But For You

But For You Jory Harcourt is finally living the dream Being married to US Marshal Sam Kage has changed him it s settled the tumult of their past and changed Jory from a guy who bails at the first sign of trouble

  • Title: But For You
  • Author: Mary Calmes Finn Sterling
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Jory Harcourt is finally living the dream Being married to US Marshal Sam Kage has changed him it s settled the tumult of their past and changed Jory from a guy who bails at the first sign of trouble to a man who stays and weathers the storm He and Sam have two kids, a house in the burbs, and a badass minivan Jory s days of being an epicenter for disaster are over DomeJory Harcourt is finally living the dream Being married to US Marshal Sam Kage has changed him it s settled the tumult of their past and changed Jory from a guy who bails at the first sign of trouble to a man who stays and weathers the storm He and Sam have two kids, a house in the burbs, and a badass minivan Jory s days of being an epicenter for disaster are over Domestic life is good.Which means it s exactly the right time for a shakeup on the home front Sam s ex turns up in an unexpected place A hit man climbs up their balcony at a family reunion And maybe both of those things have something to do with a witness who disappeared a year ago Marital bliss just got a kick in the pants, but Jory won t let anyone take his family away from him Before he knew what it felt like to have a home, he would have run Not any He knows he and Sam need to handle things together, because that s the only way they re going to make it.

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    1. If this wasn't a buddy read with Ery and Eve I would have given this one star. Buddy experience = 5/5. Book = 1/5.Yes, for me it was that disappointing, and I don't understand what the rest of you 5-star raters were reading; it couldn't have been the same book I bought.The reasons for my disappointment: #1 Jory and Sam have little page time together. Example: one main plot point is a family reunion. At this reunion children and their caregivers have one set of activities, and unencumbered adults [...]

    2. Ode to JThere once was a man named Jory,He made me obsess on this story.He was very beautiful and so very kind,And always in trouble with his distracted mind.His skin was so golden and his eyes were so brown,There was no one who could resist him in the whole windy town.He had a big knack for trouble and an eye for things pretty,He loved jazz clubs and good scotch and was always quite witty.Then he met Sam - a big handsome guy,The cop who started off straight - but then maybe was bi?A detective w [...]

    3. It is so good to see Jory grown up. He's still manic, gleeful, young-at-heart extrovert with the attention of a sparrow, but having children and a husband has made him into a real live adult, and he throws himself into caring for his family with the same passion he used to throw himself into trouble, but with much better results. The dynamic between Jory and Sam hasn't changed-- Sam is still the ultimate alpha and Jory still has a hummingbird brain that needs to be brought to heel, but Sam has b [...]

    4. ***4.5 Stars***FAVORITE, FAVORITE, FAVORITE!!!! "And I always knew I was the one for you, always. There was never a doubt in my mind.""No?""No. It was why I couldn't be the guy anyone else needed, because I was already the one that you needed."Seeing how far Sam and Jory have come was just fantastic! Settled, happy, married with kids comfortable in their love for each other. "You're it, you're home for me. If it's not you, it won't be anybody. I can't settle, it's all or nothing.""I know.""I lov [...]

    5. Reread June 26 2016.Loved it, maybe even more than the first time, if that's possible :)24-08-2015What can I say. It's Jory and Sam, so I loved it. I did hate Sam a bit because he lied about that stupid Kevin guy. I was also a bit pissed at him for being mad at Jory, when Sam was the one fucking up and not Jory.Off to the next, and I think final, book.5 stars !!!

    6. I think I highlighted/bookmarked more quotes and passages in this book than in all of the others combined. I love Sam and Jory. What may be considered mild spoilers ahead!It's five years since Bulletproof and Sam and Jory are settled into married life happily with two children, Kola and Hannah. Normally, I stay away from kids in stories, but the introduction of their kids didn't put me off because Calmes tempers what could be the annoyance of little kid talk with humor in a way that I just flat [...]

