Fairies and Elves

Fairies and Elves Time Life has once again done an outstanding job putting together a series From cover to cover they are thoughtful beautiful books Illus by Arthur Rackham Edmund Dulac and many others Faries and Elv

  • Title: Fairies and Elves
  • Author: Tristram Potter Coffin
  • ISBN: 9780705408813
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Time Life has once again done an outstanding job putting together a series From cover to cover they are thoughtful, beautiful books Illus by Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac and many others Faries and Elves are Showcased in this volume

    One thought on “Fairies and Elves”

    1. A series from Time Life Books on myth, superstitions, and legend, brought to life with beautiful illustrations, and written in a fluid like prose that brings to mind a storyteller sitting by a crackling fire sharing his tales.I remember reading some of the books in this series when I was younger. I had purchased some through a mail order subscription, but didn't complete the collection, although you can still find them on , Ebay, and the like. YouTube even has a video of the original TV commerci [...]

    2. I love books that chronicle traditional fairy stories. Not fairy tales as people think of them now, with princesses and dragons. But stories about fairies, mortals, and the way the world criss and cross chaotically.This book focuses almost entirely on European and Russian tales, with a whole chapter dedicated to Irish tales and another chapter dedicated to Tam Lin. A little more diversity would have been nice, but I will never turn down a chapter on Irish folklore. The real gem, for me, was the [...]

    3. I inherited this set of books years ago from one of my brothers, and am just now getting around to reading them. I can find no place in the series that says what order they are supposed to be read in, so I've just been going through them alphabetically. So even though this is the third book in the series, it's the sixth one I've read. It doesn't appear to matter, as each book is written to stand alone. So if you are only interested in a few of the subjects from this series, you don't need to rea [...]

    4. My review for all of these books in this series is the same.Time-Life has once again done an outstanding job putting together a series. From cover to cover they are thoughtful, beautiful books. I'm starting to sound generic, but it's true. I'm a DK fan, I like white backgrounds and side notes with clear sections for every subject. This series has none of that. What they do have is an old book feel. Timeless artwork, thoroughness, and very well written makes these a must on my occult/paranormal b [...]

    5. Boring and not informative. Published by Time Life leads one to believe that their will be objective information. Or at least a chart indicating the difference between Fairies and Elves. Nope. It was a bunch of boring stories riddled with Welsh and Gaelic characters which always capture the evil of the fairy. Some of the pictures were cool though. I used some in my high school-era zine.

    6. I wrote my first creative story after reading this book as a child. This book really had a huge influence on me!

    7. As i've said about all these books in the series; AWESOMEEE!I loved all of these books, and they were all so very interesting.

    8. A very good reference of info and stories around the Fair Folk. I wish there had been more myths though on the Celtic Tuatha Dé Danann.

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