Called by Fire

Called by Fire Kamryn Vale is a Dahnan witch who wants nothing than to complete her studies in the World Between and return to her normal life But when a sister witch is murdered and another kidnapped Kamryn discov

  • Title: Called by Fire
  • Author: Delwyn Jenkins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kamryn Vale is a Dahnan witch who wants nothing than to complete her studies in the World Between and return to her normal life But when a sister witch is murdered and another kidnapped, Kamryn discovers a dark magic so terrifying it threatens the safety of both her worlds Driven by the need to help in the investigation, Kamryn must deal with the complications of woKamryn Vale is a Dahnan witch who wants nothing than to complete her studies in the World Between and return to her normal life But when a sister witch is murdered and another kidnapped, Kamryn discovers a dark magic so terrifying it threatens the safety of both her worlds Driven by the need to help in the investigation, Kamryn must deal with the complications of working with the mysterious Watchtower Knights.After two hundred years in exile, the Knights have been invited back to protect the Witches at the Collegium They can t afford any mistakes, and Alex knows his attraction for the fire witch has trouble written all over it With one eye on the investigation and the other on Kamryn, Alex must balance his obligation to duty with the needs of his heart.

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    1. 2Called by Fire's blurb made me think it was the moment to break my book slump (at last!). Even if I can't really say I loved this book (it was not the type of PNR I usually like), I must admit it charmed me with its mix of Potteresque school of magic and the fluffy, funny kind of leit-motive some PNR have. It does have a few of my nits, mostly the pacing and the insta-lust. The feel of the book would be very much YA, as clearly both the heroines and the hero are young (when not in age, in attit [...]

    2. First impressions sure can be fun, "this isn't a chamber, it's a linen closet with a hipbath." She place an imperious hand on his chest and tried to shove him away. "Close your mouth and put some clothes on." Ooh, pretty and feisty. Capturing the witch's hand, Alex pressed closer, his chest pushing against her generous breasts and his hips canted away so she couldn't feel his rock-hard erection." I loved Alex and his focus for Kam, "I mean it, Kam." He tightened his grip. "I don't know how we'll [...]

    3. Okay, despite my horrid dislike for self publishing- and yes two mispelled words and under a handful of sentences that needed to be re-read over a few times to get the jist of it, this one didn't rankle too much. There was a nice flow to this story that I could admire.While the majority of ne self published writers are currently trying to find new ways to make their stories different for the normal one, they're pretty much all falling into the same traps that make them just as bad and disjointed [...]

    4. This was an amazing story, full of action, mischief and sex.  Kamryn Vale is a Dahnen Witch whose element happens to be fire. She lives with her Quatre consisting of an Air Witch, an Earth Witch and a Water Witch.  They are the best of friends and the very definition of soul sisters.  They live together at the Collegium where they are approaching the end of their studies and hope to graduate soon. They are each powerful in their own right, but together they are a force to be reckoned with.One [...]

    5. This novel focuses on the Collegium that is located in the World Between, a protected realm accessed only by magical doorways from Earth. These doorways are controlled by the Primus, twelve senior Witches who rule Sarras, a territory in the World Between.The book begins with our heroine, Kamyrn Vale, a third year fire Witch running from Sentinel Braddock. Fleeing from Braddock, Kam hides in the only unlocked room in the hall and disturbs Alexander’s bath. I think you can see where this is goin [...]

    6. Review Courtesy of April HollingworthThis is Delwyn Jenkins first novel and I can’t wait for her next, as this book is so captivating and wonderful. She manages to bring you into the story. I loved it and highly recommend this book to be read and Delwyn Jenkins name to be added to your must read authors list.Opening Scene:One day prior to the full moonKamryn Vale was running for her life.The Review:Kam just wants to get on with her studies and have no hassle from Sentinel Braddock, but the Sen [...]

    7. Review Courtesy of: Books That HookI received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Kamryn Vale is a Dahnan witch, completing her training at Collegium, set in the World Between, another realm “accessed by magical doorways.”Kam meets Alex, a Watchtower Knight, and learns one friend was murdered, not left school like she had been told, and another friend has been kidnapped.Kam and Alex [...]

    8. Originally reviewed for Tea and BookWOW! I love when I discover a new author who totally and completely blows me out of the water! And Delwyn Jenkins did just that, in her very first book!Called by Fire has all the makings of the beginning of a series but reads well as a stand alone. I admit it's just wishful thinking as for the series.Kamryn Vale is a Dahnan witch finishing up her training in the In Between. She's a powerful fire witch who tries to stay out if trouble. Only life is never that s [...]

    9. Kamryn Vale is a fire witch who lives with her roommates at the Collegium. This is an academy for Dhanan witches where they can learn to control their power. After a witch graduates she will have her full powers and will return to her home in the world below. Kamryn and her roommates are a very powerful group of witches. Containing all the elements earth, fire, air and water.When one witch has been murdered and another one is missing the primus witches who rule the school have no choice but to b [...]

    10. Called by Fire, Delwyn Jenkins.Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsI love paranormal romance so this was a novel I was looking forward to. Kamryn, fire witch in training, was a great female lead. Strong and gutsy, not one of those TSTL ladies, I can't stand those. So she was perfect to play against Alex, the Knight and male lead. He was a well written character too, strong, courageous and yet had the “old scholar” gentlemanly thing going on, which fitted well with the fact he was hundreds [...]

