Morning And Evening

Morning And Evening For tens of thousands of Christians over the last century Charles Haddon Spurgeon s Morning and Evening has been a daily devotional guide through life s ups and downs New generations can once aga

  • Title: Morning And Evening
  • Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • For tens of thousands of Christians over the last century, Charles Haddon Spurgeon s Morning and Evening has been a daily devotional guide through life s ups and downs New generations can once aga

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    1. Truly superb! Spurgeon's language is approachable yet lofty. The daily format is ideal to accomplish a major impact a little at a time on multiple fronts in the reader's life. Spurgeon comes across as insistent on Christ's best for the reader's life but in a jovial, fatherly way that will have the reader looking forward to the next visit.

    2. Morning & Evening is perhaps the seminal book Charles Spurgeon's career. Despite how prolific his writings and statements were, this is what folks think of when it comes to a devotional of his. It's one of the best-loved devotional works ever.Certainly it's easy to see why. I greatly benefitted from the optimism of Spurgeon. None of the negative stuff that so many have at times espoused. Yes, there is suffering, as Spurgeon well knew, but there is also joy.If it were not for the values disso [...]

    3. Have read through more or less fit at least the last ten years. Always refreshed, challenged and encouraged. It's been fun to look at some of my highlights and notes from year to year. Every year, I am captivated by new insights I did not see the year before. Hope to read through for the next ten years!

    4. I find myself sad to have finished this book, and wish that there was more of it. I had set it up to pop up on my computer, whenever I logged in, and often, it was the most encouraging "email" of my day. I have found Spurgeon's writings to be so comforting, encouraging, and challenging at times, perfect for this season of my life. He doesn't shy away from the tough aspects of life, but he doesn't delve into the technical details of a verse as many of today's pastors do. He compares them to heart [...]

    5. I bought this version for my wife since english is her second language. Spurgeon's original words are obviously to be preferred over "updated" versions when possible, but this was most readable for her. We haven't actually read the entire year of devotions, but we've read a lot of them. Spurgeon's words are encouraging and speak powerfully into the life of the believer. He lived up to the title "Prince of Preacher", and that shines through in his writing! Though I must admit, his exegesis of the [...]

    6. Morning and Evening is a fantastic devotional for the heart of every believer. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to begin and end their day with spiritual encouragement and instruction. Spurgeon, the "prince of preachers" delivers his depth and love for Christ.Rev. Michael Duncan, AuthorShadows: Book of Aleth, Part One

    7. This devotional offers short but powerful insights into the Word of God. Especially during those times when it seems like my own connection with the Word is running dry, this has really helped to pick me up and bring me to a place of repentance and restoration to God's grace and the joy of salvation.

    8. Some days are brilliant, some leave me scratching my head, most are just ok. Never been a devotional guy but this is as good as anything I've found.

    9. Through college I read one of these most mornings and some evenings. It really helped keep me focused on what really matters in life. Well written and thought-provoking.

    10. Keep it near, add it to your daily reading.Keep it near, add it to your daily reading. It's part of my devotionals.This is full of gems!!! You will be enriched.

    11. Classic. The updated language only enhances understanding but doesn't diminish Spurgeon's masterful phrasing.

    12. This is an excellent devotional that has many nuggets of wisdom inside. It will encourage your heart daily!

    13. Charles Haddon Spurgeon was an English preacher who lived from 1834-1892 and is known for his bold sermons and writings. At our church, we almost think of Spurgeon as an honorary elder because our pastors and teachers value and draw from his works so much. I've had the intention of reading a major work by Spurgeon for years and finally decided this year to go through his Morning and Evening devotionals, and I am finding it a tremendous blessing.This volume is a collection of short devotionals - [...]

    14. This is an edited version of Spurgeon’s devotions from the 1800′s. A classic loved by scholars and laymen, it’s one of those devotions that can be used over and over again. And how you use it depends on how much personal devotion time you have carved out of the day for yourself.To get the full Spurgeon effect, your dose for the day would be reading a page-long devotion in the morning, another one in the evening, memorizing one Bible text, and reading a significant portion of the Bible (tow [...]

    15. This book isn't for everybody, but if you've read quite a bit of the Bible and like beautiful language and thoughts, you might give it a try. Here is the morning reading for December 29 as a sample:“Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.”1 Samuel 7:12The word “hitherto” seems like a hand pointing in the direction of the past. Twenty years or seventy, and yet, “hitherto the Lord hath helped!” Through poverty, through wealth, through sickness, through health, at home, abroad, on the land, o [...]

