Audrey Exposed

Audrey Exposed For Audrey her body is her worst enemy For Graham it s his biggest temptation With his assistance she must embark on a journey to conquer her fears by allowing herself to discover feelings of pleasure

  • Title: Audrey Exposed
  • Author: Roxy Queen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 207
  • Format: None
  • For Audrey her body is her worst enemy For Graham it s his biggest temptation.With his assistance she must embark on a journey to conquer her fears by allowing herself to discover feelings of pleasure, the power of her body and the thrill of sex.With each revelation they sink deeper into one another, merging into the other s lives in and outside their protective bubble.ThFor Audrey her body is her worst enemy For Graham it s his biggest temptation.With his assistance she must embark on a journey to conquer her fears by allowing herself to discover feelings of pleasure, the power of her body and the thrill of sex.With each revelation they sink deeper into one another, merging into the other s lives in and outside their protective bubble.There s only one goal One objective and together they ll break new ground, layer by layer, until Audrey s exposed.

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    1. * * * * 4 "It’s getting hot in here” Stars * * * *“Why wouldn’t I feel like a loser? I’m a twenty-four year-old virgin with a broken vagina.”After Audrey’s most recent attempt at sex with her boyfriend, Dylan, ends in complete failure she decides enough is enough and seeks professional help. Audrey is not the victim of sexual abuse and there is nothing physically wrong with her. Audrey suffers from acute anxiety and fear of penetration. She meets with Dr. Markson and decides to und [...]

    2. Four Solid, Lady Blue-Balls Stars!"I'm a twenty-four year old virgin with a broken vagina. I can't even give that shit away."Audrey has severe "vagina-block." As much as she's tried, she can't seem to lose her almighty V-card. It's well past comicala serious sexual dysfunction. She has acute anxiety and fear of sexual penetration. When a sure-thing romantic Valentine's Day interlude with her boyfriend Dylan ends again in her sudden panic, she decides she needs help. Her friend Reese sets her up [...]

    3. Book – Audrey ExposedAuthor – Roxy QueenPublication Date – Summer 2014Type – Stand Alone (Maybe??)Genre – RomanceRating – 4 1/2 out of 5 StarsThis was a Complimentary Beta Copy provided by Author to the GReat Buddy Read Focus Group. Book is subject to change if edits and content are altered. My review is based only on the copy that was presented at time of reading.  ReviewThis is a story that gripped me from the moment I read the synopsis.  Taboo? Nah…. Sexual? Nah…. Different? [...]

    4. 4 "Exposing" StarsThis review is based on an unfinished Beta ARC generously gifted through GReat Buddy Reads Focus Group by the author. This does not reflect the final published version with possible changes discussed through the group.I'm a twenty-four-year-old virgin with a broken vagina."It makes me feel horrible. Worthless and broken. I've got this body and the desire, I want to have sex as much as the next girl but something about me is flawed. I hate it."The story here is different and uni [...]

    5. 3.5 starsThis review is based on an unfinished Beta ARC generously gifted through GReat Buddy Reads Focus Group by the author. This does not reflect the final published version with possible changes discussed through the group.This one was different. Different and original theme for a book. I liked it but it did not blow me away.His eyes met mine and they were bluer than blue. Henry Cavill.For Audrey her body is her worst enemy. For Graham it’s his biggest temptation.With his assistance she mu [...]

    6. 3.5 stars so far!Release date: To be confirmedWhat do you get when you mix a male escort, a sex therapist and a virgin with a penetration problem.? You get Audrey Exposed a sexy story about a lady learning to trust and embrace her sexuality. A very interesting and sexilicious story with lots of angst potential.Such a unique and wonderful premise for a storyAudrey needs to work on her trust levels, so she’s exposed to Graham, through therapy sessions. He takes her on a journey of massage and fe [...]

    7. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️ARC was supplied by author in exchange for an honest reviewReading with "The Great Buddy Reads Promo Group"

    8. 4 therapy driven stars! This honest review was done in exchange for a DRAFT ARC from Roxy Queen and part of the Great Buddy Reads Promo.Audrey is a 24 year old virgin- let me guess, you are sick of all those stories about the virgin. Well, this story is different, Audrey has tried to give that shit away. You see Audrey has tried to have sex, several times but her mind says yes but her VA-JAY-JAY goes into lock down mode and will not let that cherry get popped.Audrey is broken. The first portion [...]

