Must märkmik

Must m rkmik Inspektor John Rebuse kolleeg Brian leitakse tema lemmikrestorani tagant koomas Ainsaks juhtl ngaks on info politseiniku s bratarilt mille kohaselt olevat Brianil olnud must m rkmik kuhu ta pani kir

  • Title: Must märkmik
  • Author: Ian Rankin Anne Kahk
  • ISBN: 9789985328538
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
  • Inspektor John Rebuse kolleeg Brian leitakse tema lemmikrestorani tagant koomas Ainsaks juhtl ngaks on info politseiniku s bratarilt, mille kohaselt olevat Brianil olnud must m rkmik, kuhu ta pani kirja huvitavaid infokilde Rebus avastab viite hele viie aasta tagusele p lengule ja hakkab seda uuesti uurima Muidugi tuleb tal samal ajal klaarida ka omaenda keeruliseks kiInspektor John Rebuse kolleeg Brian leitakse tema lemmikrestorani tagant koomas Ainsaks juhtl ngaks on info politseiniku s bratarilt, mille kohaselt olevat Brianil olnud must m rkmik, kuhu ta pani kirja huvitavaid infokilde Rebus avastab viite hele viie aasta tagusele p lengule ja hakkab seda uuesti uurima Muidugi tuleb tal samal ajal klaarida ka omaenda keeruliseks kiskuvat elu.

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    1. Inspector John Rebus is distracted. His brother, Michael, has turned up, fresh from a spell ‘at Her Majesty’s pleasure’, courtesy of a drug dealing charge Rebus himself helped to nail down. Michael’s looking for a place to kip down for a spell and he’s hoping his brother can help him out. But there’s more. Michael is soon found hanging by his feet from the Forth Bridge and a friend and colleague of Rebus is badly beaten, reason and perpetrator unknown. All this distraction means that [...]

    2. This is the fifth novel in the Inspector John Rebus series and after the somewhat dry subject matter dealt with in Strip Jack, this is a return to form in terms of providing both more action and plenty of the trademark Rebus wit. Significantly, it is at this juncture in the series that Ian Rankin first began to visualise his Rebus novels as a series, transition location-wise from a 'fictional' Edinburgh to the city authentic and introduced the perfect foil for Rebus in DC Siobhan Clarke. The Bla [...]

    3. I was rooting around a sale bin in a second hand bookstore & looky looky what I found. I've been following this series for years but somehow missed this one. Made my day. This is an old one & there's only about a kabillion reviews already so I won't bother, I'm sure it's all been said. But it reminded me of one of the things I love about readingwhen you come across a series that for whatever reason, you become attached to & read just for the pure pleasure of spending time with that c [...]

    4. I've read a number of Rebus books over the years and always enjoyed them. Rebus is a great character and Rankin is a great writer. These days I'm picking up odd ones from charity shops from the early days and I've not read a bad one yet. This features Ger Cafferty as a character for the first time properly as well as one or two others who get to stick around for quite some time. It's a decent crime read. I guess I was surprised to find just how well this early one stacked up against both Rankin' [...]

    5. I have read several of the Rebus series now and plan to work my way progressively through all of them. This one was particularly good in that Rebus seems to be mostly in control of things, his boss is supporting him and his love life is at a standstill. So much more time is spent on actual police work and solving crimes, always a good thing I think in a crime novel. I found this particular book a great way to spend time on a long plane flight and I look forward to reading the next one soon.

    6. The Black Book by Ian Rankin.The main theme or focus for Rebus is the burning down of the Central Hotel 5 years ago. A body, or what was left of a body, was found in the smoldering ashes. That body also had a bullet lodged in it's head. Rebus is bound and determined to find answers to this unsolved murder. That's when his problems begin. No one wants him to find any answers to that murder including the police. Well that's ok since nobody stops Rebus for long. The key to solving this mystery is a [...]

    7. 3.5Expected better from Rankin in this one. It wasn't as noir as the previous booksI'll read the 6th book in the series and see if it's any better It's my least fav Rebus so far

    8. Siobhan Clarke was a new partner for Rebus in this book, working with Rebus on Unsolved Crimes; brother of Rebus gets out of prison and needs place to sleep so he joins the crowd of college students renting from Rebus; Big Ger Cafferty is not at all likable in this earlier book, dramatically changing my view of that character. While I enjoy the series very much as it matured I never made the effort to start from book one to read in order. Had I done so I may have dropped it.I should add this enj [...]

