The Expat Diaries: Single in the City

The Expat Diaries Single in the City Librarian note alternate cover edition of B I N JSM Take one twenty six year old American add to a two thousand year old city add a big dose of culture clash and stir To think Hannah ever believed

  • Title: The Expat Diaries: Single in the City
  • Author: Michele Gorman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian note alternate cover edition of B00I2N8JSM.Take one twenty six year old American, add to a two thousand year old city, add a big dose of culture clash and stir.To think Hannah ever believed that Americans differed from Brits mainly in pronunciation, sophistication and dentistry That s been the understatement of a lifetime She lands upon England s gentle shoresLibrarian note alternate cover edition of B00I2N8JSM.Take one twenty six year old American, add to a two thousand year old city, add a big dose of culture clash and stir.To think Hannah ever believed that Americans differed from Brits mainly in pronunciation, sophistication and dentistry That s been the understatement of a lifetime She lands upon England s gentle shores with no job, no friends and no idea how she s supposed to build the life she s dreaming of Armed with little than her enthusiasm, she charges headlong into London, baffling the locals in her pursuit of a new life, new love and sense of herself.

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    1. Hannah Cummings has left her friends and family in Connecticut and has moved 3000 miles away to London, England. Hannah is looking for the perfect job, the perfect friends and the perfect man, but first she must get to grips with the English language. As she struggles to get to grips with a whole new world, Hannah not only manages to get herself a job but manages to make a few friends along the way. The perfect man however continues to elude Hannah as she finds herself dating a range of men tryi [...]

    2. Single in the City is the debut novel of author Michele Gorman. I was first drawn to this book by its cute cover, and its description definitely made it sound like the fun, light reads I love to devour. Needless to say, I was happy when I saw this sitting on the library shelf and was intrigued enough to check it out. I'm going to get the negatives out of the way first, as I really can't ignore them. The footnotes! I have never come across anything more annoying in a book than the footnotes this [...]

    3. I don't actually know where to start with this book. When I got it I was excited to read it because it sounded interesting, it had a good looking plot. A couple of chapters in and I was smiling, giggling, but I can't say that it lasted through the whole bookWe start the book when Hannah moves to London from America, instantly she's confused with the difference. Which is one thing that annoyed me, when she was showing the difference in language she was using words that we don't even use in Englan [...]

    4. I am a huge chick-lit lover, but this book completely disappointed me. I admit, it started out really good but then took a turn for the worse. Hannah moves to England from CT to seek change. The beginning was great - she was brave, she met a guy, etc. Then, it all went downhill. About a quarter of the way through I ended up disliking Hannah so much it was rough to finish. I hated her as a person. She was annoying, selfish, shallow, desperate, and showed zero growth throughout the entire book. [...]

    5. I don’t usually read much chick-lit, but occasionally I’ll pick one up and more often than not, I’ll enjoy it at least a little. On this particular occasion, I enjoyed it rather a lot!Hannah is a quirky and lovable character who doesn’t have a load of money to spare, doesn’t have a high-flying career, and doesn’t have a clue – which makes her all the more accessible and easier to relate to for us mere mortals who don’t live on the pages of your usual, run-of-the-mill light novels [...]

    6. Outstanding! If you read one more book this year, let this one be THE ONE!!! You won't be sorry. Hannah is like each one of us. You will love her fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants attitude, which she has from beginning to end. I mean who does that? Who flies to another country, not knowing anyone, just wanting something different??You tend to think everyone is like us, in the US. But they aren't! Totally different meanings to words -- This book will have you laughing and laughing, and reading parts t [...]

    7. I don't read a lot of adult chick-lit but, when I do, I like it to be of the lighthearted variety. Single in the City was a fun, humorous read about a subject that interests me: the difference in US and UK culture. Gorman is an expert transitioning from one continent to another, and it definitely showed through in her story.Single in the City started off a little bit slow for my taste, and I did wonder if I'd like it. It took me a good 50-75 pages to warm to Hannah and her decision to move from [...]

    8. Single in the City by Michele Gorman was without a doubt the best book ever! I rarely read books that are based in other countries (mostly because not a lot of authors write books that are mainly based in another country). Reading this book just made me want to go to London even more! I've always wanted to go to London to see all of what's there and reading this book kinda gave me a glimpse of what London has to hold. Single in the City is about a 26 year old American who flies to London on the [...]