    9. 3.5 EXPOSED STARS!I rounded up because this was an unusual concept, I was intrigued throughout the story! The story was unique and interesting! The characters were mostly realistic! Audrey is broken. I mean her vagina is broke. 24 yrs old and still a virgin, that's got to suck. Seriously! And before you think this isn't impossible, look it up. It's an anxiety disorder that makes it impossible to have sex. I couldn't imagine. Audrey agrees to unconventional therapywith a partner.Graham is sex on [...]

    10. I like this book…a lot. It reminds me we all have hang-ups, suffer through anxieties, or act without sometimes understanding our own motivations. Audrey suffers from a serious sexually based anxiety. Graham is the graduate student who has been picked to help Audrey confront and deal with her personal demon. This book deals with a sensitive issue with honesty and humor. Can a manwhore psych student help a naïve young teacher resolve her fear of intimacy? And do it in a professional manner? I e [...]

    11. This was a really different kinda read for me. I thought the author did a great job of researching this subject and I found this to be a very interesting read. Audrey seeks professional help with her anxieties and fears. The wonderful Graham wants to help her overcome her phobia of having intercourse. The relationship between Audrey and Graham was fantastic. If your looking for a unique read then this could be the book for you:)

    12. I've no idea where to even start.I'm a huge Roxy Queen fan, love her, lover her writing and this by far I think has been my favorite story yet.Audrey blew me away.I love her, but I feel so sorry for her. Graham is just what she needs, and he needs her as well. Dylan is a douche.a complete douche and Reese is so right about him.Sexy, funny, and well written.a must read.

    13. ** JOSIE'S 4.5 STAR REVIEW ** What can I say about this book, let me start by saying it was nothing at all what I thought it was going to be. I loved every bit of it and could not put it down. The author did an amazing job with this book, I was completely invested.Audrey has problems with intimacy. At the start of the book Audrey is attempting to have sex with her boyfriend Dylan and as usual it ends in disaster. She is convinced that she is broken so her friend Reece convinces her to seek profe [...]

    14. If you are looking for a one of a kind book this is it. I have never read or heard about another book with a similar plot as Audrey Exposed. I found page after page of realistic emotions, angst, humor and courage that blew me away. Audrey is a normal young woman to society. There aren’t any deep dark abusive secrets in her past. She was the normal teenager who at the age of 16 began thinking about having sex. She then went to college and had a run in with a guy at a party, nothing happened. No [...]

    15. Audrey Exposed by Roxy Queen is a story like none other I have ever read before it it was intriguing from the very first page until the very last. I would rate this book with 3.5 stars and would definitely recommend it to all. Roxy Queen weaves a story of yearning, yearning to over-come the fears that haunt you and keep you from living the life that you truly desire. Audrey, a college senior, close to graduation, has intimacy issues in her relationships. I know what you may be thinking, who does [...]

    16. Sometimes, you read a book and it just works for you on every level, and you literally can’t put it down, because it’s just kick ass.I had the amazing opportunity a few months ago to read an ARC of Audrey Exposed by Roxy Queen.Guys, this is a seriously killer book. Generally, I think I’m a fairly decent reviewer, but sometimes a book just makes you go ga-ga and it’s all emotion and feeling and well, coherent analytical thought just kind of exits the building.Audrey Exposed is about a gir [...]

    17. Audrey ExposedAwesome novel about life, love and overcoming obstacles life hands you In this new read, by author Roxy Queen, we discover real life issues can affect all of your relationships. Sometimes asking for help is the hardest thing to do.Audrey is suffering from a bit of “performance anxiety”. At the encouragement of her friend, she registers for an experimental sex therapy study. Not knowing what will happen she is hesitant but wants to be “normal”. "I'm a twenty-four year old vi [...]

    18. First let me start out by saying that this book is not your typical erotic romance. We don't just jump right into bed with Audrey and Graham; however, you can't help but get sucked into their world. Audrey has severe anxiety that prevents her from letting someone get close to her, including sex. When her psychiatrist tells her of a new experimental exposure therapy that would help her overcome her sexual anxiety, she is skeptical. However, she wants to be normal, so she decides to at least give [...]

