The Harlow Hoyden

The Harlow Hoyden Miss Emma Harlow hasn t earned the reputation as a hoyden for nothing so when the Duke of Trent discovers her in his conservatory stealing one of his orchids he s isn t surprised charmed delighted

  • Title: The Harlow Hoyden
  • Author: Lynn Messina
  • ISBN: 9780984901869
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • Miss Emma Harlow hasn t earned the reputation as a hoyden for nothing, so when the Duke of Trent discovers her in his conservatory stealing one of his orchids, he s isn t surprised charmed, delighted and puzzled, yes, but not surprised It is Emma who is amazed She has naturally concluded that the man reading in the conservatory must be the country cousin who else in LonMiss Emma Harlow hasn t earned the reputation as a hoyden for nothing, so when the Duke of Trent discovers her in his conservatory stealing one of his orchids, he s isn t surprised charmed, delighted and puzzled, yes, but not surprised It is Emma who is amazed She has naturally concluded that the man reading in the conservatory must be the country cousin who else in London would actually read and is quite vexed to discover that he is the Duke of Trent himself imagine, stealing the duke s prize Rhyncholaelia digbyana under his very nose But her vexation doesn t last long For Emma is a practical young lady with a mission to end her dear sister Lavinia s engagement to the villainous and dreadfully dull Sir Waldo Windbourne, and she thinks that the famous libertine is just the man for the job If he would only seduce her sister away from Sir Waldo Well, not seduce exactly, but flirt mercilessly and engage her interest Perhaps then Lavinia would jilt the baron The Duke of Trent is resistant, of course Despite his reputation, he does not toy with the affections of innocents And besides, it s not her sister he longs to seduce.

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    1. I have been seeing the Harlow Hoyden pop up on various places and I finally grabbed a copy yesterday. First let me say, I love the title. I love the word hoyden. It is one of the most fun words in the English language. It draws pictures that make me laugh. Secondly this girl was hilarious as I hoped she would be. Not pratfall hilarious, but so staunch in her beliefs that she can not see the forest for the trees funny. She starts the book in a totally unseemly manner stealing from a house where s [...]

    2. There's something that really appeals to me about the heroine in a historical romance who spurns convention. The problem is that finding a book which has a butt-kicking Regency heroine but which doesn't descend into ridiculous goofiness and involve multiple implausible character shifts is trickier than you would think.Well, this one, provided by the publisher through netgalley, absolutely gets it right! The heroine is an unrepentant troublemaker, who doesn't understand the word "no", and is abso [...]

    3. Okay, finished this last night. And just, no.I mean, it had fun moments. I am not denying the fun moments. And I almost suspect that I might like the sequel better, because I enjoy the idea of a botanist heroine.But mostly Emma is so extreme. I don't disagree with the sentiments about the sexism present in that society, but her reactions are just too extreme to be believable. She might have worked better in a modern context, or if they'd somehow tweaked her situation in the regency to make the t [...]

    4. Silly, far-fetched and unbelievable but still entertaining.Under normal circumstances I would never have finished this book but ultimately I'm glad I did.Ok, what do I mean?I'm down with a chest infection and can't concentrate on anything, I've tried loads of books but discarded them all so when I noticed this I decided a simple period romance to be just what I needed but Emma annoyed me, really annoyed me to the extent where I had to stop reading (several times) and normally that would have bee [...]

    5. TSTL.  DNF. I read a lot of reviews saying that Emma was so innocent and that this was charming and so on. I can only say: Stupidity is not charming. At all.It is annoying. Emma is criminally stupid. So naiv that it really really hurts.She risks not only her own reputation but heads off to ruin her beloved sister. For any well-bred young lady it would have been glaringly obvious why her behaviour is desastrous. She thinks herself so clever and all-knowing, and she thinks it is her decision [...]

    6. UNREADABLEMiss Emma Harlow is desperate to end her sister, Lavinia's, attachment to Sir Waldo Windbourne. Emma has a plan: Find a rake to attract Lavinia's attentions away from Windbourne. Toward that end, she approaches the Duke of Trent.The heroine in this book would be diagnosed with a mental illness if such a person existed. In Regency times, Emma would certainly be locked up. Emma's good judgment and common sense are non-existent. Any woman who approached men in contemporary times, the Rege [...]

    7. I was provided with a free copy of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I don't read a lot of historical romance, so I wasn't really sure what to expect of The Harlow Hoyden. The story of the irrepressible Emma Harlow and her relationship with the Duke of Trent, which forms after she steals one of his orchids for her twin sister, surprised me in being fast-paced, a bit racy and thoroughly engaging. I liked all the main characters in this story for once, apart from, of course, [...]

