Shade Finalist Award in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards Young Adult Fiction CategoryThanks to her offbeat mother Shade s full name is Galactic Shade Griffin Having a name like that while be

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  • Title: Shade
  • Author: Marilyn Peake
  • ISBN: 9781497527812
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • Finalist Award in the 2015 National Indie Excellence Book Awards, Young Adult Fiction CategoryThanks to her offbeat mother, Shade s full name is Galactic Shade Griffin Having a name like that while being the new girl in school is pretty much catnip for bullies The summer before Shade s junior year of high school, her mother breaks up with yet another boyfriend and movesFinalist Award in the 2015 National Indie Excellence Book Awards, Young Adult Fiction CategoryThanks to her offbeat mother, Shade s full name is Galactic Shade Griffin Having a name like that while being the new girl in school is pretty much catnip for bullies The summer before Shade s junior year of high school, her mother breaks up with yet another boyfriend and moves them once again to a new town.This time, they move into a dilapidated old house where Shade has an entire attic bedroom to herself at least until she discovers it s haunted by the ghost of a teenaged boy named Brandon Yates When Shade s best friend goes missing, her life becomes even complicated With the help of Brandon who s struggling with his own issues in the world beyond, Shade faces the question of whether or not she has what it takes to become a true hero.Although this novel deals with a number of serious issues drug and alcohol abuse, cutting, and disturbing world events it s primarily a novel about a teenaged girl finding out who she really is and that she s capable of so much than she ever thought possible.Shade is a Young Adult Paranormal Mystery novel.

    One thought on “Shade”

    1. Life of a teenager is damn hard! And this book proves that too. Shade by Marilyn Peake is claimed to be a ghost story, but it’s not any ghost story, instead its purely about a high school girl, Shade, who comes to live in a new town with her alcohol-and-drug-addict mom in an old house, followed by a nerve-racking mystery, and how she actually gets on with her life.Thanks to the author, Marilyn Peake for sending me over the book in return for an honest review.Shade, a high-school teenager, whos [...]

    2. 1.5 stars - Review copy provided by the author for an honest review.I don't even know how I am supposed to start this review. What can I say really? The writing was all over the place. There's that. The characters were terribly immature. That certainly wasn't a help. The plotline? Well, that wasn't much better at all. In fact, that was all over the place too.My main problem, however, was with the characters. Our protagonist, Galactic Shade Griffin, was meant to be a high schooler but came across [...]

    3. Hauntingly mesmeric and mystifying this exquisite, phenomenal paranormal tale is truly breathtaking! Spellbindingly sinister supernatural themes are interlaced within a contemporary YA story of self-discovery. With the main protagonist’s journey of growth & development full of heartfelt sincerity and profundity, I was able to connect and relate to ‘Shade’ and her story. The deftly interwoven storyline is full of nail-biting tension, suspense and twists that keep you in constant wonderm [...]

    4. Shade is a YA Paranormal mystery that includes some difficult subject matter, such as cutting and alcohol and drug abuse. More than anything it is the journey of Galactic Shade Griffin as she struggles with life and the danger and difficulties that cross her path.A drug addict, a ghost, faeries, a troubled teen girl, her missing friend, a messed up mom, an amulet…will Shade be the hero she created in her graphic novel?Shade has pretty much raised herself and hasn’t done too bad of a job, con [...]

    5. The Power of FriendshipI loved this story. Galactic Shade Griffin is a teen girl who deals with some serious issues, from bullying at various schools she's attended, to having a drug and alcohol addicted mom, to cutting herself to break through the numbness in her heart. just when she starts to feel normal and make what seems to be lasting and healthy friendships (even though one friend is a ghost!) her best friend disappears. Shade has to find Annie and enlists the help of her two journalist fr [...]

    6. I just finished reading 'Shade' a couple of minutes ago and I don't quite now what to say. I'm still thinking about the ending of this book. Because I'm not one to tell what will happen, I'm not going to start now. To know how this story ends you will have to read this book for yourself.First of all I want to start with thanking the author for sending me a copy of this book. I always enjoy reading someones work and giving my opinion on it, so here we goI want to start with the cover of this book [...]

