Fantasy's Bar & Grill Trilogy

Fantasy s Bar Grill Trilogy Welcome to Fantasy s where what we re serving behind closed doors is hotter than anything you can order off the menu After being fired from her paralegal job for refusing to sleep with her boss Zoey

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  • Title: Fantasy's Bar & Grill Trilogy
  • Author: Michelle Hughes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Welcome to Fantasy s where what we re serving behind closed doors is hotter than anything you can order off the menu After being fired from her paralegal job for refusing to sleep with her boss, Zoey is offered a new position writing up contracts for pleasure Little did she know that her four new sexy bosses were just as interested in her skills outside of the office ThWelcome to Fantasy s where what we re serving behind closed doors is hotter than anything you can order off the menu After being fired from her paralegal job for refusing to sleep with her boss, Zoey is offered a new position writing up contracts for pleasure Little did she know that her four new sexy bosses were just as interested in her skills outside of the office The only difference this time is that she s than a little interested in what these sexy billionaire playboys have to offer Considering herself frigid after her one, and only lover gave her a crappy introduction into sexuality, she s not sure that what these gorgeous men offer is something to be feared or indulged in Writing up sexual fantasy contracts is one thing, was Zoey ready to explore a few fantasies of her own Even if she was, could four men be a little too much for a woman that believed pleasurable sex was one of the biggest lies men used to gain what they wanted in the bedroom Fantasy s Bar Grill Trilogy contains all three books from the series Seduced, Devoured, and Consumed Warning This book contains strong sexual situations.

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    1. SMOKING HOT!!!!!! Ok have I got your attention now? This book was absolutely freaking fantastic to say the least!!! It should come with a warning label that says to have alot of batteries on hand. From the well said line in Pretty Woman "What's your dream?" Well that's right this book is about making fantasy's come true, and trust me it will definitely give you some scorching fantasies.Fantasy's is an upscale club that not only has a bar, but it also offers it's clients the chance to take their [...]

    2. Michelle Hughes’s “Fantasy’s Bar & Grill: Seduced” is the first novella in trilogy of tantalizing goodness. I loved it! Very sexy. Gave me an erotic book hangover and I was glad I could read the second book right away. It’s very spicy – one girl and four guys kinda spicy – but I ate it up! Naughty goodness!5 out of 5Michelle Hughes’s “Fantasy’s Bar & Grill: Devoured” keeps the sexy going in this second novella of the trilogy. There are a few scenes from this one tha [...]

    3. Spoiler alert!!!!!!!!! LolOkay so usually I don't read this kind of romance. I don't usually do the whole m/m/m/m/f sex but I actually enjoyed reading it in this book. It was very well written and because I wasn't use to this type of romance there were so many times I would catch myself laughing out loud. My boyfriend would just look at me like I was weird. But back to the book, I fell in love with all four men as zoey was because they were all so unique but lovable at the same time. I believe S [...]

    4. Maybe 2.5 stars, really. . . It definitely had moments, but the plot and characters took leaps that just didn't make sense. She goes from being an almost virgin with a past that has turned her completely away from sex to a full menage with little explanation. There were attempts to transition between the two but they just didn't work for me. Then there was the confusing development of her relationship with Samson and then Miles. He issues with Samson weren't developed well enough for me. She had [...]

    5. Wow, wow, wow! I LOVED these books! Not only were they scorching hot but the story was great. Not the normal young girl meets domineering alpha male who must have her for his own. These books really explored the relationship Zoey had with all the men and they explored her sexuality. The author probably could have delved a little deeper into those relationships but I didn't feel like anything was missing. Fantasy's was the perfect name for this book!

    6. Michelle has out done herself with this trilogyonce I started reading this trilogy I couldn't put it down. these have to be the four sexiest men ever put together in a book. Great story line. michelle is one of the best authors out there.

    7. I wasn't sure what to expect from this little series. I needed something to read while I waited for another book to be released. I found myself laughing at parts and actually getting into it.I'll read this again.

