A Question of Smeg: The 2nd Red Dwarf Quiz Book

A Question of Smeg The nd Red Dwarf Quiz Book None

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  • Title: A Question of Smeg: The 2nd Red Dwarf Quiz Book
  • Author: Sharon Burnett Nicky Hooks
  • ISBN: 9780140270709
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “A Question of Smeg: The 2nd Red Dwarf Quiz Book”

    1. The first thing to mention here is that this book will make very little sense to you unless you’re a fan of the cult sci-fi comedy TV show Red Dwarf. Even if you are a fan of it, you might not like it. It’s basically a quiz book, with the questions in the front and the answers at the back. That makes it hard to ‘read’ it, especially if you keep flicking backwards and forwards to see whether you got the questions right.There’s also the fact that many of the questions are based on the Re [...]

    2. By read, I really mean "flicked through", because there isn't really a lot of reading to be had in a quiz book.

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