    9. Ian Rankin's The Black Book is the 5th of his Inspector John Rebus series set in Edinburgh; this is the first of his novels I've read. Although in his early thirties when he wrote this tale, Rankin shapes Rebus with a world-weary cast, delivering a startlingly interior view of his middle-aged detective. Rebus isn't a 20s-something swashbuckler; nor has his passion died -- instead, it smoulders, burning red hot when correctly fanned, flicking encrusted ash skyward contemptuously. In this outing, [...]

    10. By this point, John Rebus is becoming familiar to me. He is crusty, crafty and will stoop to conquer any “bad” guys that happen to cross him.In this, the fifth full Rebus mystery novel, we do find out what happens with his current love affair (I was itching to know after the end of book four) and how he treats his fellow workers and friends - er, scratch that last bit. Rebus has no real friends.Inspector Rebus reminds me of a mix of Dr. House, Black Adder and perhaps a touch of “everyman [...]

    11. Διαβάζω τις περιπέτειες του Τζον Ρέμπους, ανάκατα, κάθε φορά που μπουκώνω (δηλαδή συχνά) απ' τη θεωρούμενη (απ' τους άλλους, όχι από μένα) ως σοβαρή ή υψηλή λογοτεχνία (στην προκειμένη περίπτωση παράτησα στη μέση έναν Ρόμπερτ Βάλζερ, όχι γιατί δεν ήταν καλός, αλλά απλώς γιατί μ [...]

    12. Al igual que los anteriores libros de la serie, una buena historia. Me gusta mucho el personaje de John Rebus.

    13. I had read my last Ian Rankin book a long time ago, and as far as I remember that one was a collection of short stories, which I didn’t particularly enjoy. And, if I stretch my mind even further back to the novel that I had read before that, I can hardly remember its name or what it was about. In short, Ian Rankin, though a celebrated author had never really put a solid mark on my reading life with his creations. I cant say I hate the books, but I don’t find them overtly enjoying, as was the [...]

    14. In this mystery about Scottish police detective John Rebus, Ian Rankin shows all his characteristic deftness. (Well, the last paragraph was atypically sweet, kind of a wrong note, but it was only one paragraph.) Rebus follows his own rules and accepts the punishments that inevitably follow. After his detective sergeant gets hit over the head in a parking lot behind an Elvis-themed restaurant and lands in the hospital, the victim's estranged girlfriend tells Rebus about a black book that (in code [...]

    15. Best Rebus yet. The more I read him the better I like him; not in spite of his flaws but because of them. My enjoyment of this book was helped by my currently being in Scotland and having just visited Edinburgh which, as in 3 of the previous books, figures prominently in the storyline. However, in addition to the picturesque unfolding of Edinburgh's multi-faceted personality and the fabulously flawed character of John Rebus, this novel boasts an excellent plot and a most challenging and convolut [...]

    16. I've read other Rebus novels, but I won't be reading any more. This is over-long, there are too many bad jokes and then one of the main players conveniently explains everything in his journal! I think I've had enough of heavy drinking bad tempered detectives.

    17. I confirm, I am obsessed with Rebus now. It's nice to get into a series late and know there's another 15 or so books to get stuck into.

    18. This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader.--- As interesting and well-written as the mystery in this novel was, as I think about the book, I have a hard time thinking about it -- the non-case material dominates the book, and seems more important for the series as a whole. Which is kind of a shame -- there's a lot to be mined in this case, and we didn't get enough of it. A famous -- and infamous -- local hotel burns down, and one body is recovered. This man didn't die in the fire, but [...]

    19. This was another strong entry in the series. It was a little bloated and not as tightly plotted as it could've been with a LOT of characters and threads running through it. As ever it's satisfying when they all come together, but it was difficult to keep track of throughout. Nice to see it continue forming into a series rather than a stand alone book though, and Rebus as a character continues to come into focus. I would not be cool with my landlord turning up and sleeping on my couch though.