    19. Sinfully hot, erotically sensual and mind-blowing.Queen has you hooked right from the minute you start reading this book with her highly detailed and sexual tale of a women whose vagina is broken and a manwhore who will leave you squirming for more. The storyline is so original and so damn good, it will have you wet before the end of the first chapter. A highly pleasure read (in more than one way), will leave you feeling dirty and sexy and addicted . not wanting to put the book down.Graham is su [...]

    20. ***I received an ARC from the author for an honest review.***So, let me start this off by sayingHOLY BATMOBILE!!! This book is so awesome. It is unlike any other book that I have ever readever. It is so unique with the best storyline to keep you hooked so you can see if Audrey overcomes her fear. I will be honest I didn't see it coming when Graham's profession was revealed but I do think that it was a vital part of the story and without it the story wouldn't have been nearly as great. Audrey is [...]

    21. This was different, and I'm going to be honest here. At first I thought, "Sex exposure therapy? How kinky." I thought that as an erotic romance novel, the plot was quite convenient. I mean, following Audrey's path to free herself from sexual anxiety fits REALLY well with the typical rising and climactic action of a romance novel.BUTe story surprised me. Many of the therapy sessions were certainly titillating as they were meant to be, I'm sure. But there were also some very unsexy times, realisti [...]

    22. When I first started reading Audrey Exposed, I was wondering what I was reading and why I chose to read this book but then it all clicked. The storyline caught me off guard at first but it really is a great read. Audrey Exposed has a great unique and fresh storyline. Audrey has extreme anxiety when it comes to sex. She has never successful been able to have sex. After finding out there is nothing physically wrong with her, she enters into exposure treatment. Exposure therapy is an unconventional [...]

    23. 4 out of 5 starsAudrey Exposed is a refreshing, funny romantic story. I have not read a story with this type of plot.Audrey is a young woman in her early twenties who is still a virgin; but not by choice. She wants to have sex but suffers from panic attacks and anxiety when she tries.Left with no other alternatives, she signs up for an experiment with a sex therapist. Over three months, a stranger will gradually help her overcome her fears.Graham is no stranger to sex. Growing up on a commune wi [...]

    24. I've been burned many, many times when I've downloaded a free book with very few "verified purchase" reviews. But the premise really intrigued me, so I took a chance and I'm glad I did. Audrey has major anxiety when it comes to sex. I found it refreshing that she didn't have any major trauma in her past, she just wanted to be able to have sex like a normal person. She volunteers for experimental therapy, which required a bit of belief suspension on my part. I loved Audrey, she was a great charac [...]

    25. I enjoyed Audrey's brave search to overcome her anxiety and fears over her sexual hang-up. The premise with the experimental project was handled in a creative way. I wasn't sure at first about Graham; he is a male escort. However, his care about Audrey and their growing relationship changed my mind. There is a bit of a twist at the end that made it even better.Audrey was relatable, her pain was palpable. This issue was handled erotically and skillfully. The sex scenes escalated, but added to the [...]

    26. ~~I received this in exchange for an honest review~~When you have a book that makes you feel the feels, you immediately love that book. When the book talks about a fear of something, you want to read more of the book. You want to turn the pages as fast as you can so you get to understand what makes that fear. And when the main character is afraid of the one thing that brings pleasure to most people, you start to feel for that character, you want to help that character break that hold the fear ha [...]

    27. Exposure therapy made for an interesting background for this contemporary story and was the perfect structure for the slow build up of romance between Audrey and Graham. There were several chunky breadcrumbs of foreshadowing tossed along the way while Audrey was undergoing her therapy and even though I knew when our characters would likely meet again post-therapy, I enjoyed how the author played out the various scenes, the character interactions, and conflict resolutions. I gave this story 4 sta [...]

    28. Roxy Queen has written a fascinating book about sexual therapy and how Audrey can over come her anxiety about sex through therapy. What no one counts on that she grow attached to Graham who is just as broken as Audrey.I found this book a very interesting read, especially reading how therapy help both Audrey and Graham. It had some really funny parts, you could see how trust and patience can help people over come their anxieties. You could also see how these two would start to fall for one anothe [...]

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