Cold Moon

Cold Moon nd Edition Insolita Luna Book Three Sequel to Hunter s Moon Charlie Fitzgerald is sick of being the kid nobody takes seriously His older brother Colin is fighting vampires and other troublemakers in

  • Title: Cold Moon
  • Author: M.J. O'Shea
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 2nd Edition Insolita Luna Book Three Sequel to Hunter s Moon Charlie Fitzgerald is sick of being the kid nobody takes seriously His older brother Colin is fighting vampires and other troublemakers in New York City, and Charlie wants in on the action but no one will listen Then he overhears the lycan council is looking for a human emissary to take a message of peace to a2nd Edition Insolita Luna Book Three Sequel to Hunter s Moon Charlie Fitzgerald is sick of being the kid nobody takes seriously His older brother Colin is fighting vampires and other troublemakers in New York City, and Charlie wants in on the action but no one will listen Then he overhears the lycan council is looking for a human emissary to take a message of peace to a werewolf in the forests of Romania, and Charlie decides he s the man for the job Xan is furious his best friend, Charlie, one of the Fitzgeralds he s vowed to protect, is walking into danger, and Xan chases him all the way to the freezing Romanian forest to save his stubborn butt When Charlie is almost killed, Xan realizes he feels much than friendship for his charge, and emotions that have been bubbling under the surface of his calm fa ade threaten to boil over and flood them both They end up in the middle of a political mess involving lycans, werewolves, and nosy vampires, and if they make it out alive, the friendship between the headstrong hunter and his bullheaded protector might turn into a love neither can live without 1st edition published by M.J O Shea, April 2012

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    1. And I finally arrived at the third story of this fun and creative series. With each new installment, the author focuses on a different paranormal race and situation within the series arc of a threat trying to disrupt and act against them all. It was a delightful surprise to encounter another young, bumbling human hero and his bestie who is a lot more than he seems. This was more of a paranormal coming of age story that took a young guy from adolescence to manhood through his very own adventure t [...]

    2. This book has a captivating beginning but falters in the middle. As if the climax (which is closer to anticlimax, actually) arrives too soon and we are treated with a long epilogue.Charlie and Can were childhood friends. A youngest son in the Fitzgerald family, he's treated as a baby even though he's 18 yrs old. The Fitzgeralds is a famous vampire hunter, where every man and woman was vampire hunter. Charlie had wanted to be one since he was kid, but since he had brain but not muscle like his br [...]

    3. 4.3 stars!Cold Moon is the 3rd and final book of the Insolita Luna series.But each book of the triology can be read as a standalone (I acually read this one 1st ;D) I Really enjoyed this paranormal, sweet, short gay romance.The world setting was great with vampires, werewolves, lycans, witches and other mystical creatures :)It was Different and Original!I absolutely loved the Romance too! the MC's were childhood friends and it was so lovely seeing their feelings for each other grow there was pr [...]

    4. This series seems to be about underpowered human individuals becoming the main character/Chosen one in the supernatural world M.J. O'Shea has created. It's actually a really unique idea, and a point of view I actually really enjoyed exploring. Charlie is the younger brother in a family of bounty hunters. He's still in his last year of high school when this book starts, though he later graduates to NYU (despite his best efforts). It is his dearest wish to be able to show his family that, just lik [...]

    5. In "Cold Moon" by M.J. O'Shea, Charlie Fitzgerald's life changes when he is thrown into a world of mystical creatures such as vampires, witches, and werewolves. While the novel had a clumsy beginning that normally would have turned me away, the plot picked up as it introduced romance and adventure. This book did not include as much diversity as I had hoped it would when I heard that it included LGBT characters. Despite many gay male characters, there was not a variety of other sexualities or eve [...]

    6. Sorry, but I guess this book wasn't for me. I found it kind of childish and also easily predictable. Probably it has a lot to do with the fact that the blurb we are given on the backcover covers more than half the book plot.Also the characters seemed very plain to me and quite archetypical. Although it is good to see romance and love with same sex characters I couldn't belive their feelings as the characters fell very bland and predictable to me.Maybe it would be a good book for way younger read [...]

    7. Cold Moon is the third book in the Moon series and I gotta say I really enjoyed it. I had to go back and revisit Hunter's Moon the second book in the series since I first read it over 3yrs ago and I needed a refresher on the characters. I still very much liked that book, and Cold Moon is next to fall in my good graces, where Blood Mood was all "Meh" for me the final two books sealed the deal on enjoyability and I love these band of merry supernatural hunters and the people they fall in love with [...]

