure what to think. I just picked it up (a random book, not knowing what it was about) and read it.Note: the read date I have listed is approximate.

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