    9. This book let me down. I was hoping to like it moreanted it is considered "chick lit" I generally enjoy reading novels like this once in a while for various reasons. Not that I was expecting the next great American novel or anything, but here are a few things which turned me off from this book. 1) There was not much continuity between chapters, and sometimes even between paragraphs/sections within the chapter. 2) I felt like the autor was trying too hard to be witty/clever, and therefore most of [...]

    10. I was at the library and saw this book and thought, nunca en mi vida. Then I noticed Big Ben and the Eye were part of the swirly cartoon drawing on the front, so I picked it up to read the blurb and roughly, "Hannah has left her frens and family in the US behind and is following her dream to live in England. Dream life? Should Hannah just dream on? She wanted a big change but maybe it would have been simpler and cheaper to just get a haircut. Was she mad to move 3,000 miles away from everyone sh [...]

    11. I received this book while completing an internship at Penguin in London. I expect that the american version might have different footnotes than those in the UK version (since obviously Americans understand the Americanisms). I read this book while on vacation in Cyprus and it was the perfect beach read. I often laughed and shared the funny incidents with my friends (one who is American and one who is British) and we compared experiences. If you want to know what living in London is like, you ju [...]

    12. The worst thing about this book is that the author seems to have only written one! I've been looking for another writer to entertain as much as Sophie Kinsella, and I've found her. I loved the main character, Hannah, who reminded me of a (slightly) less ditzy Beckie Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series. Hannah isn't as shopping-obsessed though and the trials and tribulations of her recent move to London, her attempts at dating and keeping her job had me laughing out loud through the whole book! [...]

    13. Words can't even describe how much I loved this book. Hannah is looking for an adventure and a life changing experience and that is what she got when she London. This book was a laugh out loud. There were times where I as the reader was like what is she thinking and then there were other times where I was like I feel your pain. Over all Muchele did a wonderful job writing the book and I can't wait for the sequel.

    14. This is a hillarious fun to read romance novel! I loved it from the beginning to the end. I have already "loaned" my copy to my daughter and I know she will enjoy it as much as I did.FTC disclosure: I was given a copy of this book by the author hoping I would review it.

    15. I really liked the sound of Michele Gorman’s debut novel, Single In The City, as soon as I heard about it. Telling the story of American Hannah and her move to London, it seemed to offer an original slant to the chick lit genre, it’s one I’ve not come across before anyway.I’m pleased to say that I was right. Single In The City gives fresh breath to the usual chick lit story. Yeah, some of the characters and situations are a bit clichéd…Hannah is ditsy, works in PR and is unlucky in lo [...]

    16. Hannah decided to dive right in when she went to change things about her life. Single again, after being dumped, and laid off laid from her job Hannah decides she should go to London. So, without a plan or a return ticket she heads off. A new city, where she doesn't know anyone, has a short time before she will have to leave if she can't find a job (which she then has to get permission to work), but at least she speaks the language right? Hannah soon learns that she may not know as much as she t [...]

    17. I have mixed feelings about this book. There are aspects that I adored and there are aspects that annoyed me. Yeahs ::* The cover is fun and whimsical.* Luvd the idea of starting life over in another country. It was fun following Hannah's journey. Learning the ins and outs of London. Seeing the difference in American culture and English culture was a treat. * There are many laugh out loud moments. * Her flat mates were fun. Siobhan was a good character. Sadly we didn't get to see much of the Aus [...]

    18. The author’s publisher, Notting Hill Press, sent me a copy of this novel in exchange for my review.“The Expat Diaries: Single in the City” shares a spirit with the Bridget Jones Diaries and the Shopaholic series. There is a lightness and warmth to Gorman’s style of writing. Hannah’s decision, however hastily made, is a commitment and one she’s determined to see through. She doesn’t anticipate something as simple as ordering a sandwich to be so different but she values the experienc [...]