    16. I don’t know how you spend your mornings and evenings, but I’m adding Charles Spurgeon to my daily Bible reading and Oswald Chambers morsel.David Platt’s book, “Radical,” gives several challenges at the end. One of those challenges is to read the Bible through in the coming year. While I have read the Bible through several times, I loved the idea of reading it through this year with the expectancy that God will reveal new things.I recently received Charles Spurgeon’s devotional book, [...]

    17. This book is like time travel with a really great Doctor for the soul. I think this old book I have, much older looking than the 1960 copywriter date came from a Library sale-- a bit of Avalon on earth for book lovers. It has old paper, old font, old words, even the verses are in put in Roman numerals. This book truly saved my life when I really needed it. I felt like I had a friend to speak into my life twice a day. Someone whose vague scripture references I usually got because I'm such a Bible [...]

    18. This devotion has been thought-provoking read. I'm still amazed that one verse can produce such deep thoughts, encouragements and rebukes. While I may not agree with everything written, I enjoyed the glimpse of a revered Christian father. I see his heart for the lost, especially those who attended church often, his patience and encouragement for the fearful, the need to live holy and his call to be a witness for Christ. I would definitely revisit this devotion. Even though it was written almost [...]

    19. I read this book, mine was a hardcopy, as a daily devotional quite a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. For a man who lived and preached almost 150 years ago, it is amazing how relevant his daily thoughts can be on the application of Jesus Christ and our faith to our current lives that buzz and flit around at one hundred times the speed of Spurgeon's world. I think that's the neatest thing about Christianity; when it is preached properly, the words (like the scriptures themselves) become t [...]

    20. The audio version of Morning and Evening, produced by Hovel Audio, is my first real encounter with this work. Many of the readings were great, while others were not. Many of the readings are based on Scripture that seemed very out of context--where Spurgeon seems to have taken his message to the text, rather than from the text.The audio version is very high quality, though there were strange lapses where the voice changed to a different pitch or cadence, but it never lasted long, and was rare.

    21. It seems churlish to give the great man only three stars. I agree heartily with his understanding of the truth and his expositions are second to none, but this is quite hard to read. His style is florid and poetic in the extreme and sometimes seems to make the going heavier than needed. It feels like a style of speaking from a bygone era (which it is, of course). The content itself isn't dated, but I found it more of a struggle than I had expected.

    22. This is a great devotional that challenges you and helps you grow in your walk with the Lord. The only thing that I did not like about these devotionals is that Spurgeon believes Song of Solomon is just a picture of Christ and the church and that it is not about the relationship between a man and a wife. There are multiple devotionals where he spiritualizes that book when he should not. Other than that it was a wonderful devotional!

    23. I did enjoy this book of daily devotions by Spurgeon, but after reading this I find reading an entire sermon more helpful than little tidbits. Part of the problem could be that I read Morning and Evening like a regular book, rather than day by day. If you're able to discipline yourself in reading it like a devotional than I would suggest getting this book, otherwise I would recommend getting the collection of Spurgeon sermons.

    24. I read through to July and finally realized I was forcing myself through it and none of it was sinking in. Spurgeon has some good insights, but his writing is too flowery for my taste, and it generally appeals to the emotions rather than the intellect. (In other words, the book wasn't terrible; it just wasn't for me.)

    25. Excellent. Simply one of the best devotional collections available. Has been a valuable part of devotions through various times my life. The 'Prince of Preachers' extols the excellence, sovereignty, and love of the Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords in daily excerpts from the Word of God. Spurgeon does well to bring the gospel to bear in nearly every devotion.

    26. This is not your read straight through kind of book. There's two one page devotional writings for each day of the year, one for the morning, another for the evening—hence the name. I pick this book up every now and again and jump to the day's devos.Spurgeon is more than a preacher, the man is a poet.

    27. my current daily devotional old-fashioned in a good way -- Christ-centered, passionate about Jesus, focused on how Jesus fulfills what may seem to be minor passages of Scripture. It encourages gratitude and devotion to Jesus.Spurgeon is a beautiful writer, too -- poetic language and imagery.

    28. A refreshing devotional for each of the times that I would wake and before I would go to sleep. Spurgeon always has a way of bringing encouragement and conviction by work of the Spirit each and every day and it really helped me in growing this past year. May it continue to be a blessing to others throughout the generations.

    29. This challenging devotional book gives Spurgeon's reaction to verses. His practical application of biblical principles to a believer's daily walk encourages and builds faith in Jesus, THE Saviour and his desire to be involved in our lives. I'm still reading thisevery morning and evening!

    30. ***1/3King James Bible/original version. I do not recommend the poor translation of the incorrect (Constructed) Text which is the ESV. Spurgeon himself wrote this from the KJB, as he preached, so thus should it be read if only for faithfulness to the author's intent.

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