Reel Trouble

Reel Trouble Limited cents sale Reel in your copy now A man satisfied with his catch and release type of dating until he meets the strong willed woman he can t throw back And you thought the men were wild From

  • Title: Reel Trouble
  • Author: Tiffinie Helmer
  • ISBN: B00JD03U1O
  • Page: 484
  • Format: ebook
  • Limited.99 cents sale Reel in your copy now A man satisfied with his catch and release type of dating, until he meets the strong willed woman he can t throw back.And you thought the men were wild From Tiffinie Helmer, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Wild Men of Alaska series, comes the first in the Wild Women of Alaska series This time he s fishing for forever FroLimited.99 cents sale Reel in your copy now A man satisfied with his catch and release type of dating, until he meets the strong willed woman he can t throw back.And you thought the men were wild From Tiffinie Helmer, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Wild Men of Alaska series, comes the first in the Wild Women of Alaska series This time he s fishing for forever From the moment Treat meets the new Deputy Chief of Dutch Harbor Seana Brogan, he s caught, and that s before she arrests him Unfortunately his love em and leave em ways have preceded him, and Treat suddenly finds himself in uncharted waters with Seana easily resisting his charms Fighting to get Seana to take his intentions seriously will be the most challenging fishing he s ever done.She refuses to bite No matter how tempting Treat Devereux seems, Seana knows the captain of the Sea Wolf is nothing but trouble the kind of trouble that could cost her, not only her heart, but also her job The last thing she needs is to hook up with the town s notorious bad boy Not when she must prove to all the naysayers that she was hired as deputy chief based on her own merits and not because of who her father is.While this Deadliest Catch town is taking bets on how long she ll last, the Real Housewives of Dutch Harbor have their own agenda and they re experts at tying people in knots.

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    1. REEL Trouble by Ms. Tiffinie Helmer is REAL GOOD. No, it better than good, it’s fantastic! It’s the flagship in her new series, Wild Women of Alaska.The same as her Wild Men of Alaska, this series contains 4 short novella’s that can be read as standalone, while still having a connected with her Full length novel series, Romance on the Edge. As the series name indicates, these stories are about the women of Alaska and I adore stories about strong independent women. Nobody does them better t [...]

    2. Get ready to be Reeled in for the next Wild Alaskan series by Tiffinie Helmer. If you are not familiar with Ms Helmer's books jump in she writes with such vivid detail . You can see Alaska feel the wind . She brings the story alive . The Wild Women of Alaska series will deliver much like her Wild Men of Alaska series. This series is filled with women who are strong independent and passionate. Not afraid to live the life they want.Treat is a treat to most women. A man who women come to him. Catch [...]

    3. Great start to a new series! I love Tiffinie's books. Alaska becomes more interesting and I find myself wanting to visit there soon. This really is a novella but Tiffinie often mixes novellas, short stories and full length novels in her serieswhich keeps us all guessing. In Reel Trouble we meet the new Deputy Chief, Serena, and fisherman and playboy of Dutch Harbor, Treat. I will admit, I did not like Treat at first. He was the town womanizer, having relationships with multiple women at the same [...]

    4. With every new book that Tiffinie Helmer produces, I proclaim it to be the best one yet, and it's true. They keep getting better and better, but this one blows the rest out of the water. It's better than all the others combined.In nearly 40 years of reading romances, this was the first time I wasn't rooting for a happy ending -- in fact, I didn't want an ending at all. I wanted the hero, Treat Devereaux, for myself. Sure, I understand that he's fiction, but I was hooked on that man from the firs [...]

    5. Takes a very strong woman to battle with the men of Alaska. Seanna took on the job of Assistant Police Chief in a town (village) in remote Alaska. Dutch Harbor is a fisherman's town. Rough and tumble town with action always happening. Treat a drift boat captain in Ms. Helmer's story "Hooked" didn't have a huge roll. But as the hero in this story he was one you would let into your real life. Seanna has a funny secrete that comes out in the most interesting time in the story. A must read for anyon [...]

    6. Tiffinie baits the hook and reels us in with quality writing. She spins a tale that will have you laughing. What do you say about a book that starts with action of a frozen fish, a stud muffin, two women fighting over the stud muffin and a new female sheriff in town. Well the bigger they are the bigger they fall and to see how this all plays out you really need to read. This is a new series by Tiffinie called Wild Women of Alaska. If you are not a reader of Tiffinie's books this is a good place [...]

    7. Tiffinie Helmer has done it again! This book is a very fast read because you cannot put it down. Based in the famous Dutch Harbor, Alaska, you are introduced to a strong minded woman and a gotta have womanizer. The heat created by these two is more than enough to melt all the glaciers in Alaska. Such a great introduction to Tiffine's new series. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    8. Treat and Seana rocked my world! (And the boat). I LOVED Tiffinie Helmer's Wild Men of Alaska. She transports me to this really exotic place every time I read one of her books. These Wild Women are gearing up to be even better! (if that's possible) This couple is unconventional, strong, sexy, and hilarious. I'm just enchanted by them!

    9. I enjoyed this book but wish it had been longer. It was filled with intense emotion and I felt there was more of a story to be told.

    10. I stayed up all night to finish this book and I want to start reading it all over again. I got the book as a gift from the Author and I thoroughly enjoyed it, just like I enjoy all of Tiffinie's books. This is the first book/novella of the "Wild Women of Alaska" and I can't wait to read the whole series. All her books have wonderful characters that I just adore, but I especially like it when the women are strong and independant. And the men are never shabby either. She makes me want to go to Ala [...]