    8. Third in the Insolita Luna series it is the sequel to Hunter's Moon. This book has a subplot of a magical fairytale that doesn't compromise the theme at all, the story still contains the danger element of the werewolves, lycans, vampires and witches.Charlie is a fed up teenager, aching for adventure. He is the youngest of three boys and wants to prove his worth and be level pegging with his older brothers. He feels frustrated and doesn't understand why his parents are holding him back. With the [...]

    9. This is the conclusion (book 3) of the Insolita Luna Series. I have read all 3 books, and while book 1 is the best, all 3 books are worth reading. Sometimes it's hard to find a good m/m paranormal romance series, so I was ecstatic when I finished these. I will reread them many times.This last book is about Charlie and Xan, best friends since childhood. Most of Charlie's family has hunted or still hunts vampires, but his parents forbid him from hunting. So, Charlie finds his own way into the worl [...]

    10. Charlie Fitzgerald is not only Colin's little brother, but he's also a fairly small guy. He's known about the "family business" since he was fairly young and frankly couldn't wait to join up, but when his 18th birthday comes and goes without his parents giving him the talk his brothers received, he knows something is off. Turns out his parents think he's not cut out to be a vampire hunter and want him to have a normal life in college. Then he finds out his best friend Xan not only knows about al [...]

    11. I definitely enjoyed this third book of the series, but not quite as much as the first two books. It maybe had something to do with Charlie’s character coming across as more self-centered. The world revolved around him and he was fairly oblivious to things outside that bubble. He was somewhat impatient and impetuous. This is perhaps not uncommon or unexpected behavior for a young guy – it just meant it wasn’t insta-love for me with his character. This story is fairly light on angst. The an [...]

    12. Firstly let me say this you know how you think a story is going to go in your head but then it goes the opposite way well this series took me by surprise it was a good surprise didn't expect it at all. But it was fitting to how the story's were going.Story is told through Charlie who's 18 and comes from the line of vampire hunters . He wants to prove himself to everyone around him he can get the job done. His best friend xan who has a secret will the secret destroy them or will everything work o [...]

    13. ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥ BEAUTIFUL♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥#engrossing, #most endearing characters, #emotionally satisfying, #adorable overload, #favorite couple and most definitely #forever-favorites! I'm going to MISS the shit out of this series

    14. nincs több twilight hasonlatom, egész visszafogottan volt nőies a főszereplő párocska, és még szex is alig volt benne.tök fölösleges harmadik kötet a szokásos antiklimaktikus történetvezetéssel. ez valami pássziója lehet a hölgynekyetlen kérdésem van: vámpírfalván annyira kihalt a kreativitás, hogy minden szerelmes csakis egyetlen becézést ismer? így harmadjára már tényleg a gyomrom forgott a számomra amúgy is gusztustalanul negédes babe-ezéstől.

    15. It was a nice easy read with an interesting premise. I really liked that the whole transition from friends to "more" wasn't full of angst and doubts etc The story moved at a nice clip. The characters were sweet and interesting. It was a pleasant way to send the afternoon reading. I also liked getting updates on the previous couples. A nice escape, but very complicated, and every thing is wrapped up neatly in a bow.

    16. I liked this much better than the second book because I find it more engaging and there’s this great plot continuity in the story. Plus Xan and Charlie are just way adorable! I was hoping Silivasi’s also gay but alas, that’d be another story (perhaps,) from another author ^^ M.J. O’Shea’s just really a delightful author!

    17. This was an ok story. The only part I liked most is the forest. It was a very nice and enchanted place. I wasn't even sure how Charlie and Xan were gonna end up together because they've been bffs for so long and didn't even give off the "I love you more than a friend" feeling. At least I think the series is done, so I won't have to contemplate whether or not I should continue it.

    18. I had a little bit harder time with this story, but that is because I have a hard time liking know-it-all, angsty teenagers. Maybe because I had to deal with one :) Anyway Charlie finally gets his act together and begins to mature. Shared experiences with his best friend Xan reveals how much they truly care for each other.Recommended

    19. 3,5 starsSweet conclusion to the series, though I'll admit to being very annoyed with Charlie in the middle of the book - I have an issue with TSTL moments. Other than that I liked the book and wouldn't mind to read more about all the trouble the group would get into in NY.

    20. This to me was the best of the three. Noah and zach's story was a bit slow going. PC and Miles had several annoying scenes. It was sweet, funny and downright adorable. Very little angst and the bratty behavior of charlie was somehow endearing.

    21. This book was actually my favorite in the series! I absolutely LOVED "The Woods"-- I wanted to live there! I really enjoyed the new characters and creatures! So glad the author is planning to write another book set in The Woods!I highly recommend this book!

    22. Fast paced, interesting and fun read. 3 books in the series (this is the 3rd) and they all kept me entertained. They are more about the characters than the plot

    23. Just re-read this book and it was just as good the 2nd time around.Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT! Love this author.

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