Guardian Wandering a shattered dying Earth Roam despises the loneliness Alien vessels he must avoid circle overhead When he collides with a Tonan deep in the heart of a jungle Roam engages in a brutal battl

  • Title: Guardian
  • Author: C.L. Scholey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wandering a shattered, dying Earth, Roam despises the loneliness Alien vessels he must avoid circle overhead When he collides with a Tonan deep in the heart of a jungle, Roam engages in a brutal battle To his surprise, a human female comes to the Tonan s aid The Tonan, Taz, has six females under his protection, including his mate and child.Jinx hates Castians and TonanWandering a shattered, dying Earth, Roam despises the loneliness Alien vessels he must avoid circle overhead When he collides with a Tonan deep in the heart of a jungle, Roam engages in a brutal battle To his surprise, a human female comes to the Tonan s aid The Tonan, Taz, has six females under his protection, including his mate and child.Jinx hates Castians and Tonans alike The handsome man Taz brings home is breathtaking He s also the only male besides Taz she has seen in four years Jinx falls for Roam immediately Her world is shattered when she discovers her new lover is masquerading as human How can she not hate him when a thieving Castian stole her sister What s worse is discovering Taz is a Tonan Evil creatures who murdered her father How can she forgive either of them READING ORDER NOTE Although books 6 7 are clearly indicated on the covers, the events of Defender book 7 take place 4 years prior to those in Guardian book 6 So to follow the story events in order, it is recommended that book 7 Defender be read PRIOR to book 6 Guardian.

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    1. If you are checking out reviews prior to reading Guardian, I recommend that you first read book 7, Defender, which is the story of Macey and Taz. The events of Defender take place 4 years prior to those of Guardian. For some reason the book numbers are out of the story-chronology sequence.I really loved this sci-fi-adventure-romance series (especially the unique world building and the romance), and I hope that Ms. Scholey will continue to add on to the New World saga. This reader would like to s [...]

    2. Quick sweet read. I've enjoyed both of the series Scholey has created from the Earth 's imminent demise. One series involved the alien race the Zargonnii: Bay's Mercenary and this second series revolves around the alien race the Castians. The Earth is dying or changing enough that it is inhospitable for human life. Storms, floods, earthquakes are causing humans to flee to other planets. So many are left behind and couldn't afford to take shuttles off world. Alien races have discovered human wome [...]

    3. Earth is on it's last legs and a little group are struggling to survive. Jinx is among the group and is spunky, independent and prone to trouble. I love that she is both vulnerable and kick ass at the same time. Roam the other main Character in the book is lonely and goes through some pretty life altering experiences. He too is both vulnerable and kick ass.I am happy that this book redeemed Cobra because I was like "WHAT!!" when he made his offer which went totally against his races way of being [...]

    4. I so loved this series and just want more. I loved especially the male characters, the ideas and how fast the story goes but without being confusing or boring. it shows just because you are labeled as being a spastic type doesn't mean you are.

    5. I didn't like this one as much as some of the others. I liked both characters and how they interacted with the others, however I did not like them together. I saw no reason for them to love each other, especially for immortals. I really enjoyed his and Taz's relationship as two separate species becoming battle mates and how it changed their claw to rip shields. I found it sad that his lifelong battle mate died the same way as his parents and he couldn't even get comfort because his shield went u [...]

    6. Of this particular series, this book is the most outstanding!The events that occur in this book are the most dramatic and the characters in this storyline will make you fall in love with then and take you on the ride of your life!!! I would recommend this book and series to everyone who loved a great paranormal romance and action series!!!One of Your Greatest Fans,Lena deLeonLenadeleon2004.ld@gmail

    7. With this book we hit the pot of gold, if you are only going to read two books in this series make them the first and this one. I love this book, I want so much more of this story and this family and this characters. In this one the author developed so many relationships masterfullty. I actually don't know how she keeps from geting repetitive, her books are amazing I love them.

    8. C.L. Scholey était de retour cette année avec son tout nouvel épisode des aventures des Castiens et Tonans. Je trouve que Guardian est le plus intéressant et aboutit des histoires de la série jusqu'à maintenant. Étrangement on se retrouve sur Terre cette fois-ci, mais une Terre défigurée et dangereuse. Certains humains y survivent encore et certains ne sont pas ce qu'ils semblent être.Roam est un Castien que l'on a déjà rencontré, il lui est arrivé bien des tuiles et il n'en peut p [...]

    9. As much as I enjoy these stories, I can't help a bit of an eye roll occasionally. The first half or so of this one is fun and interesting. Towards the very end is when I felt it became a little too, I don't know, ridiculous maybejust a bit.Anyway as usual the guys are gorgeous and everything a girl could want. Jinx is driven to be helpful and is a little bit bumbling with it an endearing way. If you have enjoyed the first five in the series then you will need no encouragement to get this one :)

    10. 1.75 starsThe internal conflicts the main characters have to deal with were interesting and compelling to keep reading, but the plot It got wacky and bizarre at the climax of the book. Random new rules were thrown in and didn't make any sense.(view spoiler)[I'm referring to the female lead's weird mind link to people other than her mate. (hide spoiler)]I also take issue with the fact that the male lead could suddenly telepathically speak with his warrior mate, when in previous books it was expla [...]

    11. I liked Roam a lot, and enjoyed reading his story. Unfortunately, the books were written out of order and this one should be read after Defender to have the sequence of events in the proper order, otherwise it can all get pretty confusing.

    12. This is my favorite in the series so far. I love Roam and Jinx as a couple. He was hilarious, has a wonderful sense of humor and I loved that Jinx had a kick ass attitude. It was nice to see Taz and Macey again. It is recommended to read book 7 (Defender) before reading book 6 (Guardian) and I'm glad I did. I'm really enjoying this series and plan to stay here awhile.

    13. Guardian by C.L. Scholey is a solid 3.5 stars. The first 50% of the book was mainly about Roam's melancholy and his developing bromance with Taz. I found the development of Jinx & Roam's relationship didn't get off until the 60% mark but boy, did it explode. Well worth the wait!As always, I anticipate the next story in the New World series.

    14. Not my favourite of this series. The "steam" factor was a bit lower than usual.I think it was partly Jinx's preconceived prejudices that made the whole thing less romantic. She hates Castians and Tonans so it forces Taz and Roam to hide their identities. The warrior mate thing was interesting as it added some new possibilities for the series.

    15. I think this was one of my favourite books in this series. It was hilariousI loved it when he battled the snake and lion behind his mate's back. I fell in love with Roam and Taz. I really hope there are more books in this series!!

    16. Loved it!I love all of her New World books. I found Gaurdian very interesting and funny. What I didn't like was how it sprinkling from on scenario to another without any warning. It m made for very confusing reading and some of the chapters didn't make sense.

    17. Possibly my favorite in the series so far! - 1st read 8-17-14OK after reading it again 9-14-16, and then reading the next one i think Taz's story might win out against this one. Both are still really good and i am loving this whole series.3rd read - 11-18-17

    18. Loved this book, it's been a while since I read any in this series and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Roam has been in particular a joy to read. He is so lovely with his approach to Jinx and letting her get to know him given her misgivings towards Castians and Tonans. A great book all round.

    19. Good book but not as good as the others. Jinx is a cute heroin and Roam a big alien guy. She has been saved by a Tonan after one killed her father, and a Castian stoled her sister, so she has a problem somewhere ^^after some adventures on earth oups I won't tell, but there a HEA ;)

    20. I love this author and her sweet aliens. They are dominant to some degree but never jerks, they need human women and appreciate them. They are always lovable.

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