The Terminals

The Terminals The riveting story of a covert team of young terminally ill teens who spend their last year alive running dangerous missions as super spies for an organization that may not be all it seems When ye

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  • Title: The Terminals
  • Author: Royce Buckingham
  • ISBN: 9781250011558
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The riveting story of a covert team of young, terminally ill teens who spend their last year alive running dangerous missions as super spies for an organization that may not be all it seems.When 19 year old Cam Cody is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he expects to spend the rest of his shortened life in an adjustable bed Then one night, a mysterious man offers Cam oneThe riveting story of a covert team of young, terminally ill teens who spend their last year alive running dangerous missions as super spies for an organization that may not be all it seems.When 19 year old Cam Cody is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he expects to spend the rest of his shortened life in an adjustable bed Then one night, a mysterious man offers Cam one chance to join a covert unit of young terminals They are like him, only they spend the last year of their lives executing exciting and dangerous missions to make the world a better place.With nothing to lose, Cam is in.A helicopter flies Cam to a secret tropical location, where he s tossed out with a parachute and an instruction manual After a rough landing, he meets his nine teammates The other terminals don t seem sick Zara is beautiful, Donnie is an amazing athlete, and Calliope sings like a bird He soon learns that they re enhanced with an experimental super steroid TS 8, which suppresses their illnesses symptoms and heightens their physical and mental abilities It s also fatal if taken for than a year.Cam joins this extreme spy team, and they begin pulling dangerous operations in multiple countries As his teammates fall around him, he starts to receive cryptic messages from a haggard survivor of last year s class hiding in the forest She reveals that the program isn t what it seems, leading Cam to question whether any of them are really sick at all.

    One thought on “The Terminals”

    1. I did not expect to fall in love with this book as much as I did. Royce Buckingham is an amazing writer who has the rare ability of being succinct, right to the point, and cold-hearted, whenever necessary. I really enjoyed the characters in The Terminals and how they interacted with one another. Cam is a nineteen year-old college student who wants a second chance at life, or the opportunity to make a difference with the time that he has left. To do this, he leaves his family, friends, and entire [...]

    2. Just another average, trashy YA action novel, sacrificing . . . well, basically everything for thrills.I wanted to like this. I unfortunately couldn't find any reason to. Implausible world and character choices. Moving on. :(

    3. This is a great action/adventure/spy type book for high school students. It was just not the right book for me at this time. For good middle grade reads, check out Buckingham's Goblins! and Demonkeeper!

    4. Nope, can't do it. It feels very much like I'm reading a book. There is no connection, no immersion into the story. Also, it feels like it was written in the 90s, before YA was elevated to the quality level that it's at today.

    5. I was thinking about this book long after it was over. What an awesome and yet horrible premise! Totally shivering about the part with the caiman.

    6. I received a free copy of The Terminalsfrom First Reads. Well, Buckingham spins an interesting, fast-paced, "espionage/action/adventure" tale with an intricate plot and multiple twists and turns. Still, I was a little disappointed with the conclusion--the big reveal about what and who was involved, and why. (Probably because I had kinda guessed it already. Poo. I kept thinking of Resident Evil 5 with Wesker claiming, "Humans have escaped this winnowing for far too long." Similar,but not an exac [...]

    7. I got this through first-reads, and did it as a buddy read with someone in a GR group. She DNF'd it, seemed she just couldn't get into it, I on the other hand, was interested from the gate.(view spoiler)[If you are into big money, corporate corruption, then this is certainly for you! It starts out quite deceptively, taking young adults who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, offers them a chance to take a secret drug being experimented on, and become "superhuman" for a year, until they [...]

    8. The Terminals is an action packed, pulse-pounding young adult thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until you reach the very end.Nineteen year old Cam is told that he has an inoperable brain tumor and has a life expectancy of about a year left to live, when he is approached by a stranger to spend the last year of his life training to spy and undertake missions to save innocent people he jumps at the chance, wanting to know that he spent the time he has left doing something worthwh [...]

    9. While I was easily sucked into the story, I was also constantly pulled out of it just as easily.Cam is toogood. Too smart, too fast to move past tragedy. Not that it's too hard to move past tragedies. We barely get a handful of scenes of characterization (or at least a chance to become attached before bad things happen.Also, Cam has an attraction toward basically every female he meets. And many of those are mutual. A lot of the plot feltbbled together, I guess.If you want action, I guess this is [...]

    10. Just won this in the giveaway, can't wait to read it. I enjoyed reading The Terminals. Very cool, fast-paced YA espionage/adventure type book. When I first read the plot I thought, this is either going to be very stupid or very awesome. After reading The Terminals, I've gone with very awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed all the action throughout the book. I also like how it leaves off at the end so maybe there will be a sequel. I think it would make a great book series, and perhaps a TV series as well [...]

