Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones There s nothing like a wedding to bring the family together If not for her baby sister s impending marriage Margaret West would never return home But after six long years she finds herself a maid of

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  • Title: Stepping Stones
  • Author: Elizabeth Morgan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 344
  • Format: ebook
  • There s nothing like a wedding to bring the family together.If not for her baby sister s impending marriage, Margaret West would never return home But after six long years, she finds herself a maid of honor who must answer to the people she left behind.If her parents interrogation doesn t drive her to drink, facing her foster brother, Adrian, just might To make matteThere s nothing like a wedding to bring the family together.If not for her baby sister s impending marriage, Margaret West would never return home But after six long years, she finds herself a maid of honor who must answer to the people she left behind.If her parents interrogation doesn t drive her to drink, facing her foster brother, Adrian, just might To make matters worse, her ex fianc is the vicar who will conduct her sister s ceremony.Everyone demands to know why she ran off But the time she spends at home, the Margaret realizes even she doesn t know the real reason.

    One thought on “Stepping Stones”

    1. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This book is a very sweet contemporary romance. I loved it!Margaret (Maggie to her family) West is a very lifelike character. She has her fears and doubts, just like anyone. I must admit that I found her a bit annoying at times. She has a tendency to be self-pitying, which just rubbed me the wrong way, considering she was the one that broke her family's hearts.This is a fantastic contemporary romance with [...]

    2. A short sweet story based on family and finally finding true love. Anyone looking for a quick and touching read will enjoy Stepping Stones.Margaret is a beautiful, smart and talented woman that has made some wrong decisions and some right ones. Facing a situation that brings her face to face with the consequences of one of the most agonizing decisions she’s ever made, is not easy. But she’s not been with her family as a whole for six years and that needs to change. She finds out a few shocke [...]

    3. This is a novella-length book and it's also a sweet romance (meaning nothing sexually descriptive takes place). They're the only two things you should know going in, because if you knew anything else, it would spoil Maggie's moments of discovery and self-discovery, which are very well written.I would actually say don't read the rest of my review because even though I've tried to avoid spoilers it may give away too much. I seriously love Elizabeth's way of weaving a story so much, that you knowin [...]

    4. Every now and then I come across a book that causes me to pause and reflect. STEPPING STONES by Elizabeth Morgan is one such book. While reading I was reminded that at times I am guilty of the very thing that Maggie was faced with. The circumstances may have been different, but the actions and the outcome are the same. I am sure that most of us can relate to the fact that sometimes things are staring us in the face, but we fail to see that thing for what it really is; just like Maggie who failed [...]

    5. This is the first time in reading this author and after this one would do so again in a quick minute. Consequences to actions is the biggest factor in this novel with the author bringing the what's how's and why's to light. Going to her sister's wedding opens doors that she has slammed shut that when they are opened tells you the story piece by piece as she reconciles with her actions and the people those actions affected. The revealing was one of the most interesting I had read in a long time. [...]

    6. Before I begin, I would like to thank the author for letting me a chance in reviewing her work by giving me a copy of the book.It has been quite a while since I read story like this. It was relatable, and the situation and the characters were very realistic. Never once was I bored from the story, and the emotions that Maggie brings were like an emotional roller coaster. As I mentioned earlier, the characters were related especially Maggie. She is indecisive and insecure, she made wrong decision [...]

    7. A few pages into Elizabeth Morgan’s Stepping Stones I found myself not liking her main character very much. Maggie was indecisive and insecure, and had a talent for annoying the people around her. As I read on, I realized there was no difference between Maggie and any of us. We can all be indecisive and insecure, and we all annoy our loved ones from occasionally. We all make mistakes have regrets, and we all hope or have hoped to one day find a love of our own. Enjoyable as it was, the book wo [...]

    8. Great characters, great storyline, well written, and definitely kept me intrigued! When I began reading this book I thought it would go a different way than it did but I was very happy with the end result! This story has a slew of awesome characters, I especially loved Jess, Edward, and Adrian. The descriptions of Maggie's designs sound amazing, so amazing that I want to see them in person. The scenes were painted vividly enough to lose yourself completely in the story. I enjoy this author's wri [...]

    9. Reviewer: VickiRating: 4 out of 5 FairiesI really enjoyed this book. It is a sweet and heartfelt story of how a person can be insecure of their feelings and not know how to face them. I could feel what the main character, Maggie, was feeling as she struggled to come to terms with her decisions in her life and how she didn’t understand why she made them. When the realization hits her why, the outcome lead up to a touching ending.Disclosure: This book was provided by the author to Bex 'n' Books [...]

    10. This book kept me intrigued to the very last sentence as Margaret works through why she ran away. Ms Morgan did an excellent job of creating the anxiety in me that Margaret was feeling over her decision that shatters her family and an ex-fiancé 6 years previous. This was really a beautiful example of how loving someone, the right someone is never the wrong thing to do.To see the full review visit my blog: sportochicksmusings

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