    11. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I started reading this story but I'll admit the cover did intrigue me. We start the story being introduced to Kamryn Vale, or Kam to her friends who is "running for her life" but as quoted from the book "Not the 'I'll be dead if he catches me' kind of running, but the kind of running a woman does when humiliation and ridicule loom large". Kam is a Dahnan witch at the Collegium a facility for the Dahnan Witches which is situated in the World between.From t [...]

    12. I was given the privilege of downloading this book for free in exchange for my review, and wow. Just wow. I was so taken with this book! As soon as I finished reading, I went hunting for the answer to my burning question: Was this the first book of a series? The answer is, I am delighted (and relieved) to report, YES. CALLED BY FIRE is the first book in a new series by new author, Delwyn Jenkins. It begins with Kamryn Vale, a Dahnan witch learning how to control her powers under the tutelage of [...]

    13. When I first began reading Called by Fire by Delwyn Jenkins I wasn’t so sure I would like the book. It seemed as if I opened the book to the middle and began reading. About a third of the way into the book, the story began to develop into an interesting read. While there is not much detail as to the overall world-building, it is definitely unique. The Dahnan Witches are transitioned into another world to learn and perfect their crafting abilities. The crafting and development of their powers i [...]

    14. this one is quite difficult to rate for me let me explain whyI definitely liked the characters - if not so much the main character, although Alex and Kam were quite ok, but both not my favorites in this book. But I can't wait to see more about the others, especially Bas and Mycah - these two were total fun to be around. I also want to learn more about Dane The storyline is good and I am sure it is the starting point to an interesting series. so therefore we had to establish some ground work. ne [...]

    15. Erin's Book Reviews: An Author Reviewing Other Authorserinbedford/bookreviewsKamyrn is a fire witch whose only focus is graduating from the World Between and going back to modern society, but when a murdered witch brings back the WatchTower Knights, she finds herself with a whole set of new problems. One of those being the studly WatchTower Knight who is killer on her magical control and libido.OH MY GOD! I was recommended to read this by a fellow blogger Anniek and I can say I don’t regret it [...]

    16. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and am I glad I did. This was an exceptional debut novel. I love PNR/sci fi and fantasy with a healthy dose of snark and romance and this had it by the bucketload!!! Kamryn is a fire witch and with her 3 best friends, make up one of the most powerful Quatres in the Collegium of Sarras. Sarras is like a parallel dimension where magic is norm but all our witches seem to have been born on Earth.The watchtower are the former guardians o [...]

    17. I just finished the most amazing book!!! This is story was not like anything I have read before. Yes sure it had witches and Knights, but really this is a very unique story and oh so hot. The watchtower Knights follow a simple code, they protect the witches it’s simply that simple. But they had been banished. They were told not to come back. But all that changes when a witch dies, and another is kidnapped. Then they are asked to return. Their told not to go near the witches, but when Alex meet [...]

    18. Oh, WOW! This book is completely epic in nature. The history and detailed background that gives a foundation to the story is mystical in proportions. I loved the characters and the interactions between; the combination of modern slang along with a revered and courteous culture was wonderful and I found myself laughing and gasping in equal measure. Well written and setting a pace that will draw the reader into the World Between, making them eager to keep turning the pages. I’ve read plenty of s [...]

    19. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. WOW, this was awesome!! It has been a while since I have read a straight paranormal romance. I have been reading tons of historicals lately and man I am so glad that I cam across this one. This is story about a realm of witches and their world. I was pulled in from the beginning but I did wish it would have gone a little bit faster. I loved the heat and passion that the two main characters shared and I cannot wait for more to come. [...]

    20. DNF 34% I didn't click with this book at all, some of the conversations that I read were so juvenile (the "sex" talk between K and her friends after Alex sneak into her room and they fooled around) I rolled my eyes and wondered what age groups were this book aimed for. Switching POVs (more than two persons), and revelation of the person whom was responds for the witches' death. Not sure why I need to read more if I already know who's the murderer. I tried to read more, but simply couldn't. I los [...]

    21. This was definetly a steamy novel. Great storyline! Will be looking forward to the next book! Did not end on a cliff hanger but still questions that make you want to read the next book! The girls are most definetly very snarky and fiery tempered! I love my heroins that way! Of course, the guys are hot as sin! There where some bits where kinda much but the rest make up for it! By that I mean, some descriptions where to the point of cheesy. At the same time the cheese was kinda funny!

    22. PHWOAR!This is a sensational debut full of well rounded, interesting characters, a great plot, good dash of humour and some seriously steamy scenes that will have you warming under the collar and hunting down your own handsome knight! Delwyn has created a really fabulous world that draws you in so you feel like one of the quartre. I can't wait to see what this exciting newbie brings us next! Highly recommend,a good fun,sexy read.

    23. A well written book with a wonderful mix of action and passion. I liked that the author used multiple views (I always like to read about the bad guys) but still focused on the two main characters who had good chemistry.

    24. Called by FireI have found a fun new series to read. This had a touch of the " I know what's coming next". But the journey was enjoyable enough to make sure I didn't care. I see this group of witches and knights having some more fun romantic adventures ahead for us.

    25. New favoriteThis novel blew me away. I've read stories about witches, but this story paralleled a few of the dreams I've had. I was sucked I. On page one and didn't come up for breath until the last word. This is an amazing novel you must read

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