Dark Father

Dark Father What drives a violent husband and dysfunctional father to pursue his wife and son across a moonlit English landscape What compels a troubled man to rebuild his broken family constructing a fractured

  • Title: Dark Father
  • Author: James Cooper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What drives a violent husband and dysfunctional father to pursue his wife and son across a moonlit English landscape What compels a troubled man to rebuild his broken family, constructing a fractured reality of hollow promises and false hope What forces an old man suffering from a rare mental disorder to reconcile the terror of the past with the daily torment of being loWhat drives a violent husband and dysfunctional father to pursue his wife and son across a moonlit English landscape What compels a troubled man to rebuild his broken family, constructing a fractured reality of hollow promises and false hope What forces an old man suffering from a rare mental disorder to reconcile the terror of the past with the daily torment of being locked in a mental hospital where everyone he sees bears the face of his father The answers lie in a disturbing journey of suffering and harrowing self discovery Evil has many fathers

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    1. Jimmy is an abusive husband and father, when his wife leaves him taking their son, he is determined to track them down.Frank is heartbroken when his son is snatched, his marriage falls apart and he spirals into alcoholism to cope with the loss. When one day he spots his missing son he decides to assemble his family again, at any cost.Mack is an elderly man who resides in a psychiatric facility, his disorder makes him see every person as 'Dark Daddy', soon his therapy begins to have major breakth [...]

    2. What could be greater praise for a book than to say that this is probably one of the finest novels ever available on the kindle and it’s thanks to darkfuse that Dark Father was published earlier this yeard what a cracking story it is.There are three threads running; we have Jimmy Hopewell part time gangster and professional wife beater, one day Kate has had enough and escapes the the torture with her son Billy. Then there is Frank and the wife he loves Cindy with their adorable son Jake. In a [...]

    3. For me, novels are a bit like football matches. I consume plenty, and on the whole they're entertaining, with the occasional stinker along the way. But once in a while a real classic comes along, and that's what keeps me watching/reading. It's like the variable reinforcement of gambling, and it's worth ploughing through the merely good to get to the likes of, say, Germany/England 2001, or Stephen King's Misery.This is all a clumsy way of saying that I recently read a book that I consider (to mix [...]

    4. This novel completely enthralled me with its storyline! The scenes rotate between three different men and their individual realities. Cooper wove these sections together, in my humble opinion, FLAWLESSLY. I never once found myself questioning "what's happening now?", or "which character's turn is it". This is the kind of book that I absolutely LOVE to read--the kind that doesn't hand out easy answers, or leave you able to guess the ending 1/3 of the way into it.Cooper gives us an atmosphere of l [...]

    5. A surreal trip into madness – A tale of nightmares, Mack daddies, delusion and Smiley faces. I can’t say too much about it for fear of spoiling the story, but I will say that it was very well written with intersecting plot lines that come crashing together to a satisfying end. My first James Cooper, but not my last. 4 Stars! Highly Recommended.Happiness always looks better in red.

    6. This was the first book by James I have read and after reading it I have to say I will be reading more of his work in the future. This book had three storylines going and jumps back and forth between them. It starts out with a boy(Billy) and his mother running out of the house leaving in a truck. While the father is laying on the floor with a hole in his left eye. Next is what happens when Frank and Cindy go on a picnic with their son Jacob. And last deals with Mack and his talks to Dr. Faber &a [...]

    7. Chaotic as the tortured mind of a lost soul, Dark Father by James Cooper is a twisted journey into the minds, thoughts and lives of two men, two tales and one dark figure who looms in the background. What is their real connection?Let go of all that you see as reality and step aboard for a read full of terror, twists and a haunting of your mind. A family is crushed by the disappearance of their young son. Shattered and broken, the father spirals into fantasies of finding his son, every boy looks [...]

    8. James Cooper's latest novel, Dark Father, pushes readers onto an emotional roller coaster that leads to the darkest corners of the human soul. Three different narratives present three uniquely developed characters: a violent husband full of rage and hatred, an unstable husband dealing with the loss of his son, and an elderly man locked away in a mental asylum who is struggling with his past. What could these three men possibly have in common? The answer is not only horrifying but also deeply hea [...]

