Acts of Desperation

Acts of Desperation Sember Adler is a young attorney at the start of her career When her sister is in need of legal rescue Sember worries her inexperience could compromise the case and failure isn t an option The situat

  • Title: Acts of Desperation
  • Author: Emerson Shaw
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sember Adler is a young attorney at the start of her career When her sister is in need of legal rescue, Sember worries her inexperience could compromise the case and failure isn t an option The situation appears hopeless, until the handsome legal eagle, Jax Alexander, arrives at her firm Is he the light at the end of a dark tunnel, or will his light only bring darkSember Adler is a young attorney at the start of her career When her sister is in need of legal rescue, Sember worries her inexperience could compromise the case and failure isn t an option The situation appears hopeless, until the handsome legal eagle, Jax Alexander, arrives at her firm Is he the light at the end of a dark tunnel, or will his light only bring darkness Secrets threaten to kill the innocent, danger lurks in the shadows, and vengeance is a perilous motivator In an artful blend of suspense, romance, and revenge, Acts of Desperation barrels down a thrilling and twisted road in search of the one thing that evades everyone the truth Sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures This stand alone novel was based on actual events and is intended for mature audiences due to strong sexual content

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    1. I really loved this story. There is so much going on that I was glued. When I read that this was based on some true events my interest heightened so I jumped right in.This is mainly a story about Sember and her sister Sarah. I loved Liz and did I mention there is a gorgeous male called Jax Yummy:)The author threw suspense and romance into this book. Hence this is a really great story.

    2. Acts of Desperation is an intricate and deeply moving tale of one woman's fight for freedom from a manipulative, cheating husband and a sister who will stop at nothing to support her family, even if it means putting her own escalating problems on the sidelines. This books describes itself as a romantic thriller but it is so much more than that. It is also a legal drama that follows two sisters as they cope with the aftermath of relationship breakdowns. Sarah is the older sister who is trying to [...]

    3. oh my.I have so much I want to say about this book had just been going round and round in my head since I finished it the story is just OMG seriously.d the fact that it's based on true eventsriously.e shivers.e emotions it evoked were just so much more intense than normal. Just knowing that S.O.B. Anders is real!!! I just want to find him and snack him for what he put this family through.cially his own beautiful children.I don't understand how malicious sociopathic idiots like him exist o [...]

    4. Description- Sember is a strong-willed attorney who’s got it all: the budding career, the condo, and a marriage proposal right around the corner.When her sister, Sarah, needs a new attorney, Sember is torn. She wants to help Sarah, but she is terrified her emotions could compromise the case. With so much at stake, failure isn't an option.In walks Jax Alexander, a brilliant legal mind from New York who excites Sember’s body and mind. When he offers to take on Sarah’s case, he provides hope [...]

    5. This story has so much going on I don't know where to start. The relationship between the sisters was spot on and there's no question in your mind about the position of where Sember, the lead character, is coming from when supporting her sister. I could hear the conversations from the sisters taking place in my head. The author obviously has a concrete understanding of sisterhood and does a great job of conveying this. The characters in this story are a little more mature which I found refreshin [...]

    6. ARC received in exchange for an honest review. The basis of parts of this story were inspired by actual events. I don't know how to label this novel as a lot goes on in this stand alone story. It will satisfy your appetite for drama, suspense and erotic romance.Attorney Sember, is the rock for her sister who has hit a rough patch in her marriage. Just as her professional life is up and running, Sember needs someone to be her rock as her world is turned upside down. The past comes back to haunt h [...]

    7. Emerson had me hooked on this book from the dedication.She wrote:“I also dedicate this book to my husband, Bernie. Thank you for that shower where I stood across from you crying. You told me to shut out the negativity and just write my story. That moment will remain forever etched in my mind as a pivotal turning point.”Her Hubby – I love him – what he did was true book boyfriend stuff.This book is fast paced and unputdownable. There is never a dull moment. Loosely based on actual events [...]

