Cail n A Love which Transcends ExistenceIt is the year Aislinn the daughter of a sheep farmer in western Ireland is a tenacious redheaded lass who has NO intention of ever settling into the dutiful ro

  • Title: Cailín
  • Author: Rosalind Scarlett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Love which Transcends ExistenceIt is the year 1702 Aislinn, the daughter of a sheep farmer in western Ireland, is a tenacious redheaded lass who has NO intention of ever settling into the dutiful roles of marriage and motherhood demanded of her by her father The only thing she has ever wanted is to pursue her dreams of being a professional fiddler, and that is fullyA Love which Transcends ExistenceIt is the year 1702 Aislinn, the daughter of a sheep farmer in western Ireland, is a tenacious redheaded lass who has NO intention of ever settling into the dutiful roles of marriage and motherhood demanded of her by her father The only thing she has ever wanted is to pursue her dreams of being a professional fiddler, and that is fully what she intends to do with or without the blessing of her family.Nevertheless, all that, and so much , is about to change when she is unwilling persuaded into participating in her older cousin s girlish, traditional Celtic love spell to see the face of the lad she will be destined to marry Aislinn doesn t take it at all seriously, until that night when she dreams of a handsome dark haired lad just as she was told would happen Falling for some charming lad was never part of her plans Only now, Aislinn cannot seem to shake her obsession with him nor does she want to And though she never looks back after he comes into her life, things seem to do anything but fall beautifully into place.The vision of Donovan was not the only vision that Aislinn had ever experienced She had always felt out of the ordinary somehow She just didn t know why yet.Her father never misses an opportunity to rebuke Aislinn for her peculiarities He accuses her of being a changeling of the sidhe, the dreaded faerie folk of Ireland that delight in causing mischief for decent folk like him Perhaps she is.Fact is, for most of her life, Aislinn has been tormented by strange visions And now, every one of them is about to manifest themselves to her.Just when all Aislinn believes she wanted is right within her grasp, she awakes in a strange bed in a castle surrounded by Vampires and the commanding presence of a striking man with an otherworldly attraction She has no idea of his intentions, but from the shivers surging down her spine she is certain she s about to find out Everything is about to change .She finds herself heaved into a world of secrets, violence and lust so powerful it will either consume her or destroy her.The thing is, Aislinn has no earthly idea of who or what she actually is To discover the secret for herself, she will embark on a quest which will test her strength and devotion than she could ever have imagined But first, she ll have to lose everything Warning Contains steamy Sensuality Explicit Sexuality Not intended for Readers below the age of Eighteen

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    1. Cailin by Rosalind Scarlett Is Atypical of the GenreBack in the day, a left-handed misfit is something no mother wants in a child least of all a father. Perhaps left-handedness is more accepted these days. A lot of creative people are left-handed, maybe because they are in their `right' mind. A great many right-handers started off to be left-handed but were forced into using their right hands since being left-hand was different and considered the mark of the devil. This past mindset is central t [...]

    2. Too many books these days seem to be written in texting short-hand or try to move the action along too fast. That certainly can't be said for this book. Rosalind Scarlett takes the time to build the back story of Aislinn with a descriptive writing style that rivals my favourites, Anne Rice and Edgar Alan Poe, among others. Her use of the English language and knowledge of Celtic legend and folklore is refreshing and she uses it to paint a complete character portrait of Aislinn. There were times w [...]

    3. "Cailín" is a beautifully written book. The descriptions of the different locations plunge the reader right into the scene, and the emotional detail smoothly merge the main character, Aislinn, with the reader. “Cailín” is a coming of age tale which follows a naïve, yet strong willed, young girl who wants nothing to do with the social norms of her time (until she discovers her soul mate) into a vampire instinct driven erotic filled adult life she would neither have dreamed of, nor wanted. [...]

    4. While not a huge fan of vampire romance, Rosalind Scarlett's novel, Cailín is intriguing and filled with vivid imagery of the world of Éire. (Ireland for those who don't know Irish.)Aislinn is young girl living on the west coast of Ireland in 1702. Being a red head and left handed marked her a a misfit, at least in the eyes of her father. However she has many friends and eventually falls in love with a young man name Donavan, whom her father does not approve of. On the eve of her wedding, she [...]

    5. Rosalind Scarlett has done a fantastic job with this first book of the Anam Céile Chronicles. Rosalind Scarlett swoops you off to a new world in 1702 of a girl in the prime of her life. With a descriptive writing style and fantastic world building you feel like you're living the life of Aislinn. The Historical mixed with the paranormal elements a joy to read.Warning: This is in some parts a steamy read. Cailín contains explicit scenes that are not intended for Readers below the age of Eighteen [...]

    6. I’ll be the first to admit that reviewing a book I haven’t finished isn’t exactly fair. I’d also like to admit that one of the biggest reasons I didn’t finish or like this book is because I couldn’t follow along…d that’s more my problem than the authors. BUT in my defense this book was all over the dang place. The story is told as a flashback and it was BORING AF. Sorry guys. I flipped pages like the book was on fire…d not in a good way. Are we getting somewhere? Oh nope, going [...]

    7. From the moment you open this book, the beauty of the language will hold you under a spell. “Cailin,” by Rosalin Scarlett, is a tale of a beautiful, young Irish girl and her story of love found… and how fate will set her on a different course. The story is set in the early 1700’s Ireland. The book is true to the language used in that time era and even mixes in some of the native language. I do enjoy historical romance, but this was the first time I had read a historical romance PARANORMA [...]

    8. This is a very introspective book. Considering that Aislinn is recounting how she came to be in the rather precarious predicament the monk man finds her in, this isn't surprising. There's a lot of internal dialogue that effectively shows the world from Aislinn's perspective. That said, having read Donovan's Struggle prior to reading this book, most of the happenings weren't new to me. They were simply shown from Aislinn's point of view as opposed to Donovan's.Now, it was interesting seeing what [...]

    9. Cailin is a very charming and easy flowing story. The great descriptions and very in depth characters were fascinating and fun to read. The story is a longer one, but throughout the pages I got to know Cailin's history and life in a very intimate way. Feeling very outcast by her family, she embarks on a journey of discovery that leads her unknowingly down a dark path. Her dreams haunt her and when one seems to come to life in the form of a very charming and handsome vampire - her life takes a ve [...]

    10. Rosalind Scarlett has a skillful way of bringing the reader into the 17th Century. It is an intriguing historical paranormal romance that takes place in Ireland. It is a coming of age story with a little extra. The main character, Aislinn, is the generic free-spirited teenager who does not seem to fit in. Aislinn always felt she was meant for more, with her re hair and left-handedness, she is an outcast not wanted what is excepted of women if her time. She does not have an interest in marriage o [...]

    11. This was a nice read. I really enjoyed how the author kept the Irish accent during the whole book and has a foreign language glossary at the beginning for some of the the words. The book has an interesting story plot and is pretty descriptive, making it easy to imagine the characters and places in your head. It was a bit slow moving for me,but other than that I enjoyed this book. Cailin is a good and interesting read. It's a book about vampires, love, a young girl trying to figure out who/what s [...]

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