His Forever Valentine

His Forever Valentine Enjoy this third installment of the Holiday Mail Order Brides as Kit Morgan delivers another delightful romp of sweet romance in the old west What happens when meddling mother s order their sons mail

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Enjoy this third installment of the Holiday Mail Order Brides as Kit Morgan delivers another delightful romp of sweet romance in the old west What happens when meddling mother s order their sons mail order brides and not tell them It happened to Clayton Riley, it happened to his brother Spencer, and now it was Matthew Quinn s turn There was just one, little, problem HeEnjoy this third installment of the Holiday Mail Order Brides as Kit Morgan delivers another delightful romp of sweet romance in the old west What happens when meddling mother s order their sons mail order brides and not tell them It happened to Clayton Riley, it happened to his brother Spencer, and now it was Matthew Quinn s turn There was just one, little, problem He was already in love Rose Smith didn t know what to expect when she signed on the dotted line at the Ridgley Mail Order Bride Service, all she knew was that adventure awaited her in the wild west And what an adventure she got when she showed up in the town of Nowhere

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  1. Another mother orders a brideThe mothers in Nowhere,Washington, keep ordering brides. This time the groom is not so willing. I like this one better than 1 & 2 simply because of the twist in which the potential groom tries his best to resist his mother's wishes. Not to worry, there is still a wedding, just not the one expected. I do like this series because it is set in Washington Territory instead of Wyoming or Montana where most series are set. I lived near the apple growing region in Washi [...]

  2. Sweet little storyI have read 3 of the "Mail Order Bids" books in the series Each has its own ending. I enjoyed reading them , however I am hoping the story lines begin to change a little more in the beginning. far it is big meets girl, fights caring for girl, then they finally swallow the pride and get married to live happily ever after. I'm going to purchase the 4th book to give it another chance.

  3. In many ways, this is a sweet, fun mail order bride romance. I liked every single character. However, the love triangle issue lasted until the very last pages of the book and made me nuts. I just couldn't enjoy the romances with this ax hanging over everything.

  4. I enjoyed the series. It is a fun, easy read, ending was predictable. Sometimes you get so frustrated with the characters for not stating the obvious but it was a different era and mores were not the same.

  5. Missing pagesVery disappointed by the number of pages missing from this book. It's hard to follow a story line when that happens.

  6. Great series!I love this series. There is always a bit of action, lots of love and good stories. This is my second book of the series in as many days! Ready for book four!!

  7. Another good chapter of the series. Already started the next one. Short, fun, romantic, wholesome, clean, and leaves you feeling happy.

  8. A sweet storyBut you just want to "Gibbs slap" the back of Matthew's head on occasion. Lol! And those motherswould I never be that kind of motherenthusiastic, yes, but not meddlesome and take-over! I enjoyed the redemption Charlotte found. And the wedding was priceless. A good read.

  9. What an unexpected adventure!I definitely recommend this book! I so enjoy reading books by Kit Morgan and this one did NOT disappoint. There are some unexpected twists that made this story so good!

  10. It was horrible.First of all Rose was supposed to marry Matthew, whom was in love with Charlotte whom was supposed to marry the deputy Tom. What was this supposed to be A Midsummer Night's Dream or something?

  11. I read this for my book club. None of us had ever read (or admitted to reading!) a romance novel before, so we all picked a different one by the same author to break us in. This story is about a young woman who is a mail order bride in the late 1800's (the date is actually a guess). She is sent out to Nowhere, Oregon to marry a man that has no idea that she's coming. They meet, and the rest is history. Having never read a romance novel, I thought they all had sex in them. I was wrong. There was [...]

  12. His Forever Valentine by Kit MorganHoliday Mail-Order Brides Series Book ThreeMatthew Quinn has just returned home to Nowhere, Washington Territory, after going to school in Boston the past four years. He has come home for one reason—to try to win the heart of the girl he has always loved, Charlotte Davis. Sequoia Rose Smith has turned eighteen and had to face the choice of finding work or becoming a mail-order bride. Easy choice as there wasn't much work in New Orleans. When she meets her gro [...]

  13. This is the third chance I've taken on this author, and the third time I've had a lackluster experience with her writing. There are tons of grammatical errors, as if they are not professionally edited, which distracted me each and every time I ran across it, detracting from my enjoyment of the story. This story suffered from a hero and heroine that didn't speak up for what they wanted until it was almost too late. It was full of meddling and very hasty "I love you"s to the point that it was unbe [...]

  14. Good bookI've enjoyed several of kit Morgan's other books. While torres isn't anything that stands out about her writing I am always entertained and of the roughly dozen of her stories I haven't ever felt I wasted my time, which cannot beer said gift all books/authors. I like that if a book is available on kindle unlimited the whole series are too. So many series authors put a "teaser" book on kindle unlimited and expect you to pay for the others. I find that irritating since I'm already paying [...]

  15. This is book 3 in the "Holiday Mail-Order Brides" series and IMO the first two were a lot better. The heroine was plain and not very three-dimensional and I didn't like the hero at all! He was a wimp and just because he was pushed into a situation, still couldn't stand up for himself. The best part of the book was the sub-plot involving our villain from the first two installments and the new deputy. If not for the sub-plot I would have kept putting this aside and starting another book.

  16. I have found a new series for me it is short, quick, funny and just good reads. I did not love this installment as much as previous ones due to people just being stupid. I don't know why the two couples did not stand up for what they wanted long before the wedding. That drove me crazy but I am looking forward to the next one.

  17. Great Author!I have truly enjoyed getting to know not only the main characters in each of Ms. Morgan's book, but also to see them weaved into her next story until you become closely intertwined with whole families and communities, each rich with their own unique and memorable characters. Always plenty of humor, just the right amount of angst to make a delightful read!

  18. Loved itThis book was just as good as the first two in the series. And it has two romances included. The mixup and things the two couples went through to marry their true loves are very funny.

  19. I came across this series on one night at work and it introduced me to the whole genre of mail order bride/western historical romance that I did not know existed before. From that time on I've never read a book by Kit Morgan that I haven't enjoyed.

  20. ConfusedI thought the sheriff shot and killed Red Ned in the first book on Christmas eve when he kidnapped the girls. This 3rd book made reference that he was still around. Maybe I missed something.

  21. Book 3 -- This book is the best in the series so far. Two couples are thrown together and find themselves mismatched. While the ending is predictable, it's a fun read anyway.

  22. Great book.Love this book. I have read several books from this author and have a hard time putting them down. Love the series so far.

  23. Fun readingI had read the groom series by Kit Morgan, so I knew who the deputy married, but the author kept me guessing when and how the wedding would happen.

  24. Another Page TurnerShe has done it again. Now it is on to the next in the series. I am sure it will be another good read

  25. A RiotOh, the messes people can get into by doing what the THINK is "right" rather than what their hearts tell them. Or by not saying what they feel! A laugh a minute!

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