    7. Shade was ashamed of her full name, Galactic Shade Griffin, which always caused her to be laughed by her new classmates. following her mother who broke with another boyfriend, they moved to a new town, into an old Victorian house. she had the entire attic bedroom to herself and later discovered that it was haunted by a ghost named Brandon. in school, she became best friends with a goth girl named Annie. when Annie went missing after Halloween, Shade was broken hearted and determined to find Anni [...]

    8. I enjoyed all of the themes that were wound into such a nice package. I liked Shade and saw her grow throughout the book. I was saddened by the realistic themes in this book, as I have a teen and know some kids who have dabbled in self-harm. Kids today are facing so much and this book touched on it, but didn't dwell and make it a central part of the book. I liked how Brandon dealt with her when she would get out the bowl and knife. The strength Shade found to help resolve the case involving miss [...]

    9. Excellent Beginning for New YA SeriesAs I have said before when reviewing YA books, I am neither young nor adult. I am an old lady who refuses to grow up.This book is excellent for readers 12 and above. The main character hates her name the reason is a spoiler. Her mother has moved Shade's small family consisting of her mother and herself constantly, never really giving Shade an opportunity to have solid roots. However, Shade finds people she connects with after her latest move.Then one disappea [...]

    10. High school is difficult for everyone, but in Shade by Marilyn Peake, high school bullies are the least of Galactic Shade Griffin's life. Having her odd name is bad enough, but she also has an alcoholic mother, absentee father, has moved countless times and new, the bedroom in her new house is haunted!She finds solace writing on the school newspaper with three friends and working on her own graphic novel. She thinks things might be looking up until the girls from school, including her best frien [...]

    11. Shade has always wanted to be normal, be it have a regular name that is not Galactic Shade or just a regular family instead of her drug addicted mother who moves her around all the time. When her mother moves her yet again to a new city, Shade realizes her room is haunted by a nagging boy ghost. Shade does her best to make a new life for herself regardless of her personal obstacles. When she makes a good friend in Annie, Shade feels like she really belongs. When Annie goes missing, Shade's life [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.As if being a teenager isn't hard enough, imagine being the new girl, and imagine being the new girl name Galactic Shade Griffin. That's right. Poor Shade has to go through life with people laughing at her in her public life and an erratic drug and alcohol addicted mother in her private life. If things couldn't get any worse, there's a ghost in her bedroom and when her life starts settling down slightly, her best frie [...]

    13. *Author Marilyn Peake was kind enough to send me a copy of this book for read and review! Thank you!*Galatic Shade Griffin, that very name is proof that Shade's mom was unpredictable and flighty. Shade has to move once again after her mom breaks up with yet another of her boyfriends. However, this time, her move is different. Unlike the bullies that she usually attracts because of her name, she may have actual friends and be known around the school for something other than her strange name. Oh, [...]

    14. *Note: This book was given to me by the author for the purpose of reviewing.*I must say that I don't like the cover. All in all, it gives the wrong type of mood for the book. Also, it doesn't tell me anything about the actual book. Is this a story about leaves? If so, I read the wrong thing. Either way, I have an issue with book covers like this. Overall, the jacket did a nice job summarizing the book. The summary also matches the tone of the book perfectly.While Shade at first seems like a ghos [...]

    15. This novel wears many hats. It's a ghost story, a detective story, and most compellingly (at least for me), a story about a teenage girl desperate to find her own way in life.Shade (real name, Galactic Shade Griffin!) moves into a new town with her alcoholic, drug-addicted mother. Her new house is haunted by a boy with a terrible past. And this is just the least of Shade's concerns. Teenage girls are disappearing at an alarming rate, including Shade's best friend. What I loved the most about thi [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book I liked the elements of mystery and uncertainty and general teenage life all mixed into one.The book was kept tense and exciting all though to the end and had a real sense of mystery. I received this book in a giveaway and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of mystery solving :) Sypnosis: Thanks to her offbeat mother, Shade’s full name is Galactic Shade Griffin. Having a name like that while being the new girl in school is pretty much catnip for [...]