    19. Impulsive decisions, carefree lifestyle, and no roots to tie you down - it's the upside to a 20-something's single life. And it's exactly what Hannah - the American transplant in London - embraces in Michele Gorman's first novel, Single in the City.Losing a job can be disheartening, but losing a job as a single, 26 year old can be just the push that's needed to start fresh and new in a different city and in Hannah's case, a new country and continent as well. With a little encouragement from her [...]

    20. This book is fun fast paced read with a lot of quirky characters and a very well developed and relatable main heroine Hannah. Hannah is American who moved to London in order to start a new life. In London she meets a lot of new and interesting people and finds herself in many funny situations that are result of cultural differences. The theme of a foreigner trying to adapt in the new country was my favorite part of the book. There are so many lough out loud moments in the book, for instance orde [...]

    21. I absolutly loved this book. I can relate easily to so many little things Michele Gorman descirbes her caracter Hannah finding herself in, since I´ve lived abroad for a while myself (not in London -it was Finand - and I´m not American - but Austrian- , still!).It took some moments to follow described situations every once in a while, because she tends to jump a bit (I sometimes was imagining Hannah still sitting somewhere thinking her thought, when actually I found out a sentence later, that s [...]

    22. I've read 5 of Michele's books now and this is the funniest! Ladies, you will find yourself in every page! Ever had an embarrassing moment on a date? Ever had a parent show up at an awkward time? Ever wear the wrong clothes or say the wrong thing? How about flashing a body part at an inappropriate time? Or worse having that stupid bedroom moment? And the issues at work that irritate, embarrass or frustrate? They are all here to make you laugh at yourself until you cry! I can't get enough of Mich [...]

    23. I read this book in two days because it was so good! Easy to read and fun. Kind of like more relatable British chick lit. I like books set in London but it was cool to get the perspective as the main character is American. I am single in the (a) city just like Hannah and reading about her dating exploits was interesting. I just read that there is to be sequel and I would definitely read a sequel because I was sorry when this one ended and want to know what happens to the main character. Even tho [...]

    24. Very cute and funny book! I definitely found myself laughing out loud at some scenes and really enjoyed the fish out of water aspects of the book. If you are looking for light fun beach read, I would highly recommend. My only issues with the book were how easy things were for the main character. She got a job, found perfect roommates, a new best friend with in like two days of moving and the perfect guy a little too easily in my opinion. If a little more reality was in the book, it would be real [...]

    25. A fun read. It was fun to follow Hannah around as she looked for a place to live and adjusted to a job working for a maniacal boss who is sleeping with her married boss who happens to be Hannah's boyfriend. See how complicated life can get?Watch as Hannah tries to balance relationships with her best friend from America and her new British bestie as well as several gentlemen friends one of who is a transplanted Yank as well. There is a lot going on in Hannah's new life. And things do not look lik [...]

    26. I loved this book! It is great, fun, chick lit read. Read it in 2 days, and stayed up late just to finish reading because I couldn't put it down. The writing is awesome, in a way that you really love and connect with Hannah. Hannah's the girl that hasn't figured it all out yet, and moves to London for a change. Sometimes she gets herself in to awkward situations, but always picks herself up in the end. Great, fun read, and can't wait for a sequel!!

    27. I picked this book up as I fancied something light-hearted to read and I was not disappointed with my choice. The book was easy to read and I did enjoy it, it is easy going chick-lit that you don't really need to think about and helps to pass the time and take your mind away from the normal day to day trivia. I enjoyed Hannah's character and even though the plot was a bit expected I still sat and read almost the last 200 pages in one sitting and it is not very often that I do that!

    28. I'll add new shelves as I go -- I don't read a lot of Chick Lit and this seems more Bridget Jones than women's fiction.Little quibble -- and it's not that I went over the book with a fine-tooth comb: it's St. Bart's (no "h"), Prince Philip, one l just little things but still. Well, all done. Maybe more 3 1/2* but it kept my interest and I'll be sure to follow Hannah and her bestie and Hannah's maybe-he's-the-one guy Sam -- to Hong Kong!

    29. This book is LOTS of fun. Gorman is a great addition to the chick lit world. Her main character Hannah is strong and feisty. And the story is fast moving and highly entertaining. If you like chick lit in the vein of Sophie Kinsella, Isabel Wolff or Marian Keyes, I think you would find Bella a great read so please download it if it's your cup of tea. Loved it!

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