    8. **I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**I really had to sit with this book for a while and figure out the way that I wanted to go about reviewing it. I don’t think I have ever struggled with how to write a review as much as I did with this one. That being said, it was really good, but there was a LOT being jammed into it. I almost wish the author would have created two volumes out of it rather than one big novel.What I really loved, more than anything, was the bond of sisterhood [...]

    9. The premiss of this book is what made me read it. This book is based on true life events!! I was drawn in from the start. Oooo did I hate the antagonist in this book!! The only two equalizers in life are karma and death. I wanted to be the one to dispense the justice! I literally screamed at my Kindle!! I really felt for the main character and her sister.Now let's get into the romance. I love how simple it was. I love that it didn't pander to the latest fad with floggers, clamps and blindfolds. [...]

    10. Acts of Desperation has a great deal to offer readers of all kinds. It is a flawless blend of romance and revenge.Emerson Shaw writes beautifully of the unbreakable bond of sisterhood. Sisters, Sember and Sarah have a tender and true relationship strengthened only by the trials of Sarah's pending divorce from her crazy husband. Then there's the love story- Sember and Jax have a tender yet steamy relationship. A great love story, perfectly balanced with romance and intimacy.(with a few WOW moment [...]

    11. ***THIS ARC BOOK WAS GIVEN TO ME IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW***I want to start by saying that Act of Desperation as a debut novel Emerson Shaw writes so fluently and with such conviction, and she writes as if she is an old pro at this. The way the words flow and draw you into the story is amazing and she wrote this story in a way that she is painting the picture and you are right there ready to jump in and help the main characters Sember and Sarah if they only asked. I know that this story [...]

    12. **TARA'S REVIEW**4.5 Heart Skipping StarsThis is anything but a typical romance story. Acts of Desperation is based on actual events, and will tear at every emotion you can think of. There is lots of suspense, romance, steamy sex, drama, and revenge. This book follows 2 separate stories that are intertwined between sisters, Sember and Sarah.Storyline 1:Sember is an attorney, she works long hours and not really feeling the connection with her boyfriend of two years. She concocts a plan to surpris [...]

    13. I was kindly provided a copy in exchange for an honest review.This book was aptly named because it was full of underhanded, conniving tricks from multiple characters. Acts of Desperation had it all from romance, heat, deception, and revenge. Emerson Shaw takes her readers on a roller coaster ride with all the action along with a myriad of emotions. It was a phenomenal read about heartache, loss, and love that drew me in and made me feel sympathy and even hatred for these beautifully flawed chara [...]

    14. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. You have Sember, who is an attorney and dealing with the break up from her fiance. Then you have Sarah, her sister, who is dealing with a divorce from a crazy, egotistical husband. Add in Jax Alexander, who is the hot, new attorney at the firm Sember works for. The problem is, Jax has his own 'skeletons in the closet' that he is dealing with. Sember and Jax start seeing each other, but will their pasts hinder a future together?Let [...]

    15. Acts of Desperation by Emerson Shaw5 out of 5 starsActs of Desperation is most definitely a book to keep you on your toes and begging for more!! It follows a young, successful lawyer, her personal and family troubles, and her blossoming interest in a fellow attorney named Jax Alexander. After a horrendous break-up with her boyfriend John, Sember moves in with her best friend Liz and is taken by storm through a steamy whirlwind romance with Jax. Once their emotions begin to unfurl, she discovers [...]

    16. I was given a copy by the author as an ARC. Once I started this book I could not put it down until I finished it! Ms. Shaw grabs your attention and keeps you interested until the very end without letting you down. It had a little bit of everything in it that makes a great story. Family, love, hate, mystery, suspense, and romance. The fact that it was partially based on true life made it even better for me. The characters are very well written and you find yourself drawn into the story. My emotio [...]

    17. With all the glowing ratings and reviews this novel garnered, I thought I was in for a good read. Boy, was I wrong. I can't fault the readers if they loved it. They're entitled to their opinion. Unfortunately, for me this novel did not work. I found it to be absolutely boring. A total yawn-fest. It's considered a suspenseful thriller. I found nothing suspenseful about it, or thrilling. It's not really the story I had a problem with. It's the execution of it. I hated it. I didn't even like any of [...]