    8. Hot and steamyif you want to get the naughty juices flowingis is the book set for you. What a great series with characters that arer a better word for itmmy

    9. ReviewI really liked this collection. there is a lot of sex in it. in a couple of months will read them again.

    10. Well I read the first instalment of this trilogy in the wtrafsog books, I enjoyed it so much I had to get this trilogy to see how it ended so glad I did.

    11. This was a wild ride. Really well written and damnably interesting in terms of potential relationship scenarios. I hope she writes more and completes all the guys wildest dreams

    12. Zoey needs a job badly and is hired by the 4 hot billionare owners of Fantasy Bar and Grill, which she believes is just a club. During her interview she finds out they are actually in the business of providing clients with their fantasies and she is hired as a paralegal to arrange contracts regarding the fantasys. She's amazed and even appalled at some of the fantasys that people want but she does her job well and enjoys it. But she's not having any of their lifestyle. No way. Until she ends up [...]

    13. Seduced (Fantasy’s Bar and Grill #1)Zoey recently loss her job with a lawyer who fired her becasue she refused to sleep with him. Now because of his influance in the legal profession she has been unable to find a job. When her room mate who works at Fantasy’s Bar and Grill get her an interview with the four billionare playboy owners of the bar. Even though it feels like a step down for her she agrees to the interview. She believes she is interviewing for a waitressing position she is surpris [...]

    14. The three novellas, Seduced, Devoured, and Consumed make up Fantasy’s Bar & Grill by Michelle Hughes.Recently unemployed paralegal Zoey Summer(s) is applying for a job at a waitress at the famed Fantasy’s Bar & Grill, which by all outward appearances is a typical bar and grill establishment. Recommended by her best friend, Rachel, Zoey scores an interview with the billionaire owners, Samson, Miles, Leon and Leif. The men quickly recognize Zoey’s legal skills and instead hire her to [...]

    15. Loved it! Holy hotness! Michelle has gained a new fan! I love this "series" The rest of the books are standalone that take place on the island and will have some of the same characters. Wait till you read the next book! I loved all the characters in this book. Honestly I thought this was going to be cheesyI was so wrong! First I read the description for book four and came across the bundle for books 1-3 BUT thought I was buy the book described in book 4. Does that make sense? So when I read the [...]

    16. A sweet and funny ménage book. Zoey starts a new job at Fantasy Bar and Grill where she works with 4 other gorgeous hunks. I'm not a big fan of all the names of male characters. I would have loved to read more of Zoey's daily work, especially more of the fantasies that the members bought and also the Friday company party - both before and after they all started being together. So at times it felt a bit rushed, and it could easily have been longer instead of just writing that Zoey have spent nig [...]

    17. A fine seriesI gave it 4 stars because someone needs to edit not just run spell check.The fantasy was great and I do appreciate the author allowing Zoey to think through her insecurities.I love the complete story that getting the box set allowed and of course the happy ending, but when I am correcting words and sentences while I am reading is does detract from the story line. Still I will purchase more from the author.

    18. Just not my cup of tea. Too silly and the main characters all ended up pissing me off in the end. They were all so indecisive and pathetic really.This was chock full of all the things I hate about this genre. And there wasn't enough originality or heat to cover it up.

    19. 1.5 starsThe sex was good sometimes, but I just don't get her relationship with Samson. I think she belongs with Miles and she didn't really give him a chance. The whole thing was frustrating. Also, a pre-reader would have been nice.

    20. 4.5 Stars Wow the series was hot. I enjoyed reading about the sexual combinations in this series. If you are looking to expanse your sexual knowledge this might be the book for you.

    21. Totally unforgettableLove the guy's loved the setting of the island love the girl the ending was great with the babies two

    22. This trilogy really was a fantasy!!!. It was an enjoyable read and although it had a lot of sex, it still managed to keep me interested in the story. Be warned. This book is smokin hot!!!

    23. At parts I was shouting no at the kindle but it kept me interested to see where the story ended. Was happy who she ended up with.

    24. Great BooksI will be looking for more of her books. She is now on my favorite authors list. Thank you for your talent.

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