    17. Shade, by Marilyn Peake, is a great read. About a junior in high school trying to come to terms with who she is amidst dealing with an offbeat mother who changes boyfriends and moves from town to town frequently, she finds out that her new attic bedroom is haunted, her new best friend disappears, and she becomes recognized as a talented artist and journalist in her school newspaper. The author writes from the perspective of the main character, Shade and takes on some real issues that teens deal [...]

    18. I received a free copy of this book through the First Reads program.I couldn't finish this bookShade was an uninteresting and extremely annoying character. She was quite realistic to a middle schooler, a teenage girl, who has nothing but disdain for everything and practices self harm. The writing was that of a 13 yr old girl, and if that's the voice the author was looking for, she did well. Everything in the book was rushed and choppy, I ended up skimming through the rest of it.All of the big t [...]

    19. W.O.W. !!!! I must say that this book was very amazing and emotional. I swear that I could feel all of the deep emotions that each character was either going through or feeling. I have never read a book like this one. Shade was an amazing character, from my opinion in what I read she learned that she could help people and deal with her life. Cause so many others can have it worse. Her friendship with Brandon was great. He had alot to learn himself. I really loved this story. I thought that it wa [...]

    20. Dark subjects written in young YA voiceI want to be diplomatic with this review because I think this is a YA book that is written for younger readers than I. On the one hand it deals with cutting, alcohol & drug addiction, bad/neglectful parenting, child slavery, and forced illegal adoptions which are all intense topics. On the other hand the narration is first person perspective of an intellectually flighty teen girl who will take us on long random thought-tangents for the sake of character [...]

    21. I won this book through First Reads! Thank you Marilyn Peake!Shade is a girl struggling through life. Then she meets Brandon, a ghost with a tragic past. During the school year a lot of mysterious events happen, not only in school but in Shade's life as well.I really enjoyed reading about the friendship between Shade, Brandon, and their friends. I loved reading about the mysterious disappearance of girls and how Shade and her friends became heroes.Enjoy your reading!

    22. I thought this was a unique story. Not my normal genre but I was captivated by the soy goes imaginationsnd impressed with the way she handled some of the awful problems that face out youth of today. Self harm and drugs and alcohol abuse are not easy subjects to write about but I thought the author handled the subjects with great care. A really good story, well written and enjoyable in its own way

    23. This read is fantastic. The story line kept me engrossed from the beginning of the book until the last page. The main characters are very likable & totally able to relate with. The author brings into play some of the problems facing teens today. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys the magic that is found in all of us.

    24. GoodThis was a very good book. It was a little bit different from my normal read. It had ghosts, mystery,and friendships. It also had a wonderful story line and I loved the characters. So grab your copy and enjoy reading.

    25. Loved this story. The characters and plot were amazing. Totally different then I was expecting and a lot of deeper stuff also. Lots of dark but also lots of light. Very good

    26. I received this book as a gift .Started reading it and could not put it down. I loved how it kept me guessing. Great book.

    27. I felt this story started out well. I liked the portrayal of the main character although I do feel she acted a lot younger than most her age. I expected her to be around 13, & was very surprised to find her of driving age. (i.e.: at least 16, this being set in the USA).Shade's background may give her reason to not trust police or adults. But when her best friend goes missing, thought to be kidnapped, Shade & her friends find clues which may lead to the missing girl's whereabouts and save [...]

    28. I really enjoyed reading this book, I think it’s a great start to a new series, however, I feel there were several questionable aspects to the book – such as, a few teenagers and a psychic trying to solve a really awful crime and who come across significant information but never go to the police until the very end (which in my mind caused more harm to others); Shade and her friends came across as being a lot younger than 16 or 17; the teenagers seemed to readily accept the existence of ghost [...]

    29. A motivational story about teenagers working together and doing the right thing to help friends in trouble, even at risk to themselves. Shade has always felt embarrassed about her name and her family, with feelings of guilt and responsibility for what has happened to her mother. She gains a different insight into the situation as well as finding direction and obtaining recognition for her own efforts. Shade and her group of friends skate along the edge of deadly danger while investigating what h [...]

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