A Feather To Fly With

A Feather To Fly With In Regency England young ladies make their fortune by marrying it But Cleo Cooper has come to London with a different idea she s going to make her fortune by stealing it Raised abroad by unconvention

  • Title: A Feather To Fly With
  • Author: Joyce Harmon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In Regency England, young ladies make their fortune by marrying it But Cleo Cooper has come to London with a different idea she s going to make her fortune by stealing it Raised abroad by unconventional parents, Cleo has no use for the rules and strictures of the ton She ll pretend to fit in, but she has a secret scheme.Arthur Ramsey, Duke of Winton, is in the marketIn Regency England, young ladies make their fortune by marrying it But Cleo Cooper has come to London with a different idea she s going to make her fortune by stealing it Raised abroad by unconventional parents, Cleo has no use for the rules and strictures of the ton She ll pretend to fit in, but she has a secret scheme.Arthur Ramsey, Duke of Winton, is in the market for a wife He imagines a sweet, conformable young lady who will gracefully fill the role of Duchess, secure the succession with an heir, and not interfere with his scientific pursuits That s what he s looking for but what he finds is Cleo Author s Note A Feather To Fly With is a traditional Regency If it were a movie, it would be rated PG, or even G.

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    1. This was an absolutely delightful traditional regency. I believe it's the author's first regency romance, and I understand she has written at least two more with secondary characters from this book. I look forward to reading them.

    2. Surrounded by society, servants and a sense of humor, Justin Amesbury valiantly guides the bewildered Arthur Ramsey, sixth Duke of Winton on his matrimonial quest, little realizing his own heart is in peril. Socially awkward Arthur, with further assistance from his mother, might manage to attach the woman fit to be her successor, if he approaches it all with the proper scientific method, takes good notes and remembers to send flowers, not books, as tokens of his regard.Like the song says, “But [...]

    3. This was such a fun read, absolutely delightful! I loved the secondary characters as much as the primary ones (I want a younger brother like Han!). The dialogue is clever and witty. I especially loved that the hero is a bit geeky and socially awkward.

    4. Madcap RECENCY AdventureI consider this story along the lines of a lighter Heyer novel.Liked the plot love the characters especially Arthur, Cleo.

    5. What I liked:1) The multiple povs.2) The slow burn romance, although to call it a burn is a bit of an overstatement.3) The dry humour and witty banter.4) This was completely clean both in language and content. I adore that the H was not a rake.What I didn't like:1) Most of the characters were pretty weak and just sort of fell into what was expected of them. I guess from a social commentary standpoint it made sense that the author wrote them this way. However, it made for some pretty boring readi [...]

    6. Heyeresque regency romanceVery few Regency romances can evoke Georgette Heyer these days as well as Joyce Harmon's "A Feather to Fly With." The heroine finds herself without said "feather" or funds and determines to swindle her way to financial success. She has no interest in marrying a fortune when she can get one by her wits, so she's a mystery to the members of the ton.The reversal of typical romance roles with a savvy heroine and a somewhat clueless hero (at least socially clueless) was a ni [...]

    7. It's almost impossible to find a recently-written Regency that has the charm and innocence of those written in the 80s and 90s. How fortunate, then, that Harmon has managed to produce one written in 2014 that's equal to many of those by Barbara Metzger or Joan Smith. Not only that, but Harmon's funny moments don't become annoyingly madcap or hectic the way Metzger's often tend to.This took some chapters in for me to really appreciate it. At first, the hero, Arthur Ramsay, Duke of Winton, seemed [...]

    8. This is a Regency Romance. By its very nature, this type of story is formulaic. That does not lessen its appeal. There is the Duke of Winton, an attractive, not overly preening young man who has come to London for the season, so far so good. We meet Felicity, her debut in London society is going very well and she is considered the “toast” of the season. We are moving right along with the formula. Enter Cleo Cooper, her brother Han, their companion Miss Merrihew, the General, and Peter. Now t [...]

