A Cold Dark Place

A Cold Dark Place The Seeds Of Evil In a secluded farm house in the Pacific Northwest a family has been slaughtered and a teenage son has disappeared Single mother and cop Emily Kenyon spearheads a dark hunt for a ki

  • Title: A Cold Dark Place
  • Author: Gregg Olsen
  • ISBN: 9780786018307
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Seeds Of Evil.In a secluded farm house in the Pacific Northwest, a family has been slaughtered and a teenage son has disappeared Single mother and cop, Emily Kenyon spearheads a dark hunt for a killer But Emily s teenage daughter Jenna is one step ahead of her.Are Planted In.Jenna knows the boy suspected of murdering his family and wants to help him perThe Seeds Of Evil.In a secluded farm house in the Pacific Northwest, a family has been slaughtered and a teenage son has disappeared Single mother and cop, Emily Kenyon spearheads a dark hunt for a killer But Emily s teenage daughter Jenna is one step ahead of her.Are Planted In.Jenna knows the boy suspected of murdering his family and wants to help him perhaps too much Then within days of the first murder, another family is butchered, this time in Iowa And on the heels of this brutal slaying, another follows in Salt Lake City Eerie similarities link the crime scenes But an even darker connection threatens to claim even victims A Cold Dark PlaceAs Emily fits the puzzle pieces together, she realizes the danger surrounding her daughter is worse than she d imagined Now in a desperate race to save Jenna, Emily must match wits with the most cunning, diabolical killer she s faced yet in her career a killer who s just placed her and her daughter at the top of his list.

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    1. The author, Gregg Olsen, is renowned for his true crime novels and I cannot wait to get to them; I don’t question his writing skills in that genre. However, his hand at this work of fiction fell really short for me.The major problem with this book is with the characterizations and it starts with the main character, Emily Kenyon. She doesn’t seem to have strong relationships with anyone (ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, boss, co-worker) but the underlying reasons of how they got that way were never [...]

    2. Very disapointing. The main character, Emily, is weak and simple minded. I hate books and movies with weak women. I figured out the ending somewhere in the first or second chapter and read the rest just to see if I was right. Nick's character did suprise me at the end but not enough to say this was a good read. The author left out many important details in the last sequence. How did Emily get the gun to shoot Dylan? How did she get untied? Why couldn't Dylan see anyone? I went back and reread th [...]

    3. Oh dear.I picked up Gregg Olsen’s book A Cold Dark Place on a whim. It wasn’t on my to-read list; I hadn’t heard anything about it. I’ve been on a bit of a mystery-suspense thriller kick and this one sounded good.When you’re talking about this kind of book, you don’t want to give too much away. I mean, generally speaking, suspense thrillers aren’t literary gems. I read them because they’re fun. Page turners filled with menace and heart-racing thrills.A Cold Dark Place tells the s [...]

    4. This was my first Greg Olsen book and now I'm hooked. It was a fast read and a suspenseful one. I didn't want to put the book down. Emily is in no way perfect in any of her roles, ex-wife, mother, detective, which makes her a believable character. The reader is left with no doubt how she feels about her daughter and to what length she will go to save her. I did have a little difficult at times following the flashbacks. they are done in bits and pieces and don't always make sense. As I got deeper [...]

    5. Wow, this was really really good!! I'm so glad that there is a sequel featuring the same main character, Emily Kenyon (Heart of Ice). I only wish that I had it in my possession right now so that I could start reading it immediately. One teeny-tiny complaint - there were a boatload of typos in this book for some reason; someone must have been awfully lazy with the editing. Still, that barely even bothered me since the story was so good. I loved it.

    6. 3.5-ish first Gregg Olsen so I'm still on the fencePerhaps I need to get used to his writing style, but I did find it a bit maddening bouncing back and forth 20 years at a time!I will probably read the next book in the series and see how that goes before making a final ruling. This was a good, creepy thriller-mysterygotta love that! Some of the details I feel weren't completely wrapped up, but still very compelling.

    7. Wicked! A terrific ‘what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks!’A terrific thriller with lots of suspense. A page turner right to the end. I found the ending a little too fast, but it didn’t take anything from the book.I did have a hard time with Emily. I didn’t get the feel I should have, her being Jenna’s mother, an ex-wife, and a detective. She almost seemed robotic to me, like the author wrote her that way because that was what - I felt no personality at all. I could understand the animosit [...]

    8. I like a good thriller, but this doesn't qualify. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either - slightly less than mediocre - not a ringing recommendation.The plot was thin & had loose ends hanging about all over the place that never really got resolved or that got resolved in unbelievable ways. I hated the main character for being such an incompetent whiner. I mean, really, you're the Chief Detective in your town & a murdered family has been discovered in the middle of the night, but [...]