    11. Reel Trouble: Wild Women of Alaska by Tiffinie Helmer is SOOO GOOD! I am new to Tiffinie and I am so Happy I found her and her AMAZING BOOKS!! This book keeps you wanting more! It Flows well! I couldn't put it down! I also LOVE ALASKA so reading about it is even better! Dutch Harbor is One of my Favorite places! Treat and Seana and so fun to go on the Journey with! I AM NOT A PERSON THAT WRITES SPOILERS SOOO I GUESS ALL I CAN SAY IS, GRAB YOUR COPY NOW! HURRY!

    12. Love this book. They just keep getting better. Seana and Treat are super hot! I can't wait for the next one.

    13. The first in another fabulously hot series by Tiffinie Helmer. Although all her series are about strong independent and bright women this one is slightly different. Her Romance on the Edge series was suspenseful and sexy. Reel Trouble has sexual tension from the get go and a sexy hot fisherman the cause of it all. Treat is a player and Seana is the Deputy Chief, newly hired and not looking for a relationship. I think you can figure out where this takes us. It's the sweet unexpected things Treat [...]

    14. Dutch Harbor, home of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch series, is also where Treat Devereux drops anchor when he’s not fishing and where Seana Brogan patrols the streets as Deputy Chief of Police. Treat’s catch and release dating style makes him the catch every girl in town hopes to land but when he meets the new Deputy Chief he gets hooked by her sexy looks and even sexier no-nonsense attitude. The trouble starts when Treat steals a kiss while in jail and then Seana’s hunger drives h [...]

    15. Well I had no Reel Trouble getting through this book because I could not put it down. It was funny and sexy and tender. What more can you ask for from a book. Great job Tiffinie!! It is a must read and I can't wait for book 2 to see what these wild women are up to!!!

    16. A rugged heroBelievable characters. Great story. Love learning about Dutch Harbor & UnAlaska.Enjoyed the descriptions of the area, people and scenery.

    17. Excellent first book in The Wild Women of Alaska series written by author Tiffinie Helmer. It's funny and sexy.

    18. This is a very fast quick read at only 110 pages. I would call it a novella not a novel because of the length. It takes about an hour to read so easily read in one evening. The book takes place in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska which is familiar to anyone who has watched the tv show Deadliest Catch. The leader characters are good but because of the length of the book, there is not really a lot of character development. Seana comes across like many in a male dominated profession, hard, inflexible and unca [...]

    19. 5.0 out of 5 stars Can you say SIZZLE!! April 2, 2014 By S. Laughner Format:Kindle Edition| Verified PurchaseThis is Ms Helmer's first book in her Wild Women of Alaska series. And Seana is just as hot as the wild men!! She's the new Deputy Chief in a small seaport in Alaska-- tough as nails and doesn't take any crap. She's more at ease in a man's world, but soon learns to hang with the girls. She arrests bad boy fisherman Treat for being the object of a fight between two female cousins and a fro [...]

    20. Talented author, Tiffinie Helmer has written another story to add to my re-read list. This sexy novela takes place in Alaska and features a hero who lives up to his name, Treat. The heroine, Seana, is the feisty new police chief of Unalaska and is the perfect match for Treat. I loved reading about the towns quirks and all of the people in it. I think one of my favorite scenes is when Treat and Seana first meet… was hysterical. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a sexy, funny a [...]

    21. Reel Trouble by Tiffinie Helmer is a great start to a new series about the wild women of Alaska. In this edition, we meet newly hired Deputy Chief (of Police) Seana Brogan as she meets successful fisherman Treat Devereaux. Treat has always been a love 'em and leave 'em type of guy and Seana is not one to get involved. And then they meet and she throws him in jail.You know it's going to be fun.

    22. All I can say is wow! I received Reel Trouble in a contest from the author and I couldn't put it down! This book is definitely right up my alley; I really like stories with bad boys and the women they change their ways for and this is a prime example! The story was well written and it was cool to have an insight on how life is off the fishing boats in Dutch Harbor. I can't wait to read another 'Wild Women of Alaska' book!

    23. As usual, I enjoyed this. So far, there's only been one of Tiffinie Helmer's book I didn't totally love. Having grown up in Alaska myself, the quirky characters are spot on. Seana is a great heroine and Treat is exactly as his name implies!

    24. Fun, sexy romp of a romance with enough of a storyline to keep it interesting. I liked Seana who is enough but not too much of a hardcase, and Treat is, well, Treat is a treat. Gorgeous man. Good reading.

    25. I love that this book gets a man and a woman together with two other women beating each other with a dead fish! Tiffinie Helmer does not disappoint and the laughs and romantic humor keep up through the story. Also Treat (the main man) is as sexy as it gets. This is one story to remember.

    26. Wow another home run for Helmer. This lady can't write a bad book. Her characters are well though out and developed. her story line keeps you drawn in and you keep the story with you.Tiffine is one of those Authors i will always suggest to anyone wanting a book book to loose themselves in.

    27. Like a good Shiraz, Reel Trouble starts out bold and spicy, with wonderful flavors that draw you in. It looses a bit in the finish, leaving the palate with a rush.See my full review at wp/p38Iym-2eL

    28. 3 Stars -Reel Troubleis an adult contemporary romance by Tiffinie Helmer and the 1st novella in herWild Women of Alaskaseries.

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