    7. This was definitely different than the other books in this series. Be ready to go into a sugar coma from all the cuteness in this book.For the first half of this book I was kind of waiting for something to start happening, when I realized, this was it. This story of kids, cats, family, and love, was it. And I loved it. This made me all mushy inside. And I also want to mention I’m totally in awe of Mary Calmes and how she can write about the Netherlands and get EVERYTHING wrong. (Mykola, the bo [...]

    8. ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Might contains spoilers*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱We're back with the couple Jory Harcourt (35) and Samuel “Sam” Thomas Kage's (46) their journey that keeps going. Why don't they have the same last name, btw? They are married after all. Jory and Sam now have two kids; Mykola “Kola” Thomas Kage (6) and Hannah “B” Regina Kage (4). The book time jump with 5 years, I think, and everyone pretty much has kids. Someone is trying to kill/stop Sam, and using Jory to do that, doesn' [...]

    9. Beautiful and sweet, that's how I describe this book! After reading the growth of Jory and Sam's love trough this amazing series, I feel very satisfied with this last book of their lives the domestic routines, the love and the care for their loved ones were amazing, it was as if I was living with them! I really love this book!I can read this book as many times as I want, and I will always love this couple!

    10. Trigger warning - lots of little kids being cute!Fast forward Sam and Jory have 2 kids now, Kola 6 and Hannah 4. Of course, they are cute and clever and Jory and Sam are the best parents ever. It's true, they are such terrific parents that they are god parents to about 20 other kids. Sam and Jory seem to be solid as a couple, but oddly enough, they don't seem to spend lots of time together. When the are together, they have awesome sex, which is great. But we never really see them bonding in a no [...]

    11. A LOVE STORY & TRUE COMPLETION IN A MATTER OF TIME I knew it would be justAMATTEROFTIME! In book 1-4 through we had many, many rocky roads full of tears, why's and no, no, no you did not do that! but, it was only aMATTER OF TIMEand we get it, Sam and Jory'sHEA. This writer listened to her fans and delivered as promisedThe Book~The writing is solid and just pulls me in and oh my GAWD I love it. ★This book made had me LMAO ★The pacing was excellent.★Jealous possessive lover'sGawd I freak [...]

    12. 6/20/2016 serious fan girl so take my word with a grain of salt, but I still love it. After countless readings, Mary Calmes just does it for me.**** previous review****8/13/2015GR ate my review so here is a shorter versionI love, love, love Jory and Sam. If you've made it this far into the series, then I don't have to tell you what happens. Jory is a trouble magnet (and the "Love god"). Speaking of Jory being the love god, I've read and/or listened to this multiple times. HOW IN THE HELL did I m [...]

    13. Audio Edition I'm a bit torn about this. I have to say though that the narrator of this book was my favorite out of all of them and greatly enhanced my enjoyment.It's been approximately 12 years since Jory and Sam first met and though they've thankfully matured a bit and have become settled, their love has not diminished. This last chapter was definitely more mellow, the hijinks not even close to being crazy. I'm still on the fence whether I missed it or not.As I've said before, and I'll say it [...]

    14. No real surprises in this one. The everybody loves Jory train continues to roll, only now, his whole family seems to be encompassed in Jory's aura of awesome, because everyone was just as enamored with Sam and their kids. I did wish there was more of the action plot included in the book, and more actual relationship, instead of Jory constantly getting into one mess after another, mixed in with domestic family fun time. It almost felt like this is just the author, not wanting to let this couple g [...]

    15. Oh Jory, I just love you to death! You and Sam have given me so many wonderful hours of pure reading indulgence and pleasure, and I can't even begin to tell you how much I adore you both. I will truly miss seeing you both in new adventures, but I can take solace in the fact that I can always go back and re-read your earlier stories. As for this latest tale, it was everything I had hoped for and more. Thank you so much.

