Last Laughs: Cartoons About Aging, Retirement...and the Great Beyond

Last Laughs Cartoons About Aging Retirement and the Great Beyond Book by

  • Title: Last Laughs: Cartoons About Aging, Retirement...and the Great Beyond
  • Author: Mort Gerberg
  • ISBN: 9781416551003
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Book by

    One thought on “Last Laughs: Cartoons About Aging, Retirement...and the Great Beyond”

    1. Though not especially mood-lightening, Death has has a long history of black humour associated with it. Parodies of the black-cowled figure remain in abundance, as do the steps leading up to His Eminent Arrival (Just take a look at the garish joke books and tacky birthday cards aimed at the 40+ and 50+ crowds). So upon the release of Last Laughs, a compilation of mostly-unpublished cartoons poking fun at retirement, illness, death, and the afterlife edited by The New Yorker's Mort Gerberg, there [...]

    2. I picked this up from a library display, and I enjoyed the comics immensely. Sometimes the comic bios at the end were even funnier. A great collection that I know my own father would have found a good giggle out of. I find that a few of the comics still roll around in my head and make me snicker. I find myself wanting to share the joke, but you really just need to read them. My 11- and 13-year-old children (most of the comics were appropriate) also read this book, but they sometimes needed expla [...]

    3. A book of cartoons on aging, retirement and death by different artists. Reasonable good set, considering the sombre subject. The compiler of the cartoons also added several pages of Q&A from the cartoonists, some of which were interesting, but perhaps could have been avoided to have more cartoons instead. Anyway, it is a quick fun read. So no harm done.

    4. The cartoons were great but I especially enjoyed the self-written biographies at the end of the book. The contributors were asked to answer 8 questions, one of which was "What words of wisdom do you have?" Funny people can be very wise.

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