Warnings Of Gales

Warnings Of Gales Three women rent a holiday house in Cornwall for the summer Each brings with her children baggage in every sense and expectations This novel is the follow up to Goodbye Jimmy Choo

  • Title: Warnings Of Gales
  • Author: Annie Sanders
  • ISBN: 9780752877747
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three women rent a holiday house in Cornwall for the summer Each brings with her children, baggage in every sense and expectations This novel is the follow up to Goodbye, Jimmy Choo.

    One thought on “Warnings Of Gales”

    1. A great, light summer read. Touches on our expectations of vacations and other people and the reality that often forces us to see things in another light. Good, likeable characters.

    2. Imogen, who organised the holiday, is frighteningly capable and a bit of a control freak. With three children who are at the centre of her world, she’s determined that this holiday will be perfect. But is Imogen’s tidy life quite as happy as it seems?Sophie is Imogen’s oldest friend, dating back to the days when they would chat long after lights out at their Home Counties boarding school. Sophie knows she should be feeding her offspring organic cous-cous, but they love McDonalds’ apple p [...]

    3. Three women book a Holiday in Cornwall for 3 weeks it was booked in January but with bad weather and family feuds is it a success or is everyone glad to be going home?Imogen- The organiser of the Holiday she has 3 children she is a good cook and mother hen, she is married to Guy and guy is being posted to Hong Kong soon.Sophie- Imogens old school friend she is married to Hugh they have 2 girls, she is the peacekeeper.Jo- She is Sophie’s friend and took Caroline’s place, she is a Doctor singl [...]

    4. The story of three friends on holiday who take a holiday together.but as many of us will know from experience, that while a holiday with friends alwaysseems like a good idea it often doesn't work out quite as planned! Imogen & Sophie are old friends having been at boarding school together Jo, however is a bit of an after thought having only been asked after someone else has dropped out. The three are quite different characters.Imogen's a bit of a control freak. She's the one who organised th [...]

    5. A charming tale of friendships and family relationships.Imogen, Sophie and Jo all go on a shared holiday together to Cornwall, Jo was a last minute substitute for a mutual friend who dropped out.She is a single mother with a mixed race child and is sort of the odd one out in the group as they are in what the world sees as stable, happy relationships but is everything really as rosy as it seems on the surface, the friends learn a lot about each other and their lives and throughout the learning pr [...]

    6. I decided to read this as it was set in Cornwall, a favourite area of mine. The three main characters are Imogen, a domestic goddess, Sophie, a laid back, fluffy type and Jo, a snarky, sharp single mother. Sharing a holiday house with their kids, things are bound to be explosived they are at times. I feel sorry for Imogen who is desperately trying to engineer the perfect holiday but who makes the others (especially Jo) feel inadequate. And she (Imogen) is the archetypal 'jolly hockey sticks' gir [...]

    7. I found it a bit slow to get going. Started enjoying it about half way in and then couldn't put it down for the last ten chapters! I could relate to each of the three main characters at times - funny considering they were all so different. It's just the common thread of being a mother I suppose!

    8. This book was a welcome light refreshing read after Jodi Picoult. Really, a summer holiday read it was light enough to sail through and make you laugh. Imogen the perfect domestic goddess who could give Nigella a run for her money. Impeccable manners and well brought up children in English suburbia where ethnic is non existent. Sophie her laid back schoolfriend who doesn't seem to have let her boarding school upbringing rub off. She enjoys a healthy marriage to her husband and is the mother of t [...]

    9. I read this book because it had been left by a previous occupant at the self catering cottage where we stayed in Cornwall. It took me a while to decide how many stars to give it, because really, this book is exactly what it sets out to be, yet I just found it so STRESSFUL to read. I can't stand awkward social situations, I'm very much for being honest and as nice as possible, and this was like reading about my nightmare holiday. Plus I did find myself skim reading at one point, and the ending wa [...]

    10. Überraschenderweise mal wieder ein sehr netter Frauenroman (kein chick-lit!), dem ich meinen Erwartungen nach gar nicht so viel zugetraut hätte. Aber obwohl ich nicht viele der Charaktere so gern mochte, verfolgte ich gern ihre Urlaubserlebnisse. Die Aufteilung in die einzelnen Tage fand ich sehr gut, man wusste immer wo man stand.Um noch einmal auf die drei Hauptcharaktere zurück zu kommen: so recht identifizieren konnte ich mich mit keiner von Ihnen. Imogen war zu sehr 'perfekte Hausfrau', [...]

    11. Take three very different mum's and their children sharing a holiday home in Cornwall and you have a recipe for fun, friction and frolics. Wonder mum Imogen with her organising and fussing, wanting the perfect holiday; dreamy Sophie, quite content to laze around and let someone else do the organising and single mum Jo, seemingly laid back but with an undercurrent of tension. Over the three weeks, tensions come to the fore leading to some soul searching and decision making.This is fairly predicta [...]

    12. I read this as a challenge - to experience a novel written by two authors.So, as a text it read almost seamlessly. But as a story, for me, well, heck, it was annoying. The three main characters were unlovable stereotypes, there were no depths or insights and the plot - was there a plot? Assemble three annoying people plus their sweet kids in a house in Cornwall for three weeks, see what happens??I read it. Charity shop bag. Sorry!

    13. Just another chick lit and not much happened really, but the character observations lifted this above the usual quality of chick lit. The fact that I recognised elements of this holiday from personal experience also resonated with me - good stuff. Better than Jimmy Choo, will look out for more by this pair of authors (wonder how that works? wonder if they've holidayed together? so many questions).

    14. The book was about 3 seperate families holidaying together in a large house in Cornwall. Two of the husbands travel down to be with them at weekends. In the week they plan various things and the children learn to surf. I loved the setting as I knew most of the places mentioned and helped build the story in my mind. A nice easy holiday read- perfect for the beach.

    15. I enjoyed this book for its easy-read and fluidity. Many events happening over the course of a 3-week shared holiday, that may not may not have affected the outcome of the next event. A fun book, that doesn't leave you wishing for any less or any more.

    16. Loved the bookree ladies of different characters stay together for a holidayo hide their feelings of irritation from each other and on the last week, ended up with a SLAP!great ending sweet!

    17. Chick lit but very entertaining, three women and their children share a house for the holidayswhat could possibly go wrong?

    18. I enjoyed this book but I don't think it's the best of Annie Sanders. I thought it just laboured a little two thirds of way through but it didn't put me off. Quite believable characters though .

    19. Loved the summer feel to the book, reminded me of holidays with my children, and brightened up a cold Feb.Lovable believable characters, made me laugh and cry.

    20. I found the characters in this book really unlikeable, it wasn't a bad book but I was happy to finish it.

    21. Nice to get back into reading some British chic litBeen a while since a read their first novel "Goodbye Jimmy Choo"

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