Gigantomachia Su una Terra irriconoscibile a causa di una catastrofe che ha portato alla formazione di un nuovo ecosistema si muovono l ex gladiatore Delos e la sua guida Prome una ragazza dai poteri ultraterreni

  • Title: Gigantomachia
  • Author: Kentaro Miura
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • Su una Terra irriconoscibile a causa di una catastrofe che ha portato alla formazione di un nuovo ecosistema, si muovono l ex gladiatore Delos e la sua guida Prome, una ragazza dai poteri ultraterreni Assieme lottano per dare all umanit la luce della speranza in un mondo crudele e inospitale.

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    1. از کینتارو توقع بیشتری داشتم. داستان ساده و معموی بود. یه پساآخرالزمان دارک. هر چند تصویرگری ها خیره کننده بود و بی نقص همون طور که از کینتارو انتظار می رفت. ولی داستان اونقدرا خوب بود. هرچند پایان باز داشت و ممکنه بخواد ادامه اش بده. البته به شخصه ترجیح می دم مجموعه ی برسرک رو کا [...]

    2. This is a one-off, single volume of six chapters. It has a neat story to it but most of the time is spent on the battles so we just don't get to know the two main characters well enough. They seem to have a cool relationship but we've got no background and don't really know anything about them. The art was good, but the story was just getting good when it ended and I'd have liked a lot more character development.

    3. Giganto Maxia takes the Japanese giant-robot stereotype to new levels. There are some unique angles, characters (a Japanese wrestler?) and plot unfolding. With drawings very much in the style of Kentarou Miura’s famous Berserk, there is a mixture of silliness and seriousness. As a fan of Berserk, I was a bit disappointed in Giganto Maxia. Sure, I expected crude scenes and gory details, but the whole young girl and older guy thing pushed it a bit far – I mean, peeing on his head? Really?? Eve [...]

    4. Really raw mythological material, found the concept and story to be pretty based at a cosmological level, despite the weird lolita and oppressor-savior moments. Miura is such a staggeringly skilled draftsman, positioning so many mechanical, organic, and hyperorganic bodies in complex tableaux, with evocative camera angles, and somehow it's all perfectly crisp and communicable

    5. If you have read Berserk, you will be able to recognize the relationship between Guts and Puck and their personalities. I'm guessing the author wanted to try and draw different types of bodies and character designs and that's why he pulled off this one volume manga.

    6. Berserk has a good standing within the manga-anime community for its great plot and fascinating characters. So seeing Kentaro Miura, its creator, coming out with a new tale (his first in about 20 years) is good news and I needed no further motivation to sign up for the ARC. For me, it was an opportunity to get one of the first looks at the work of a talented storyteller and illustrator. Giganto Maxia is set in a world "100 million years after the Great Destruction". The "Great Destruction" seems [...]

    7. Loved the art, the humor, the dialogue, The bizarre story reads like it's cut out of a much larger saga but certainly worthwhile for people who love Miura's 'Berserk'.

    8. I wanted to like this more because of the nice art and monster designs, but it was too on-the-nose with its peace philosophy and pretty creepy thanks to the young fae peeing magical healing onto the hero's head. Kinda just weirded out. The story is mostly taken up with fight scenes which isn't my bag either.

    9. 100 million years ago lands us firmly in the center of what is commonly known as the Cretaceous period, and what is more uncommonly known as the “DEAR-LORD-GOD-FUCK-NO-PLEASE-DON’T-MAKE-ME-GO BACK-THERE period. It is a time where the Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Carnotaurus bro-ed out to pretty much kill and conqueror with the same enthusiasm I bring to my thrice daily caffeine injection. And while those formidable carnivores laid fear into the corners of the grounded world the Thalassomo [...]

    10. Being a Dark Horse manga this book does not have a rating but giving it a guess I would say this book is rated Teen even though it was made by the creator of the insanely violent Berserk manga. Although there is violence and references to urination from a humanoid looking female nothing very graphic comes up as far as I can see.Set in a wasteland in the far future, gladiator Delos and his mystic ally Prome are on a journey and discover a tribe of people who not only live with giant beetles but a [...]

    11. 3.5* At first I didn't think I would like this manga, because of all the fighting. The fights in this seem to last "forever" - they literally go on and on for several pages each time. But, ultimately, that ended up being something that added alot to the story and made me enjoy it even more. The art is nice, and I feel like we get to know quite a bot about the characters, the world, and their plans. I really, really liked Prome.

    12. This could have been 4, maybe 5 stars for me. Art was amazing. Cool sci-if story set a zillion years in the future. Beautiful and detailed world building. Had a bit of a Nausicaa meets Kaiju feel to it. But then we have weird pedo pee-girl plot device. It's like someone threw a wad of excrement at the Mona Lisa. Yuck.

    13. I am a fan of "Berserker" so picked this manga expecting the same magic, kind of disappointed. As it's just a volume long and a lot of it's taken by fight scenes the story and characters are not as developed as i would have liked. The pace is super rushed. Although the imagination/world building is great and the funny relationship between the main characters fun.

    14. A beautifully drawn, well-written story about two souls traveling a post-apocalyptic Earth. The story doesn't continue past this volume, but it would be easy to imagine myself enjoying another 40 volumes of this series.

    15. Es Attack on Titan con un autor que si sabe dibujar pero que le da flojera escribir una historia interesante. Mejor que se regrese a escribir Berserk.

    16. Beautiful art, great dynamics between Prome and Delos, and a fairly interesting story line make this a fairly enjoyable read, too bad there won't be anymore :/

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