    9. This was a page turner. It was hard to put down and kept me on my toes. I found myself almost wanting to make notes as I was reading because it was really jumpy. Olsen started each section with a time and location, but it bounced around. From present time to past events and back again. It was a little tough at first to follow, but I eventually was following how everything was coming together.There are some really unsolved pieces of this book for me. I'd have liked to know more about what happene [...]

    10. This is a cop drama revolving around a small town female detective who is dealing with the disappearance of her daughter after the brutal slaying of a local family.There is a token serial killer, a mean ex-husband, a dirty lawyer and a messed up teenager – all the fun necessary for a good book - the story was decent. At times the author really pissed me off, (the mother walks into the kitchen and is shocked by red splatter everywhere – on the counter, dripping from a huge knife, etc… then [...]

    11. It's just okay. I liked that the lead character was less than perfect and questioned her decisions and actions. As a thriller story, though, the ending seemed disconnected and anticlimatic. A page turner, passes the time, but if you like this type of story, there are many others that could be read.

    12. Too choppy and scattered. There were too many changes in location, time, and point of view. I didn't like the lead character. I thought the retired female detective was more interesting. I didn't think the characters were very well developed. I think this author has potential, but needs to reign the story in a bit.

    13. I loved this book. It was dense with great, complex characters and awesome plot twists. It kept me up very late at night turning pages. It was an absolute pleasure to read. Emily Kenyon is a tough small town Sheriff’s detective and single mother of a teenage girl. When she is called upon to investigate the murder of an entire family at a nearby farmhouse, she discovers that their adopted teenage son is missing. He becomes the prime suspect. Before Emily can get a handle on what went down at th [...]

    14. I live for murder/cop/mystery stories. This was terrible. References were all wrong, a males perspective on a female cop/mother. He never even came close to embarking on what a woman would feel or do in such situations. Way too many contradictions. For example in the beginning of the book there is some horrible storm and they cops keep commenting on how lucky they are that there were no deaths, yet by chapter 2 there is a triple homicide that must have happened in the storm. Well if there was a [...]

    15. I picked up this book because it was a June book-of-the-month in the Novel Ladies book group. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed in this and only made it about halfway through before I got completely bored. I was expecting so much more. Nothing here grabbed me. I didn’t care about Emily, except to think that she jumped to conclusions a little too quickly to be a good detective. I didn’t care about her daughter. I didn’t care about Nick and whether or not he killed his family. I especia [...]

    16. It would seem that author Olsen mapped out a loose plot outline with characters, locations, and crime scenes. Too bad he didn't really flesh out the finalized version with any likable characters, an interesting storyline, or offer more than juvenile conversations and behaviors. The locations were believable of course but since they are in (basically) my neck of woods, I shudder to think there could be such an incompetent, gun-totin' Detective running amuck amongst us. As the main character, she [...]

    17. A tornado wreaks destruction in eastern Washington State. A killer wraps people around his little finger. A law enforcement officer, her daughter and their friends get caught up in a whirlwind of misrepresentations and lies. This book keeps the reader guessing to the end when it all wraps up in A Cold Dark Place.

    18. I don't think it's right to review books written by friends (cover blurbs aren't the same) but I'll say that Gregg wove an intriguing story here, and I didn't expect the story to go the way it did, which is a good thing.

    19. I've fast become a fan of Gregg Olsen. This is now my 3rd novel that I have read of his and while it's not his best work it's still solid. I would have given this a 4 star had I not been able to figure out the major twist of the book about 1/2 way through.

    20. A twisted, compelling thriller with several twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. Although this is not the best thriller type novel that I have read, it is a very good book with a well developed plot that makes this book hard to put down.

    21. A page turner - got this book in Maui when I ran out of books to read. Not the type of novel I usually buy but I really liked the plot twists. I liked Emily - the main character and her daughter, Jenna. Good crime, mystery thriller.

    22. A real page turner. I read it every chance I got until i was done. Never suspected how it would end. 3 very strong women pulled it off with a little help from one strong quiet guy.

    23. This was a pretty quick read. Even though I found it quite predictable and there were a few unnecessary storylines, I still enjoyed the book. I would definitely read another book by this author.

    24. What a great serial killer book that I read with my bestie Betsy. This one was quite twisted and spanned over 20 years in time. It had me guessing until the very end.

    25. I had no idead that Gregg Olsen wrote fiction as well as non-fiction. His true crime novels have always intrigued me, but his fiction is awesome! One of a few kidnapping books that I enjoyed.

    26. Enjoyed "Wicked Snow" so much, I thought I'd try another Gregg Olsen book. This mystery had some good moments; but it seemed a little less put together. Gonna try one more by Olsen.

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