    8. You definitely can’t be a stickler for the authenticity of the time with The Harlow Hoyden but then again I’m not reading historical romances for a history lesson. I want the romance and it delivers that in spades. It’s fun and humorous and love wins out, so who could ask for anything more!Full review available at romanticreadsandsuch.wordpress. (Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review)

    9. Miss Emma Harlow will do anything for her twin sister Lavinia, including stealing a priceless orchid from a Duke's conservatory- right under his very nose! Of course she had assumed he was the country cousin, but still, she stole a Duke's orchid and he wasn't at all upset about it. Emma decides that Alex Keswick, Seventh Duke of Trent is exactly the right person to help her with her PLAN. Emma has a plan to rid her sister Lavinia of her odious fiance, Sir Windbourne. Emma can't stand the old win [...]

    10. I became familiar with Lynn Messina’s writing when I read one of her chick-lit titles in the Red Dress Ink line. In addition to chick-lit, Ms. Messina also has young adult, fantasy, paranormal and historical romance in her repertoire. The Harlow Hoyden is a historical romance set in the regency period featuring Emma Harlow, a woman who lives by her own set of rules and refuses to bow down to the expectations of society. She enlists the assistance of The Duke of Trent to break up her twin siste [...]

    11. I have read and reviewed several of Lynn's books before this one, each in different genres. I was eager to read another, but admittedly somewhat weary of its "romance" placement. It appears other books, that I shall not name, gave me the impression that all romance novels would be more along the lines of erotica, and thus I avoided the genre all together. Don't get me wrong, I have read books with romance in them, it was just to the focus. That being said, here is what I thought of "The Hoyden H [...]

    12. I love a good historical romance and this book has some great characters and a delightful plot. I loved reading about Emma from the very beginning when we meet her as she is stealing the Duke of Trent's prized flower. She is independent, spunky, and a lot of fun. The Duke of course cannot resist her and ends up entangled in her many plots.I was really enjoying this one until the very end. It seemed like the author felt the need to add so much intrigue and excitement to the end of the book that I [...]

    13. Jane Austen’s arguable masterpiece, Emma, featured a heroine who danced to her own tune, managed people’s lives, and thought very highly of herself indeed. Most readers find Emma Woodhouse conceited, bossy, and rude, but I have always found her amusing. She lives life on her own terms and that is always admirable to me. Lynn Messina, a new-to-me author, has created another vexing Emma in her charming historical romance novel of manners, The Harlow Hoyden. Emma Harlow also reminds me of other [...]

    14. So the relationship itself was fun, but then there was the requisite dramatic plot ((view spoiler)[after all, the wrong love interests must be evil, not just a bad match! (hide spoiler)]) and then the book just went ON and ON. TWICE everything seemed to be winding down to a nice conclusion, but, oh no, plot twist! We can't have the happy ending yet!I'm off to read the sequel, though. I think. The heroine is one of those "proper", practical sorts, which I appreciate, being that sort myself. Altho [...]

    15. Delightful tale with great characters with big personalities. If you enjoy historical romance with a decided twist, then this a series just for you. There's frustration of being an observer and yet in the end, well, you'll just have to read it to find out. I'm off onto the second in the series already. There is only one small shortcoming. The writing is in need of editing for missing words and words out of place and the like. Fear not though, the story is great!

    16. I read this book over a long time. It's been sitting on my kindle for awhile and I had started it months ago. Then on the plane this past weekend, I decided to give it another go. Sometimes I need a book that doesn't make me think. Something fun and romantic with a happy ending where the good guys win and the bad guys don't. And so I find myself reading romances every once in a while. And this one was no exception. It's a fun regency romance. The main character is a bit different and unlike the [...]

    17. Descriptive, enjoyable storyline and plot. A regency book with the delights of activities and suspense of georgette Heyer. Great characters a fullly satisfying read. Fun and unassuming as to who is who and what is their place in the book. And it all unsettles as secrets are suspected and investigated. Romance,Yes. 1 episode of descriptive sex bit not offensive. There are 2 sisters and Emma stars in this book and Vinnie stars in "the Other Harlow Girl".

    18. "Oh, what good is a libertine if he won't toy with your sister's affections and then ruthlessly drop her!" "I'm a bachelor, not a libertine." And so begins the Regency romp of the Harlow Hoyden, Miss Emma Harlow, and her Most Trusted Ally, Alexander, the Duke of Trent. Yes, it's another tale of twins but our author boldly proclaims her usage of the current cliché with a dollop of comfort that made me laugh out loud. "Don't look so horrified, my dear. Lavinia and I are twins. What good is an ad [...]

