Lore of the Witch World

Lore of the Witch World First published September this is a collection of previously published stories plus a new novelette by Andre Norton with an introduction by C J Cherryh Contents Spider Silk Sand Sister

  • Title: Lore of the Witch World
  • Author: Andre Norton
  • ISBN: 9780879975609
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • First published September 1980, this is a collection of previously published stories, plus a new novelette, by Andre Norton with an introduction by C J Cherryh.Contents Spider Silk 1976 Sand Sister 1979 Falcon Blood 1979 Legacy from Sorn Fen 1973 Sword of Unbelief 1977 The Toads of Grimmerdale 1973 Changeling 1980 Introduction by C J CherryhSpider Silk na FlFirst published September 1980, this is a collection of previously published stories, plus a new novelette, by Andre Norton with an introduction by C J Cherryh.Contents Spider Silk 1976 Sand Sister 1979 Falcon Blood 1979 Legacy from Sorn Fen 1973 Sword of Unbelief 1977 The Toads of Grimmerdale 1973 Changeling 1980 Introduction by C J CherryhSpider Silk na Flashing Swords 3, ed Lin Carter, Dell, 1976Sand Sister na Heroic Fantasy, ed Gerald W Page Hank Reinhardt, DAW, 1979Falcon Blood ss s , ed Jessica Amanda Salmonson, DAW, 1979Legacy from Sorn Fen ss Garan the Eternal, FPCI, 1973Sword of Unbelief nv Swords against Darkness 2, ed Andrew J Offutt, Zebra, 1977Toads of Grimmerdale na Flashing Swords 2, ed Lin Carter, Dell, 1974Changeling nvCover art for the DAW editions is by Michael Whelan na novella, a short novel less than 40,000 words nv novelette, a novel like story less than about 17,000 words.

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    1. I interrupted my Estcarp revisit to read this set of short stories, based on publishing date. All were previously published except the final story, "The Changling", which completed the prior story "The Toads of Grimmerdale".Of the stories, 2 are definitely located in Estcarp, or its immediate environs, and 4 are in High Hallack, while the other, "Spider Silk", I wasn't entirely sure but likely Estcarp."Sand Sister" provides some interesting details about the Tormen and their lives and brings the [...]

    2. I find that when I want to start a very long series, a good "taste test" is to see if there are any anthologies out - and if I like what a few short stories say, I will more than likely begin tracking down the "real" beginning of a series. These are all lovely little stories, and I am now eager and ready to begin my first Witch World book.

    3. They were okay stories told in an interesting way, but Holy Shit does this entire book need editing! Did no one look at the book before publishing it? The period ending a sentence was often missing and at many times personal pronouns were altered by one letter like 'be' for 'he'.Also, I didn't realize at first that this was a collection of tales about witches, so I immediately became confused and saddened when the first story ended and never continued.

    4. This anthology consists of seven short stories set in Estcarp, the Witch World imagined by Andre Norton. I don't normally enjoy short stories because I prefer longer tales that allow me to get to know the characters, but this collection worked for me precisely because the imagined world was familiar. My favorite short story in the set was The Toads of Grimmerdale.

    5. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    6. Ms. Norton at her bestThis is classic witch world. I haven't read one of these novels in decades, but I will read and re-read more of these. I had forgotten how good they were.

    7. This is a collection of Andre Norton stories that I had not read before, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. There is a common theme in many of Norton's stories - a young outcast sets out either to prove himself/herself or find a home. Along the way, they discover that what makes them different from those around them also makes them stronger. "Spider Silk" - Dairine is rescued from a slave ship when she is a young child and raised by Ingvarna, the Wise Woman of Rannock, a fishing village. Dairine is [...]

    8. I picked this book up though Pixel of Ink, for free. I was more intrigued by the cover art than anything. Again, living under my little rock, I had never heard of Andre Norton. I did see that through , this series of short stories garnered good reviews. Therefore, I snagged this up without any hesitation.Spider SilkThe first story in this series is about a young blind girl that is kidnapped and put on an island of creatures. She saves her life by weaving silk. I know, it sounds weird, and it is! [...]

    9. Spider Silk (1976) - I adored this one. It's all about conceptions and taking things for granted, as well as not believing what you are told. Frightening and well told story of a young blind girl learning a dangerous lesson. Sand Sister (1979) - Again a little frightening, as the heroine tries to escape enforced servitude, and forced marriage, as she looks for her outlander father. Falcon Blood (1979) - a Falconer male and a Sulcar maid are shipwrecked on a rocky beach, and have to depend on eac [...]

    10. Settling into a previously unread collection of Norton's short stories is like settling into a comfy armchair. It makes me wonder why I've been sitting in those straight-backed wooden chairs for so long. I read tons of Alice Mary Norton before I graduated from high school, then college and Real Life, and I thought I had left her behind. Except for Star Gate, which is pretty near an annual read for me.I never questioned at the time that she had to write under man's name. Everyone knew in those da [...]

    11. With an introduction by CJ Cherryh.Stories:Spider Silk Sand Sister (set in Tormarsh)Falcon BloodLegacy from Sorn Fen (A fairly standard 'wishing ring' story)Sword of Unbelief (about Elys & Jervon, following on from Dragon Scale Silver, but before Gryphon in Glory)The Toads of GrimmerdaleChangeling (As is pointed out, The Toads of Grimmerdale is in several collections. This is the only place that the sequel Changeling is found, as far as I know).Note that although the stories in this antholog [...]

    12. For me these are familiar stories taking me back to a time when I first became interested in Science Fiction. The Witch World stories are about honor, faith, belief - especially in oneself and that to do your best is enough. Norton wrote of a world that was dark and harsh and characters that were survivors. The world she created is believable because of the details and background she gives in each story.

    13. Great read, intense makes you hold your breath while you try to help fight, lift and push. Andre Norton at her very best.I first read Andre Norton in books my father had stored in our attic, old pulp paper backs. How I learned to love the days when I could spend time reading and losing myself in the world's that flowed from the fertile mind of Andre Norton! Pure delight for the preteen mind or anyone who would have their life enriched by truly great pose.Dennis

    14. I loved Andre Norton's books. I discovered them early and then found out Andre was a woman writing Sci Fi. That just added to the enjoyment. There were so few females in most SCI FI books. This is a great collection of stories set in the Witch World. I really enjoyed finds them. It was like finding an old friend.

    15. I found this on the kindle free list and was surprised at how good it was. Then I looked up the author. I feel a little bit like I've failed as a proper scifi geek for not knowing about her before now. I'm definitely getting more by her now.

    16. This is a collection of short stories involving the Witch World.It contains the short story The Toads of GrimmerDale which also appears in Isaac Asimov's Spells: Magical Worlds of Fantasy, and the Collection called Flashing Swords #2.

    17. can't believe it's taken this long to get into Andre Norton - her prose is powerful and so far I'm really enjoying it!

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