    9. A truly charming Regency romance! The characters were so delightful, and after watching and reading as many Austen/Dickens/Eliot novels as I have, I could just hear and see all the interactions that flitted through this story. Harmon obviously knows the Regency period and has crafted a believable period novel. I absolutely loved Arthur and Cleo, and found the whole cast of characters to be so well drawn they felt like dear friends by the end. And the ending! I loved how everything. into alignmen [...]

    10. Very enjoyableA Regency romance that I found to be quite good. It is about a young Duke who is a scientist and is not used to society that needs to find a wife. He is helped in this endeavor by his best friend. Also in this story is a young woman and her"family". The family is her young brother, a former footman, a cook, a Nanny, and a man they call the General because he lost his memory and does not know who he is. They have a plan to get enough money to buy a farm and manor. The story is very [...]

    11. LOVE.Would recommend this author (because I already read the other ones)!She's amazing, she writes clean (although not a prude) she makes it interesting and realistic, and awesomely entertaining. I loved the different Hero (there should definitely be more bookish or smart regency characters) and the heroine's plight was well-written and realistic. The "race to the border" was hilarious, and Harmon writes a real romance, not one were the characters are just infatuated with a face, but truly come [...]

    12. Highly RecommendedMismatched couples, stolen artworks, tonnish matchmaking, and a assortment of characters make this one of the most adventurous and humorous Regency Romances that I have read in quite a while. I would love to give this more than 5 stars, it definitely deserves that. The author has also kept historically accurate in content and mores while creating distinctive personalities and a interesting situation. This is the first book of three, which I will be purchasing and reading. A new [...]

    13. Pleasant read. Set circa 1814 or so. Main characters are a gentleman scholar and a woman whose parents were cast out of society and led a live galavanting around the Mediterranean and Egypt. She's returned to get herself and her brother re-settled in society, while the gentleman-scholar is under pressure to find a wife. The obvious happens, although there is a sort of twist.

    14. I am so glad I discovered Joyce Harmon. I really like her style. The flow of her books really draws me in, they are unexpected and thoroughly enjoyable. I read Katherine When She Smiled and wanted more and I am so glad that this book was just as good. I also appreciate that while some characters are in both books they can truly be read as stand alone novels as well as in a series.

    15. Entertaining storyI did enjoy this story. It had a very slow start. And for some reason I had trouble keeping everyone straight. The happy ending was predictable. So I really couldn't give it more stars. But you have to like the vivacious Cleo

    16. In true Georgette Heyer tradition!!Joyce Harmon has penned a delightful Regency Romance without any bodice ripping,,with interesting characters, a clever plot, and even a chortle or two. I want more!

    17. Loved it an overall good readI loved that this book was more along the writing style of georgette heyer - no sex, witty, and with a bit of intrigue. Loved the characters and the plot. Very enjoyable. Will definitely be recommending this one to friends.

    18. This is a Regency Romance that is fresh and fun. The plot was interesting, though a bit predictable (everyone knows right off who will end up marrying who). The hardest part I had was keeping each person straight, for there were many characters.A lot of fun!

    19. Very enjoyable indeed. Fans of Georgette Heyer will love it. Once or twice I did feel as though the author was trying to cram in as much 'jargon' as she could, just to show how knowledgeable she was, but that was easily ignored, and the storyline itself was marvellous.

    20. Nice traditional regency story written with a very good attention to the times and traditions. Although there were many characters in the story but they didn’t disrupt but rather enhance it, giving the feel of society.

    21. True regencyFun- a Light Hearted Romance with Dialogue and Character Development and Historic Detail and an interesting twist-astronomy. Looking forward to the sequel!

    22. Charming Completely unexpected in the best way. A very lovely surprise. A happy ending that actually leaves one happy, all loose ends all tied up in the very best way.

    23. I read it and enjoyed it but now that I came here to mark that I have I can't remember a thing about the book. It must be forgettable.

    24. The plot itself was quite lovely but the writing sometimes got in the way of my enjoyment of the whole atmosphere.

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