    11. 3.75 StarsA YA adventure novel with terminally ill MCs that have superpowers. Think Spy Kids meet Survivor and Bourne Legacy, but a bit darker. Great plot, good start, and fast-paced. The ending is open-ended and leaves room for a sequel (similar to classic Sci-fi). The characters don't have a lot of depth, but the story moves so fast that it doesn't hurt the overall work. A quick and easy read, recommended for young adults.GoodReads FirstReads Giveaway

    12. This is a little different then what a usually read (boy protagonist for one), but that's a good thing I think. I did find myself surprised at how quickly the body count racked up, and felt it was a pity to be introduced to such interesting seeming people only to have them taken away so soon. There was one twist that wasn't a twist (super shady groups never deal well with blackmail) so some of the emotional punch just wasn't there at the end.

    13. Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for access to this title.3.5 stars.There is plenty of action and corruption to go around in this one. And extra violence from that action. I enjoyed the twists in this and thought the epilogue did great job at leaving the reader wanting more. I will be watching for the next installment.

    14. I won this novel in a drawing.An excellent YA sci fi novel about kids turned into an Impossible Mission Force, when they are diagnosed with a deadly disease. Of course, like always in these stories, things aren't what they seem.Full of great action, and a lot of tension. I think the book is actually more subversive than the author knows.

    15. A book worth reading. Surprisingly different in common areas and with more sensibility then most YA novels. Realistic where it needed to be and fictional enough to keep interest.

    16. Thanks to First Reads and author Royce Buckingham I get the pleasure of reading "The Terminals" for free, yes F R E E!

    17. A good concept, but the 'voice' felt shallow. The writing was basic and lacked any prose, the narrator describes only actions and skips any other descriptions whatsoever, except of course to describe in lecherous detail literally every female he comes into contact with. The plot was interesting enough, and the setting was ok, but the characters all felt flat.

    18. *Synopsis*The riveting story of a covert team of young, terminally ill teens who spend their last year alive running dangerous missions as super-spies for an organization that may not be all it seems.When 19 year-old Cam Cody is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he expects to spend the rest of his shortened life in an adjustable bed. Then one night, a mysterious man offers Cam one chance to join a covert unit of young “terminals.” They are like him, only they spend the last year of their li [...]

    19. I give this book 3/5 stars because there was too many gaps for me, for example, the ending; the ending is so vague but yet it sounds like there's going to be a sequel, like, there is the perfect setup for a sequel, but I've heard no word of one. (Mini spoiler) Also, at the end, it's uncertain if two characters died or not - it doesn't specifically tell you because in one chapter it seems like they did but in the one after it mentions them/it sounds like they're still alive but then they aren't m [...]

    20. On the surface, Cam has it all. He’s a gifted athlete, he’s smart and he’s about to start college. However, once he’s learned that he has a terminal form of cancer, he’s resolved to spending the rest of his life in a hospital. One night, a mysterious man comes to Cam and gives him an opportunity that he can’t refuse. He’s been invited to be a part of a secret mission with other teen and young adult “terminals,” i.e. others who have been given a short life sentence because of ca [...]

    21. The Terminals was a great book not only did it have a great plot. The author made sure the reader had an emotional connection to Cam's teammates before he kills each one off. The story has a great plot that makes you feel the twists and turns of the book and makes sure you can't see anything coming. The start of the book shows off the somewhat twisted dark side of the book when it shows Cam the main character in his bed dying of a brain tumer. During the night a strange man appears and tells Cam [...]

    22. The Terminals by Royce Scott Buckingham was an amazing book. The genre for this book is Science Fiction. The book takes place in a jungle. The main characters are Cam, Donnie, Zara, and Calliope. In this book Cam Cody has a disease he will die within a year. He gets an invitation to join a group or squad. Their purpose is to help make the world a better place. One day though Cam meets a survivor from last years class. She tells him that the program is not what it seems to be. She was supposed to [...]

    23. The Terminals by Royce Scott Buckingham is a fast pace, exhilarating, dystopian thriller very similar to the Hunger Games series. I have recently developed a love for dystopian novels and this book is a perfect example of why. The author always kept me on my toes making it quite hard to stop reading. For the most part, it was an easy read with very simple vocabulary. But, every once and while, he threw in a complex word. I really disliked this component and I believe he should have just made the [...]

    24. Here is my review on "The Terminals" -- after my daughter read her autographed copy twice and proprietarily loaned her book to me for "not too long," I brought it with me to court. Quickly, I was immersed in the jungle by Buckingham's deft hand. Usually I read with one eye on the judge, but no hope here. My client's case was called and she was half way to the podium before I even realized! Thanks to Royce for the unmatched escapism. I finished it in three days, which is bittersweet, because it i [...]

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