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  1. Perfect LENT read - Feb of 2014Re-read Feb to Mar 6 .16 Beginning now as it's 7 weeks of daily perceptions on journey and spiritual pilgrimage [lent begins in 1 week] Practical activities and intentional observations to enhance life whether physically journeying or wanting more from local life .This is an excellent resource for referral and implementation of practices that increase awareness of the world around, whether at home or away. A variety of practices to awaken or refresh the interior sp [...]

  2. Lacy has written an approachable, wise and applicable guide to seeking the Sacred on the pilgrimage of everyday life.

  3. Looking for a devotional that leads us into intentional practices? This is a great start for those who want to understand more about simplicity of life and pilgrim practices.

  4. Lovely book to slowly read. Some basic information that served as wonderful reminders, but I also enjoyed a few deeper truths sprinkled throughout that really made me pause. I enjoyed the framing of the content around pilgrimage- such a great metaphor.

  5. In tasteful day-by-day tidbits, Lacy masterfully invites and provokes the reader into a life both more simple and more holistic. Her easy writing, helpful examples, and approachable ideas make this a not-too-dense, but oh-so-profound way to sink more deeply into one's spiritual engagement with oneself and with the world. A timely, grounded book.

  6. I found this book to offer a fresh and holistic approach to finding God in our everday lives. In a world that is increasingly hurried and pulls us towards disembodied ways of living, Pilgrim Principles is steady and practical guide to slowing down and finding God in perhaps the most unexpected place—right where you are.

  7. This book is full of inspiring ideas for living out this life as an awake, alert, intentional human being. Something that is so needed in this day and age.

  8. Pilgrim Principles is an eye-opening guide to finding the sacred in the simple. The author gives easy to follow instructions to make each day full of meaning. A must-read for the spiritual seeker!

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