    9. Review: DARK FATHER by James CooperNow this is some extraordinary horror--definitely a Best of its Year--2014. The convolutions are continuous, but the switches between sets are seamless and the depths of the psyche are incredible. The horror is horrifying, sincerely disturbing--I couldn't turn away and I couldn't get enough! What a writer!

    10. Dark Father by James Cooper is a suspense thriller from DarkFuse, so it represents a bit of a departure from the standard horror fare. The novel’s structure involves three parallel story lines which alternate across chapters. All have a similar theme; namely, individuals trying to deal with brutal events that occur within abusive families. To provide more detail about the narrative would spoil (to some degree) the dramatic plot that propels the reader along a breakneck pace. The unfolding stor [...]

    11. This is the story of Jimmy, Frank & Mack. Told in three distinct threads, it is the tale of a man hell bent on pursuing his wife and son across country, of a father descending into madness after the abduction of his son, and of a man in a psychiatric institution who sees his father in everyone he meets.This was very cleverly written story. At first it appeared to be three different stories about three different men, but they all came together in a surprising ending. The characters were easy [...]

    12. For me, DARK FATHER was the perfect blend of thriller, horror and suspense. It was the type of book that I would read for a while and then put down just to make it last a little while longer. If you were a fan of very early Dean Koontz novels, grab this. It's a winner.

    13. Review copyBy far, the best book I've read so far in 2014. Writer, James Cooper, has crafted an intricate story dealing with the long-term consequences of growing up with a father with a dark side.In Dark Father, there are three distinct story lines masterfully woven into one of the most disturbing tales I've read in quite a while. Little Billy loves his father, but Dark Daddy can frighten him at times. When his mommy takes him and leaves daddy, he actually worries about his father. In another s [...]

    14. Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/reviews/Evil has many fathers, and many faces. That’s the message of Dark Father, the first novel I read by James Cooper, but I predict it won’t be the last. This author has an engaging, enthralling writing style that pulled me into the story. The story focuses on three different men, who seemingly have no connection at first. Jumping in time from one main character to the other, the author spins a story that connects nicely in the end, an [...]

    15. READ IN ENGLISH Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes I received a free copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you!It had been some time since I last read a mystery like this book. It starts with three different story lines, and it took me a while to connect the dots (in my defence, the author has withheld some important information till the end of the book), but I was curious and thinking how the stories were connected. The stories are all twisted i [...]

    16. This is an amazing work, especially for what appears to be a first novel from James Cooper. It was a very ambitious undertaking, weaving 3 different story lines together seamlessly in a way that really kept me guessing. The characters were very well-drawn, and the pacing of the POV-shifts was perfect - I never felt like I "lost track" of any of them. There were only a few places where I felt like the narrative got repetitive and started belaboring the point, but especially for a first novel, the [...]

    17. Gotta say that this was definitely not my type of book which shocked me. On that note, this is a highly rated bookHere is what I am going to say to the followers of my reviews and I normally don't say this. Do not go with my review. In my humble opinion (and I do have one every so often), I think that this was simply a situation of the reader/book not meeting up and that this is much more of personal preference rather than a honest look at what makes a book work or not work.

    18. Dark Father by James Cooper is a very good piece of dark fiction. It tugs at your emotions providing a sense of joy for time spent between father and son to feelings of revulsion and disgust at how some handle their frustrations with violence. The author does a great job in telling three separate story arcs and how they meld together over time to a satisfying conclusion.

    19. This was an interesting conceit, and having finished it I appreciate the structure, and the attempt to create something other than a linear sequence of frightening events. There is certainly ample horror to be mined from the subject of damaged and dangerous fathers. I just kept thinking that it would have benefited so much from a little more subtlety.

    20. Very enjoyable tale that keeps its mystery intact until the right time. My only quibble was in some of American vs British English. The setting is the UK but repeated uses of 'mommy' kept throwing me out of the story.

    21. Dark, disturbing but redemptive novel that kept its secrets close to itself until the last 5% and slowly revealed the interconnecting parts for a very melancholy but satisfying conclusion. We need more stuff from James Cooper, DarkFuse!

    22. A surreal and scary novelFor a full review, please go to examiner/review/dark-f and follow me on Twitter @josenher

    23. Excellent novel. Three interconnected stories revolving around "dark fathers" that dovetail so nicely at the end. Well written and highly recommended.

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