One thought on “The Blizzard: Issue Twelve”

  1. A bit of a mixed bag for me this issue.The early articles about Barca / Real Madrid did little for me.However, the articles about the relationship between chess and football seemed to drag. I felt Scott Oliver made a pretty obvious and basic point in the first paragraph suggesting football needs imagination and artistry and is not a chess match. He then seemed to spend pages and pages expounding on this which I found quite difficult to get through, a tad boring and not really going anywhere. I d [...]

  2. Another engrossing outing for The Blizzard which has now outlasted the publication it was inspired by, a Sunderland-based weekly newspaper from 1893. Highlights this time include Scott Oliver debunking the football/chess analogy and Javier Sauras and Felix Lill on Filipino soccer. Pick of the crop, however, is Matthew Campelli on Birmingham's struggle to punch its weight as a football city.

  3. As always, a superb collection of essays and articles. Along with When Saturday Comes and your club's fanzine is probably the only essential reading that a football fan needs.

  4. As ever, a good mix of articles - some more outstanding than others, but variety to suit all footballing tastes I'd say

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