    18. I just want to start off by saying this book blew me away. There were some scenes i really felt were so intense! Literally, at one point I was reading in the dark and had to put the book down for the night because being in the dark creeped me out in a particular scene in the book. The way it's written drives you in and makes you wanting more. The constant, I want to keep turning pages feel was defintely there. It's a unique story and its not the typical one either. You can tell a lot of thought [...]

    19. Ms. Shaw did an excellent job with this book. I was engrossed in this story. It was well written and the characters were very relatable. I loved Jax from the moment I met him. I knew he would be the fix that Sember needed. Then there was Anders. What a POS that you will love to hate. I swear there were moments that had me getting creeped out by him. We have all been in that place where you will do anything for your family. Protect them with everything you have and this story just goes to show th [...]

    20. Color me impressed Emerson Shaw’s First novel! I will be following her closely looking out for what she pens in the future!The book was fun and a quick read. There are great characters and I began feeling like they could be your friends and family and some you could hate with a passion! The story begins with Sarah suspecting her husband of cheating and the story of an ugly divorce weaves it way through the book. Then Sember (her main character) finds her boyfriend cheating and moves out and tr [...]

    21. Acts of Desperation is by far one of the best books I have read! I could not put this book down and finished it in less than one day! It captures everything from romance to drama, suspense and so much more. It is written in a way that the reader can feel a connection with the characters and as though the story is literally happening in front of their eyes. I loved the strength of the women in the book as well as the strong family bond and dedication that was portrayed. The romance was sweet and [...]

    22. I love when I get surprised by a book. I knew this was suppose to have some thriller moments to it but I wasn't prepared for all the twists, turns and questions that will plague you with each page. This was one of the first books in awhile that I read from beginning to end without stopping. There was never a dull moment, each scene captivating and perfectly written.To read the rest of my review, please visit the blog at A Love Affair With Books.

    23. This is a great first novel by Emerson Shaw! I'm looking forward to her next book. I'm a fan of great literature and light reads as well. This book is super fun because it reads quickly, the protagonist is one of a number of terrific characters in the story, and even at the end you want to follow the characters on. The legal elements add intrigue and drama to this fast paced romantic thriller. Who wouldn't want a book they don't want to put down once they've read the first page? It's fun, smart, [...]

    24. Wow what a fantastic read. I won a copy of this book and I had never heard of Emerson Shaw sadly. I knew I would love Emerson the minute she put Jake Ryan from Sixteen candles as a go to dream man. I'm so glad I was gifted this because she has become one of my favorite authors. I was so engulfed in this book the first night I read until I fell asleep I woke to reaching to read more. I was lost in this book from page one I cried, laughed, gasped, and got so angry throughout the book. The journey [...]

    25. 4.5 Heart Skipping StarsSee my full review here: /review/showBe sure to check out more of my reviews at: lustfulliterature/ & facebook/lustfulliter

    26. A truly magnificent love story. This book includes the right amount variety and steam to keep the reader engaged. As a man, I was really surprised at how much I could relate to the strong female lead. I don't typically read a lot fiction, so it took me a few chapters to get immersed, but by the end I was pulled in and could not put it down. This is definitely a must read for anyone interested in the romance, suspense, revenge, erotic, thriller genre. Two excited thumbs up!

    27. This romantic thriller that is based on actual true life events had me from the very beginning. The romance to the drama and suspense,it kept me so involved with the characters and the story to the point I never wanted to put it down. This book had everything. This is a must read and well deserves its 5 star reviews.I look forward to reading more from this amazing author Emerson Shaw!

    28. This Book is Amazing, There's no other way to say it, The Writing itself was fantastic, Emerson Shaw is such a Great Writer. I can't wait to read more from her in the future.When I was told this book was actually about true events, I had to check it out, I was completely pulled in from the beginning of Chapter one.

    29. Good lord there was so much going on in this book. With all the plots, because I felt there were a lot, I didn't feel anything for any character.I didn't fall in love, I don't even know when Jax and Sember fell in love. I didn't like Anders or John, but wasn't "fuming mad" with what they did.Luckily, it was a quick readbut fell short.

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