The Islands

The Islands Hip hop and history infuse the travel on the islands both real and imagined in John Sakkis The Islands

  • Title: The Islands
  • Author: John Sakkis
  • ISBN: 9781937658267
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hip hop and history infuse the travel on the islands, both real and imagined, in John Sakkis The Islands.

    One thought on “The Islands”

    1. The first thing that hit me while reading The Islands is, Good poetry rarely relies on Similes and Analogies! That shit is cheapand John Sakkis knows that and spares us from the amateur.The next thing, is rhythm and pace. It's poetry, so your opinion and tastes count,maybe you won't like the rhythm I like. I like Sakkis' stacking of short sentence moments and the timing as they march and cascade down the page often halted by a big pooling of scenarios in hefty paragraph form at the bottom or on [...]

    2. John Sakkis's book-length serial poem, THE ISLANDS, is a rhythmical series about place, family, and friends. In it, I saw the influences of Benjamin Hollander, Norma Cole, Jack Spicer, Michael Palmer, and a slew of others, all the while remaining uniquely his own. His poetry is recognizable for having hard edges that, as a whole, flows smoothly. I think this comes from his appreciation for hip-hop and words that have weight--meat on their bones. Even the most skeletal of his poems feel fat and h [...]

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