Bubu of Montparnasse

Bubu of Montparnasse Book by Philippe Charles Louis

  • Title: Bubu of Montparnasse
  • Author: Charles-Louis Philippe
  • ISBN: 9781885586797
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book by Philippe, Charles Louis

    One thought on “Bubu of Montparnasse”

    1. I found this book quite marvelous from beginning to end, the story of a Parisian prostitute - it should have more rightly be called Berthe of Montparnasse but the antagonizing force in Berthe's life was her husband come pimp, known as Bubu (Maurice). One of my favourite observations from the novel "The hunger of the tiger is like the hunger of the lamb. You have provided us with nourishment. I think this tiger is good because he loves his female and his cubs, and because he loves to live. But wh [...]

    2. Read this book because it was referenced in Henry & June (Anais Nin). However, I confess I did not get much out of it. I can only guess that it was unusual for its time.

    3. Semi-autobiografische roman over het jonge, naïeve Parijse hoertje Berthe, haar ruige minnaar en pooier Bubu en haar al even naïeve jonge nieuwe minnaar Pierre Hardy.(view spoiler)[Hun leven wordt geheel anders wanneer bij Berthe syfilis geconstateerd wordt. Of toch niet? Aan het einde komt Bubu -net terug uit de gevangenis- zijn liefje halen en is iedereen weer terug bij af (hide spoiler)]Het simpele melodrama ontspint zich een eenvoudige taal die het al even eenvoudige gedachtenleven van dez [...]

    4. A pretty good book, with a great plot line, great literature and it kept my intrest. The only problems i had with the book was; I did sometimes miss understand which character was talking because im used to having an introduction to which characters perspective im reading from at the beggining of the chapter, but it didn't take to long to catch up and i guess im also a little young to be reading it because there were some things i didin't understand. I would definitly recomend this to a older au [...]

    5. Una muestra clara de la depravación del ser humano mediante la narración de las desventuras de una inocente y dócil chica bajo los influjos de un hombre manipulador que la hunde en el abismo de la prostitución y, que con su carácter sumiso acepta como única verdad, como la única manera de vivir.Una historia muy recomendable, que me ha gustado mucho por la manera en que deja ver esa miseria, desesperación y también algo de esperanza en cada uno de sus personajes.

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