    20. I'm enjoying reading Rankin's Rebus series in order, watching the character grow. Rankin does provide more complex plots than do many other authors, which is both a blessing and a curse. I sometimes find myself a bit confused over who is doing (or has done) what. That said, he has great characters, so it's all good fun.

    21. For me reading an Ian Rankin book is like polishing off a candy bar. You can't stop at just a couple of bites. So this 340 page paperback didn't take long for me to finish. This is one of the older ones. It dates from the 1993 with no cell phones and computers in use but only at your desk. When a young member of Rebus's team, Brian Holmes, is assaulted at a restaurant with an Elvis theme, The Heartbreak Cafe, everyone is mystified as to why this would happen. Brian had been living with a young l [...]

    22. There are signs of this series growing in this fifth of the Rebus novels, but some old failings remain, particularly the feeling that IR is sitting there laughing at his own jokes; these are rather too frequent but I guess this is IR stamping his own particular style on the crime novel, chucking in a bit of light relief. For some readers, as other reviews demonstrate, this mix of dark and light doesn't work for everyone.For once the prologue felt weak, and the transition to the main narrative fe [...]

    23. This was the best Inspector Rebus novel I have read so far. Rankin seems to have become more comfortable with the character of Rebus and Rebus seems to have become more comfortable with himself, curmudgeon that he is. He is still our Inspector John Rebus who believes solving the case is more important than career advancement. This world needs heroes, even if they are only written on a page. I enjoyed the addition of another sidekick, a young female to take under his wing, and the inclusion of re [...]

    24. 7.5/10Another solid entry into the Rebus series. This is the 5th one I’ve read now and the main character is developing more and more and you sort of get that he’s not a dirty cop but not so strict to the rules either, not breaking them but sometimes bending. He wants to get to the bottom of things and get the job done and he’s not too bothered about whose toes he steps on.The minor characters are also coming into their own and I liked the chemistry with Holmes and Clarke in this one. Ther [...]

    25. OK. Now we're getting someplace. Much better. My editions are old, so contain introductions by Rankin in which he explains what he was doing and/or thinking about when he wrote the book in question. Strip Jack, for example, was written in the US just after his first son was born. For the Black Book, he's back at the French farmhouse, but he's decided to dump some of the settings and characters and become more real about police procedures in Edinburgh. There is more humor, I think, and a little m [...]

    26. THE BLACK BOOK. (1993). Ian Rankin. **1/2.About one-third of the way through this novel by Rankin, I made a startling discovery: I could no longer remember the names of the various characters or what their roles in the story were. My reading fuse of 15 amps was blown out by the 20 amp supply of personalities. This is called supplier overload. Rankin had just fed me too many people to try and keep track of. He’s investigating an old case – a hotel fire of five years ago where a dead body was [...]

    27. La quinta entrega del inspector Rebus no me terminó de convencer. Por una parte, tardó bastante más de lo habitual en engancharme, cosa que no me suele ocurrir con sus novelas. Por otra parte, creo que abusa de referencias para volvernos a recordar lo disfuncional que es la vida del detective, y toda la porquería por la que se ve rodeado. Tampoco me enganchó ninguno de los personajes secundarios, algunos incluso me parecieron demasiado estereotipados. Dedica mucho más tiempo a describir a [...]

    28. This is my first encounter with Ian Rankin's work. A friend of mine recommended it knowing that I'm a fan of crime and mystery stories, especially Agatha Christie's. My first impression of the book was "It's a man's book", from the rough character of Inspector John Rebus and the mean streets of Edinburgh. The main plot is about a cold case, a 5 year-old case of Central Hotel blaze, and how Inspector Rebus putting pieces of informations together to solve the case beginning from one little note in [...]

    29. If you have not read a John Rebus book, and if you like hard-hitting, fast-paced British mysteries, then you have a treat in store for you. I highly recommend Edinburgh's Dick Tracy (DI John Rebus). This is the fifth book in this series, and as always it's best to start at the beginning, but if you don't and start with this book that's OK too. Rebus has morphed by this book. He is a really strong character with the tenacity of a bloodhound when he's on the hunt. When a close colleague is mugged [...]

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