    16. But for you, where would I be?”This was perfect. It was all Sam and Jory all the time. It was Jory all grown up and doing adult things. It was Sam and Jory being parents with the coolest short people and the most manic cat who destroys everything. It was bliss. It was romantic. It was over the top per the usual but it was Sam and Jory together more than apart and it was everything. I don't normally read an author back to back, let alone read one for an entire week but this series, it's the exc [...]

    17. 3.5 starsFINALLYI find that when reading a series, I can be hyper-critical of each individual book (who? me?) but still love the series as a whole. That's been the case with the Matter of Time serieseach book was good, but the big picture is great. Well with "But For You", I feel Mary Calmes finally hits her stride with Sam & Jory. Or maybe I'm just happy that they're happy. Married, kids, steady jobs, and a lot less drama. You'd think that would make for a boring book, but instead, it equal [...]

    18. "Marital bliss just got a kick in the pants, but Jory won’t let anyone take his family away from him."If I've waited through 5 freaking books only to have Sam be a cheater I may do something rash.

    19. I LOVE this family and I still love Jory and Sam. Kola and Hannah got a piece of my heart too! I love all of their extended family and friends. I will never get tired of reading books with them in it:-)11/30/16 Rereading this one againLove this series

    20. God! These two just get better and better as time goes byI've enjoyed the ride so much!! I never want this series to end Now onto Duncan and Aaron**audio edition** Jan 28 2018Still missing Paul Morey but this narration is much better than book 5.I really enjoyed this one so much. I love the fact that the kids play a larger part in the story. They are too cute for words. This narrator is awesome so much better than the last book.Sam and Jory are just epic and I love the fact that once Sam commits [...]

    21. I've been waiting for this book for a while and it was a very satsifying ending to the story of these two men that were one of the first M/M couples I'd ever read about.There's been a jump of four years since the last book. The guys have expanded their family to include two children, a boy and a girl and they live in the suburbs. Jory is telecommuting to work and Sam has risen up the ranks of the US Marshal service. I think the best part of this book is that Jory is all grown up and knows it. He [...]

    22. The final book in this series, and I am heartbroken. It had a beautiful ending, wrapping up Jory and Sam's story but I ended up never wanting to know that there is no more.Jory and Sam are now settled into life together. They have a home and children. More importantly, they have the knowledge that they have forever. Nothing is going to tear this wonderful couple apart.Finally Jory has grown up. He is a father now, and his priorities are those of any other parent. Sam is still the hot alpha he ha [...]

    23. For me, these books simply got better as the series continued. Love the way Sam has become so open about his love for Jory, and has grown so comfortable in his own skin, so to speak. Also a great set up for Aaron to finally stop fixating on Jory and another book. (Which I just ordered)***** This is probably my fav book in the series; loved the introduction of Duncan (maybe Aaron willget beyone his Jory-obsession. And, as usual, Jory's "trouble magnet" factor (which I find to be familiar and ende [...]

    24. Read 11/8/2013Reread 03/29/2016, 1/28/2017, 5/13/2017, 1/19/2018I adore Sam and Jory. I don't think there will ever be a time when I won't enjoy reading (and rereading) their stories.

    25. Second readI still loved it and always will I have a very special place in my heart for Jory and Sam.First read 16/06/2015Combined review for A Matter of Time Book 1-6 may contain spoilersJory had me in tears and not sad ones, I laughed so much I was peeing through my eyes!!!Man oh man I couldn't decide if Jory was just plain stupid, special or just weird. What I do know is Jory = ADHD on crack!!!Detective Sam Kage the strait scary cop falls head over heals in love with the bat crazy Jory Keyes [...]

    26. In this book we get lots of details about family life that I didn't really want to know, occasional random Bad People doing Evil and/or Stupid things to Jory which, of course, Jory triumphs over (as always), lots of talk about how Dominant and Sexy Sam is, and -- oh yeah -- an Underworld Kingpin who is carrying a torch for Sam and wants to eliminate Jory so he can have Sam all to himself.Ugh. Jory, as ever, is the perfect Mary Sue and nearly the exemplar of the chick-with-dick meme, who just can [...]

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