Centipede's 100 Shoes

Centipede s Shoes When are shoes too many When you re a centipede And what do you do with too many shoes Why you give them away Find out to whom in this picture book about a centipede with sore feet Can you spot t

  • Title: Centipede's 100 Shoes
  • Author: Tony Ross
  • ISBN: 9781842702840
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • When are 100 shoes too many When you re a centipede And what do you do with too many shoes Why, you give them away Find out to whom in this picture book about a centipede with sore feet Can you spot the beetle with seven legs

    One thought on “Centipede's 100 Shoes”

    1. Cute story and fun art by Ross. Perfect book for any child struggling with shoe tying. Imagine having to tie so many laces, umpteen times a day?

    2. This book is not one that I would preferably want to use in my classroom to integrate a successful math lesson. There is not a lot of depth in the math throughout it, and in my mind it was a little bit confusing. I liked the fact that it was working on subtraction. It talks throughout the story about the centipede having a lot of shoes then having some left over. It goes on to say the same thing about his socks. During the story, the reader has to figure out how many he has left. An activity the [...]

    3. Little centipede stubs his toe and wants new shoes to protect his feet. However, putting them on and taking them off again takes so long (especially when he gets socks for each of his feet).There are several footwear-related books I like to read, and this is at the top of them. It's cute and informative to teach children about centipedes (their name means 100 feet, but they usually only have around 46) and I ask them how they would feel if they had to put on that many shoes each morning. Maybe a [...]

    4. WOW! Such a cute book. This book is great can be used to do so many activities. It has problem solving, addition, subtraction and subtraction. You can also read this book for the younger grades on the 100th day of school. I would probably give each group of students a character out of the book along with problem solving questions that they would have to figure out. Also a graph can be made to show how many legs each character in the book has, then problem solve to figure out how many shoues they [...]

    5. A little centipede stubs a toe and his mother decides to buy him 100 pairs of shoes. Problem is, centipedes usually only have 42 pairs of legs. But it still takes the little centipede a good while to get all of his shoes on and tied. He then finds that the new shoes hurt his feet. So his aunts begin to knit him socks. Only, now it takes little centipede until lunchtime to get all of his socks on and then after lunch he puts on all of his shoes and ties the laces. The next day he finally decides [...]

    6. I checked this book out at my school library in hopes of tying it in to my youngest son's 100th day of school. Although the number is mentioned, the shoe issue for the centipede overrides the number concept, and so my initial thought about how to use this book with him were sunk. Still, an enjoyable book for both of us!

    7. Kind of fell flat as a read aloud. Wish the language would have been more exaggerated about the putting on and taking off of shoes--or that the timing would have been clearer for the kids to really grasp the silliness of it all. Their favorite part was counting to 100 with the graphic in the end papers.

    8. I really enjoyed this book. It is about a centipede who decided he wanted to buy some shoes, but by the end of the story he realized it was too much work to put on shoes and socks every morning and take them off again at night. He decided to go and give all of his 100 shoes to all of his friends. This book is good for teaching about bugs and also about counting and putting things into pairs.

    9. This is a cute book that can help with counting to one hundred and would be a good book to read on the 100th day of school. It's also a good way to teach young kids that "centi-" means one hundred. You could use the book for activities, like figuring out how many friends Centipede could give shoes away to if all his friends had 6 feet, how many shoes would be left over, etc.

    10. Centipede bumps his foot, and his mother suggets that he buys shoes so he won't hurt his feet anymore. But the shoes hurt his feet, so he buys socks to go with them. But he spends so much time putting on and taking off his socks and shoes that he decides to just go back to the way he was and gives away his socks and shoes to all of his other insect friends.

    11. Such a cute story with very colorful pictures. About a centipede who hurts one of his feet and needs shoes, then socks, but then hates putting them on all the time and gives them away to his many insect friends.

    12. I read this to a first grade class celebrating the 100th day of school. Not only was it not a success, it bored me to tears. I think its a fun idea, but poorly written.

    13. This is a cute little book that introduces centi as a prefix of 100. Therefore, this is a great read for first graders to learn science units and a good leg way to count to 100.

    14. Good for addition and subtraction. Could also use it to lead to a math station: how many ways can the centipede divide up his shoes among his friends evenly? Grades K-2.

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