Baker's Law

Baker s Law Bakery owner Marissa Llewellyn has always been sweet on sheriff Jax Carlisle but her efforts to help a wayward teen have her bending the rules he s bound to uphold

  • Title: Baker's Law
  • Author: Denise Belinda McDonald
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bakery owner Marissa Llewellyn has always been sweet on sheriff Jax Carlisle, but her efforts to help a wayward teen have her bending the rules he s bound to uphold.

    One thought on “Baker's Law”

    1. 3.5Bakery owner Marissa Llewellyn knows someone has been coming into her bakery after hours. Not stealing anything but a few cupcakes, she has a trap set to find out who and ends up running them off but finds herself getting help from Sheriff Jax Carlisle. Jax is back in town, his family is well to do and Marissa never had any real interaction with him in high school. Jax remembers Marissa, she was one of a few who didn't fawn all over him. He isn't sure what it is about Marissa but he can't sto [...]

    2. This was a cute small town romance. Marissa owns a bakery and one day catches a teenager who broke in and worries he is homeless. Jax recently moved back to town to be the police chief. He is dealing with his overbearing mother and younger sister's wedding planning. Even though they disagree over the "break in", Jax and Marissa can't seem to stay apart long.The romance was a little quick, but otherwise enjoyable. Secondary characters are interesting and of course a lovely, happy ending.

    3. Ahh, I wanted to read a delightful romance and I did and it was glorious. I always feel cliché when I like small town romances. SHE HAS A BAKERY SHOP AND IT'S SUPER SUCCESSFUL AND THAT'S REALISTIC. I don't care. They have sex in her shop's kitchen. It's amazing. I really liked both characters, and I thought the sexual tension was really well done. The Hall(s?) story was good and endearing. The secondary characters and the town were fun too.Of course he proposes after a week and talks about thei [...]

    4. overall great book!So I didn't hate this book from the start but probably on page 5 or 5 I was already rolling my eyes because as soon as the heroine sees the hero she gets physically aroused (I don't want to going to detail here but it was unrealistic) That was just really cheesy for me.As the book continued I really enjoyed it. Except unfortunately it was painfully obvious to me that the author didn't know anything about police procedure, especially in Texas (which is where I live & I work [...]

    5. This was a fun and easy read. It's been a very long time since I picked up a Harlequin Romance, and I was not disappointed. I truly enjoyed the story of Marissa and Jax. Marissa was an ugly duckling that grew into a beautiful woman who owned her own successful bakery. She had always had a little crush on Jax. Jax grew up with the privileged life on the other side of town, high school football god turned cop. He left small town life to pursue his career. Years later he's back and now the new poli [...]

    6. Baker’s Law is as super sweet as its cover and I devoured every page of it. It comes across as a light read but it has a surprising amount of depth and is the perfect break for those hot summer days.Full review available at romanticreadsandsuch.wordpress

    7. 2.5 Stars. It was all right, although Marissa's lack of trust became a little annoying. Also, it was very similar to Susan Mallery's book Sweet Spot, which is about a woman who owns a bakery, and winds up taking in a homeless teenager during the course of her romance with a former football star. I couldn't help comparing the two books, and Ms. Mallery's worked better for me.

    8. Fantastic read. I read it straight through in one sitting. Jax was great. Hot and in charge! Marissa followed her heart though, in a way that gained her more respect in his eyes than if she'd just caved in to him. Perfect! Highly recommend it!

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