    19. Read this review and others at The Silver Petticoat Review: The Harlow HoydenReview by Autumn ToppingIn the same vein as The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, The Harlow Hoyden offers up an enjoyable read worth a few hours of your time. Sure, it can get silly and even unbelievable but the point of this book certainly isn’t to claim any sort of realism, but merely to present its audience with a light-hearted, romantic adventure.The story follows Emma, nicknamed the Harlow Hoyden by society, [...]

    20. Those are the words I would use to describe Emma Harlow. When we first meet her she wastes no time displaying her independence and talent for getting into mischief. Her sister Vinnie is engaged to a toad and her Emma seeks to save her from making the worst mistake of her life.Duke Trent is taken in by her candidness and is intrigued by her witty and spirited behavior. The banter between the two is very fun to read and lighthearted. Alex is stuffy sort use to getting his way. He has no problem ch [...]

    21. This book has just about everything. There is mystery and adventure, romance and humor. Emma and Lavinia are identical twins. Emma is considered outside the norm of behavior in the ton. She is notorious for escapades which shock society. Lavinia is an orchid expert and is engaged to a boring and dull man who is despised by Emma. Emma sets out to get rid of Lord “Windbag' by any means possible. While she is creating a plan, she is caught stealing an orchid bloom from the conservatory of a duke. [...]

    22. What a delightful and highly entertaining story! The opening scene is so funny it just sucks you right in. The heroine is a real hoot. Was the storyline a little outrageous and required one to suspend belief - no doubt. But I have a feeling that is what the author intended. I couldn't help but think of Space Balls vs. Star Wars. The Regency period was all about polite society and rules - which the heroine almost completely throws right out the window so the story is a parody of sorts. The story [...]

    23. When I read the synopsis, I thought that this would be like an Amanda Quick novel. After I finished the first chapter, the opening scenes emphasized my first impression. As I continued reading, the similarities between Emma and Amanda Quick’s character were there but not as profound.I have mixed feelings towards Emma. She had spunk and energy that I like. However, her irrational behavior meant that she had a less than credible reputation. She would blow things out of proportion to such an exte [...]

    24. This is the first novel by Lynn Messina I have read and it is the most delightful example of the genre I’ve come across lately! Emma isn’t your usual Regency heroine. She’s opinionated, resourceful, devious, and still thoroughly innocent. The Duke is also different from his usual Regency counterparts in that he’s not a rake waiting to be reformed and tamed by an innocent miss but a man pretending to be a libertine to keep the woman he’s discovered he loves from harm. There are so many [...]

    25. Something between a 3 and 3.5 stars. Points off for the grammatical errors and typos and some transitions I found awkward. This was actually a pretty amusing story for a heroine I thought was more likely to drive me insane but ended up enjoying. It turned out that Emma, who was a character extremely out of her time period, was ridiculously naive yet unabashedly strong willed. Her dialogue put a smile on my face when I could use one and I'm not used to such bold characters and found her pretty fu [...]

    26. I seem to be on quite the kick of "hellion/hoyden" books right now. I was on a kick one day, requesting books that had interesting covers from NetGalley. This, was one of them. Being a new-to-me author was a bonus here. Another bonus? I quite enjoyed the story. The Duke of Trent is quite bemused one afternoon to find a young woman assaulting one of his prize orchids (she was going to snap it off at the flower, rather than at the route). He's even more bemused to find out that his intruder is the [...]

    27. 3.5 starsI have a soft spot in my heart for Regency romance novels and I rarely indulge in them anymore, but every now and then there is nothing better than getting whisked away (and back) to the Regency era!The Harlow Hoyden starts off with Emma up to one of her shenanigans and really takes off with an interesting angle. I instantly craved more after the end of the first chapter and found I couldn't stop reading! Emma and Trent have a great chemistry and their banter was truly enjoyable to read [...]

    28. Emma Harlow, a.k.a. The Harlow Hoyden is a very unconventional young lady and very eccentric. She does not play by society's rules for young ladies and does what she pleases. Miss Emma's twin sister, Lavinia gets engaged to a gentleman that Emma just cannot stand. The Harlow Hoyden is convinced that Sir Winbourne, a.k.a. Windbag is worst person in all England. She comes up with a plan to get her sister to cancel the engagement by having her develop feelings for another man. The Duke of Trent is [...]

    29. I received this book as part of first reads, prior to this I have never read any of Lynn Messina's books. I wish I was able to give half stars as I would honestly give it 3.5 stars. I loved the fact that the heroine of the story was such a strong, spirited woman but sometimes I found her frustratingly naive. Set in post napoleonic England, the Harlow hoyden follows headstrong Emma and her seemingly naive twin Lavinia during the social season. Lavinia is recently engaged to a baron to her twins d [...]

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