Classic Victorian & Edwardian Ghost Stories

Classic Victorian Edwardian Ghost Stories This is a book to be read by a blazing fire on a winter s night with the curtains drawn close and the doors securely locked The unquiet souls of the dead both as fictional creations and as real appa

  • Title: Classic Victorian & Edwardian Ghost Stories
  • Author: Rex Collings David Stuart Davies
  • ISBN: 9781840220667
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a book to be read by a blazing fire on a winter s night, with the curtains drawn close and the doors securely locked The unquiet souls of the dead, both as fictional creations and as real apparitions, roam the pages of this haunting new selection of ghost stories by Rex Collings.

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    1. Still four stars, in despite of my complaining at the beginning.I read the stories in chronological order (which is how they're printed in the book), and honestly, until Charles Dickens, I wasn't sure if I was going to like this. Half of the first six stories do not feature a ghost at all, and in the case of The Story of Mary Ancel by William Makepeace Thackeray, I was completely baffled it was in a ghost stories book at all, even if you stretch the meaning of 'ghost' to 'eerie'. Either it's jus [...]

    2. A mixed bag of stories, some are really good, some are average, and (as at least one other reader has noted) some don't have a ghost in them at all. The editor chose them based on not being 'horror' so they aren't that scary, but some will make you think, and most are entertaining. At any rate it is always nice to read something written in a different era.

    3. I bought this ghost stories collection from Blackwell's for 3£, and since I love good spooky tales, I thought that I should know more of the classic ones. However, this book is a 50/50. Half of the stories weren't even supernatural and were quite boring, but there are some good examples, like The Tell-Tale Heart by Poe (of course), An Account of Some Strange Disturbances in Aungier Street and Narrative of a Ghost of a Hand by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (one of the best horror story writers of that [...]

    4. This is a great sampling of ghost (and general horror) stories from the early 1800s on -- although most of them do involve the spirits of our dearly departed, there are one or two that are just creepy or disconcerting without all of the shrouds and rattling chains. Worth a read just for The Canterville Ghost's inclusion, which is an old favorite of mine and will have you cackling out loud rather than hiding under the blankets! If you're a folklore and horror buff like me, you may also recognize [...]

    5. It's hard to rate this book since the stories are completely different from one another. Some do not even seem to have anything supernatural hinted at? Anyway, some of these I really liked others not so much. I guess three is a good average for this book though it's more of a 2 1/2 starsThere are a couple stories that made chuckle -something I wasn't expecting to read here - but most were the 'typical' spooky (at the time) stories so do with this information as you will.

    6. A mixed collection with some stories I could never recommend but some classics amongst them including Wilke Collins The Traveller's Story of a Terribly Strange Bed and Laura by HH Munro. Also included is the incomparable Oscar with The Canterville Ghost. The book is worth keeping on your shelf for that alone - a laugh out loud ghost story.

    7. the tapestried chamber (scott): 3/5the tell-tale heart (poe): 5/5an account of some strange disturbances in aungier street (le fanu): 2/5the phantom coach (edwards): 4/5man-size in marble (nesbit): 3/5the haunted doll's house (james): 4/5a school story (james): 4/5Thurnley abbey (Landon): 5/5laura (Saki h.h. munro): 5/5still unread:the spectre of tappington (barham)the botathen ghost (hawker)the squire's story (gaskell)the story of mary ancel (thackeray)the story of the bagman's uncle (dickens)t [...]

    8. Not all of these are ghost stories despite the title, some of them are actually crime stories. not surprisingly the best stories are mostly by the authors who continue to be famous 100 years later. Some of my favorites were the two stories by Charles Dickens. In general I don't enjoy Dickens' longer writing, but in the constrained space of a short story his writing is really good. In particular I liked "The Story of the Bagman's Uncle" which has a delightful 17th century atmosphere to the ghostl [...]

    9. Not all of these ghost stories are Victorian or Edwardian—not all of them are ghost stories. A lot of big names are included—Charles Dickens, whose short stories are less tedious than his novels, but not much; Edgar Allen Poe, whose Tell-Tale Heart may or may not qualify as a ghost story; Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, who, for all his influence, can't write for shit; &c.—and Collings deserves credit for managing to include four female authors (out of nineteen); these short story collections [...]

    10. Some stories are interesting & engaging some, well not so much.Some are classic unforgettable Litature, like the "telltale heart" & others Are bitter sweet like "Phemie's Story".All in all it was quite a good read, & there defiantly was not a "Ghostly" part in the whole thing, in fact majority if not all the book is quite "Ghost Free"& if you chance upon a copy in a second hand book shop, you should maybe give it a goYou might be delightfully un-spooked!Read this Review & oth [...]

    11. This is an anthology of stories, some were very good, like the Wilde's one, which was funny even if it wasn't scary at all. Some stories don't really are ghost stories, they just talked about strange things, and others, that you shouldn't read alone in your bedroom at midnight.Whether it be for people who like happy ending or to be scared or people who want to laugh, this collection of stories is a reliable source for ghost story lovers.

    12. While it does contain a few brilliant stories, "The Canterville Ghost" and "The Tell-Tale Heart" being old favorites that were a lot of fun to re-read, I cannot say that the majority of the stories were particularly engaging nor particularly scary. Most of them were just dull, with the exception of "Markheim", "Bagman's Uncle" and the amusing "The Spectre of Tappington".

    13. So far, I could only finish 'The tale of the bagman's uncle' by the Englend's most well known writer. Not the average Charles Dickens style one would expect, but it was an action packed short story. Dickens shows us what high adventure might be found in the company of ghostly passengers of antique coaches

    14. Would have been better called "Classic Victorian & Edwardian Fireside Tales" or some such since about a third of the stories have no ghost in them. The editor has deliberately gone for a mix of styles, with quite a few humorous stories, some melodramas and only about half really trying to be scary.

    15. A great read on chill fall and winter nights. Not all this book's stories are on ghosts however, some are about murder (which is personally less to my taste :)). The Wilkie Collins and the dark humoured Oscar Wilde stories were my favorites.

    16. After reading the table of contents, I opted for the Oscar Wilde ghost story. As expected, it was witty and not quite as predictable as the others might be. But the rest of the stories in the book seems less whimsical, so I called it a day.

    17. Some brilliantly odd and quirky efforts that appealed greatly to my love of both short stories and dark fiction, my favourite being 'The Haunted Dolls House'. Underneath several unsuspecting and conservative titles lay some real challenges. Good choices, Rex Collings.

    18. A good collection of ghost tales, not that I'm a huge reader of spooky type stories. For me, the highlight was of course Oscar Wilde's, with the wonderful ghost who is trying - and failing - to scare off those loud and brash Americans.

    19. Abandoning for now as I am unable to find my copy of the book ��� it disappeared sometime over Christmas. Will reconvene when I find it.

    20. A bit of fun. Not all the stories are purely 'ghostie' some are a little spookie, others are pure ghost story and others just good, period literary enjoyment.

    21. Mixed bag. Some great stories, some mediocre. Not all are ghost stories. Some are tales of murder or odd events.

    22. Great collection! Lots of fun to read around Halloween. Just finished this tonight, so I'm not sure how soundly I'll sleep

    23. Some of the stories are good and chilling, others don't have ghosts and aren't quite as good. Overall, it was interesting and chilling :)

    24. I do like reading stories from it now and again but that's probably because they are not frightening or even close to eerie so I can sleep pretty good no matter how many of them I read.

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